1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a Clan War!!! (in Contests)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 6:52 AM EST

So Ipoop is being an IBaby because he is actually getting farmed..... ummm clan part of the game you are gonna get farmed don't want to get farmed don't be in a clan.....duh. So anyway whoah is him right? Not really as the ppl farming him is hitting less than 200 times AND get this it is only three ppl total.....OMG!!!!!! The Horror, the Drama, the Horrorifically Terriblistic Dramallama Baaaaaaadnesssssss!!!!!!!!!

OK well at any rate he has basically said stop farming me or I will farm your Clan 2 times for your every 1.....need more clan targets first Ibaby! Care to weigh in on this NS I mean we have had multiple conversations on how to fix this and you agreed it was a good idea.....oh wait he's not talking to me or is on vacation or...eh *shrugs*

So down business: Clan War! or rather open house fun from any clan!!!! >:-) I will be doling out cashola at the end of February and it will be done in this manner for the ppl who take the most amount of Clan Points from Battle Royal.

For being the Top Person:

Week 1: 2 Mil
Week 2: 2 Mil, 2nd week consecutively 3.5 Mil
Week 3: 2 Mil, 2nd week consecutively 3.5 Mil, 3rd week consecutively 7 Mil
Week 4: 2 Mil, 2nd week consecutively 3.5 Mil, 3rd week consecutively 7 Mil, 4th Week consecutively 10 Mil!

Other prizes will be given of course and everyone who participates, you have to post on here folks, will get a participation prize!

Proof by Screen shot or it didn't happen!

No worries one way or another this is actually all in good fun, we have so little around here as it is anyway, other than someone having a temper tantrum. C'est La Vive right? so have fun folks and Ipoop lighten up dude you are strung WAAAAAY too tight.

DarkCloud February 5 2013 7:12 AM EST

silent is the only one I can smash but he is going to get it, the poor guy!

Silent February 5 2013 7:33 AM EST

I just got in too... you guys are going to get me kicked :(

IPoop February 5 2013 7:52 AM EST

Yeah post up the messages and let everyone see who's being a baby with the name calling lol

IPoop February 5 2013 7:57 AM EST

And yes I've left BR as they don't deserve the fall out of another of your temper tantrums that are happening more and more often these days

IPoop February 5 2013 8:05 AM EST

Lmao I'm just rereading what you actually wrote (on a phone so only scanned it to get the gist before).
I didn't say you were farming, I said you were bottomfeeding and I didn't threaten to hit you twice for every hit .. I've already been doing that for weeks

If your going to say I said stuff atleast het it right lol

Mikel February 5 2013 8:41 AM EST

You didn't have to leave the clan for this. We have had a target on our backs forever, so it's nothing new. Just now he's going to pay the people that normally attack us anyways.

IPoop February 5 2013 8:55 AM EST

Lol I did consider staying as not much would change but as pointed out Silent will take a battering that's meant for me and I'm not going to put that on him as around that size everyone will be after zens money

Bounty Hunter February 5 2013 10:55 AM EST

iPoop really I mean really. I've been at different points in this game where you get farmed into oblivion if I didn't buy BA I would be negative points. Your own clan mates have had me on their favorites list since I crossed 1 million PR so how is this any different? Bottom feeding! Nice! Point: you do not suffer negative challenge bonus on 6 refresh rate.

IPoop February 5 2013 11:03 AM EST

BH i had no issue with you hitting me or i would have messaged you. You werent doing it excessivly and i was gaining cps in retaliation so it was all fair.

The only reason i messaged Zen was to say me hitting them had nothing to do with his strop the other week as he appeared to only notice today when i was hitting just CS guys.
Zen just got all high and mighty and chucked another wobbly is all

Bounty Hunter February 5 2013 11:08 AM EST

Get back in the fight bro and have some fun!

IPoop February 5 2013 11:09 AM EST

To: Zenai Sent: February 4 10:48 PM EST Delivered: 1:24 AM EST
just so you know, i was only hitting twice for every time bountyhunter hit me. it was nought to do with that stuff you posted in the forum .. though i will now be hitting twice for him and your totals

That was the first message i sent, no slagging off, crying etc like hes making out.

Maybe i shouldnt have added the last bit but the only reason for messaging him was because he had seemed to notice today and i didnt want him thinking i was being a total arse about his last rant

Thug [Sponge] February 5 2013 11:19 AM EST

You guys are funny.

We are in opposing clans we are going to hit you, and you us when you can. The difference you guys are climbing down to hit us, I am climbing up to hit you. So lay on thick.

Ain't it good, ain't it right
Smack me gently, smack me slowly, don't you know you that you ain't never been Thug smacked like this before

I had to stupid for a moment or maybe even longer you'll never know.

IPoop February 5 2013 11:23 AM EST

no arguement there, this got blown way out of proportion lol

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 12:09 PM EST

Oh Ipoop you posted something but only what makes you look good....eh no matter I won't post the rest of your stropping....seriously that term is soooo stretched out to make it's meaning. Anyway I did give you 3 chances to change your mind on this situation and all you did was act a fool sooooo you garnered this.....enjoy >;-D

IPoop February 5 2013 12:14 PM EST

i just posted the first message to show that you were talking ******* about me moaning ....

give me a second and i will post the others up for you

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 12:28 PM EST

Oh and another point for me to make here in every instance of things happening in this game when I got/get slammed by a plethora of ppl I persevered and will continue to do so until the doors close or I decide to leave the game. Point to be learned here is that you will be held accountable for the things you say and how you act whether you agree with the treatment or not is besides the fact. So step up or runaway but don't attempt to point your finger and cry no fair when you were the one to start it and were given chances to back up. What you are doing now is acting like a kicked dog, barking as it is running away. Sadness especially when it was you who was talking allll that smack I was actually looking forward to seeing your projected performance. ......Heh.

Contest over due to Ipoop.............being an Ipoop. Next time you talk smack be sure to at least have the fortitude to back it up or just shut up before you start.

IPoop February 5 2013 12:33 PM EST

I dont know how to quote etc but i shall try to make it so you can read them in the right order and see who sent what easily - hope its not to much of a pain

---To: Zenai Sent: February 4 10:48 PM EST Delivered: 1:24 AM EST
just so you know, i was only hitting twice for every time bountyhunter hit me. it was nought to do with that stuff you posted in the forum .. though i will now be hitting twice for him and your totals

***From: Zenai Sent: 3:14 AM EST Delivered: 5:23 AM EST
I judge things on a case by case basis unlike a lot of players in this game. With that being said I will give you a chance to think about what you just said to me concerning hitting CS 2 times for me and Bounty Hunter hitting you once. Honestly that is a child's tantrum response especially when we are not farming you excessively to begin with. Food for thought: You pick on one of the Clans in the Alliance and you are picking on us all. ie I respond to threats with bigger ones.

Discuss it properly or not the choice I leave up to you.

---To: Zenai Sent: 5:45 AM EST Delivered: 6:00 AM EST
Lol just added up the numbers. 6 that can beat me, 1 stalemate an 11 I can beat. It would be far more effective to threaten to throw your money behind unkelen if your going to strop and take offence but who am I to tell you anything. Considering I left him alone though and he knows that and his ncb runs out soon you have prob missed your chance there to
---To: Zenai Sent: 5:29 AM EST Delivered: 6:00 AM EST
lol if kvtho hadnt appeared in my list id still be at 5 million piunts which was when he readded me. And just checking but are you saying that CS cant take me alone lol. either way bring it as i know the others will just be following orders ;)
---To: Zenai Sent: 5:50 AM EST Delivered: 6:00 AM EST
Oh here's the kicker lol, I wouldn't even be hitting your clan if you two weren't bottom feeding haha

(yep happy to admit i was annoyed he was threatening me and taking pleasure in pointing out the flaw in his threat)
***From: Zenai Sent: 6:08 AM EST Delivered: 6:11 AM EST
Oh and here's the kicker I really dont care if you are getting farmed it was two now you'll have more on you AND the rest of your tiny clan. You really should learn when to stop while you are ahad but I guess you feel you know better right? .......lol
***From: Zenai Sent: 6:05 AM EST Delivered: 6:11 AM EST
Oh please do tell me just where in the hell are we supposed clan targets again? Yeah didn't think so precious. Next time before you have a temper tantrum remember this Getting farmed is a part of the game and it can happen to more than just you on behalf of just you :-)
---To: Zenai Sent: 6:21 AM EST Delivered: 6:21 AM EST
lmao where did i say tiny. in that case if i said tiny you need to add gigantic infront of your 6 huge guys mr words in mouth. But apart from you adding words in orep to send out help me messages lol lets just run the numbers. i fight 600 times per day so you need to ask your 'gigantic' guys to hit me 100 times each for this to be a stalemate or to take proper revenge for me retalling against your bottom feeding you need to order them to hit me 200 times each. pretty sure if you order that everyone will agree you are stropping
***From: Zenai Sent: 6:24 AM EST Delivered: 6:25 AM EST
I guess since you have no idea how to actually talk instead of ramble I will be making sure to farm you truly excessively and the others as well. Good day Ibaby.

Im missing atleast one message in my history (where i laughed at you for the ibaby comment) so if you can just double check what ive posted with what youve got incase theres anything else, that would be great thanks

Yep i got defensive and made you look like an idiot after your first reply saying i was throwing a tantrum lol hence you making this thread but i honestly only messaged you to make sure you knew what was happening was nothing to do with before as when you started hitting me i had been hitting just CS members at that time (which being fair to you would look like somehing was going on and it was)

IPoop February 5 2013 12:35 PM EST

lmao im still here and still playing .. just run the contest to see who hits me the most

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 12:38 PM EST

You did it on a clan level Ipoop so hop back in the clan and bark some more >;-D

IPoop February 5 2013 12:40 PM EST

and ive got no worries with backing up what i said I WAS ALREADY HITTING BACK FOR TWICE WHAT YOU WERE DOING AND HAD BEEN ;) ... but if you think im going to let a player whos been playing for just over a week take all your anger youve got to be kidding.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 12:46 PM EST

It's not anger princess it is retaliation in kind. Also just to get something through your feeble little mind here it's not like I didn't know. I see the clan points section every day it was your choice of wording and the fact I gave you chances to take it back, think and reword what you were saying. However you decided to go the route of the jerk so you got it back. Point is if you don't like it don't do it.

IPoop February 5 2013 12:47 PM EST

lets face it most people that will hit the ones in BR that are bigger than me are already hitting them or wont bother because they know why your doing this.

Theres only 6 in the Serenity alliance that can beat me ... and again most people bigger out of your alliance wont bother to hit me id guess ^see above and im way to small for decent exp

so that leaves the week old player whos got 20 or so people all gunning for him and the money

IPoop February 5 2013 12:50 PM EST

and i didnt go the jerk route ... i went the i will message you and let you know im not being an arse after you seemed to finally notice what i was doing ... and then you over react route ;)

Thug [Sponge] February 5 2013 12:54 PM EST

Get back in BR I am not going to hit silent, ncb I am not going to go backward you will be doing him a favor.
Someone will hit him that loses and he will have more targets.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 12:57 PM EST

Actually I thought it was quite funny that you did give me comparable experience to the others in my list so that little point is moot Ipoop ;-) As far as the other stuff well what's your point this is the Clan part of the Game and you made a challenge I accepted and then opened it up for free range fun.

Again you are barking Ipoop, as they said back in the day "Put up or shut up."

PS: Silent just to let you know this is nothing personal against you and having negative points will not actually harm your Clan. I had a Wobbly, as Ipoop calls it, when one of the original clans got auto disbanded for negative points. This in turn got NS active and he turned off that feature until we could come up with a better alternative. So other than possibly losing the Clan Bonus it is nothing big to worry about.

IPoop February 5 2013 1:04 PM EST

erm to be honest i thought you would be one of the six that would be hitting me because your in that alliance so why is my point moot? I was talking about the people just outside the top10 who are bigger than me.

Like i said you can still have your challenge and if i give you the same exp theres no reason why others wont join in
-- if you'd like i will make a clan for myself just for your little compition so you can see all your friends?

IPoop February 5 2013 1:09 PM EST

yeah now i feel bad for the ending of that last line, it was a bit harsh but i am honestly happy enough to make a clan for the comp ... dont want you thinking im a spoilsport

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 1:14 PM EST

Oh Ipoop what is it that you are really trying to do here? Friends seriously that is the best you can do? Wow gotta grasp for those straws eh? No you started it in BR. You actually WANT it to continue? Okay but only if you ARE in BR and stay there for the duration of the contest.

Until then the axe stays in the stump.

That is the caveat either meet it or not but for me the conversation is over just as well as this contest. You can continue barking if you like.

IPoop February 5 2013 1:19 PM EST

no im not, thats why i said i felt bad for that jibe. You probably speak to more people in this game than me if i need to say that.

sorry you might be happy to pay people to hit a new player so you can have your revenge over me but thats not really my thing.

though i am happy to bark while you happy to bite other people

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 1:22 PM EST

*yawns then checks to see if Ipoop is back in BR* ............disappointing. *goes back to doing more productive things while listening to a dog barking in the distance*

IPoop February 5 2013 1:22 PM EST

actually there is a way. Pretty sure DB amd Mikel wont mind and well Eliteofdelete doesnt really have to worry so we could post up daily totals off our fight lists.
That way you can have your comp and Silance doesnt get raped his second week in

IPoop February 5 2013 1:30 PM EST

Well i will rejoin BR and leave you to decide about Silence ... woof woof

Windwalker February 5 2013 1:38 PM EST

I have one target in BR.
Out of respect for Mikel I will not be participating in going
after BR for prizes or monies.
I will however continue to hit my same old targets.
Enjoy the game folks.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 1:38 PM EST

Now you want to talk? Okay first your previous clanmate's name is "Silent" (reminds me of an old friend I used to run RPG's with back in the day). Second unless you are in BR no dice, the whole point of this Contest was to get you to realize it is very uncool to go about things the way you did. Hell I turned a blind eye to your pseudo revenge for this entire time and said nothing as I thought it not too bad in comparison to the overall CPs I was taking from BR. It was you having a "Wobbly" that did this Ipoop, accept it and let it go but if you want to drag it out this is the way it is gonna be.

In case you have not figured it out I back down from no one. If I feel I am wrong I will apologize, not if others try to shove it down my throat mind you, but I will never back down especially when threatened.

IPoop February 5 2013 1:41 PM EST

lmao you can take all that and shove it .. you over reacted. Im not trying to talk im letting you have your competition so you cant say i ran away ... heck i was the one that thought up the work around .. i want the comp lol

Id applied to BR after i made that woof woof post

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 1:46 PM EST

HAH! Over Reacted, you mean in comparison to you in the first place? Whatever, get a grip Ipuke!

IPoop February 5 2013 2:27 PM EST

sorry didnt you complain that that first message made me look good and that i should post the rest?

Ipuke, Ibaby .. keep trying they still arent as stupid as this name Ipoop

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 5 2013 3:09 PM EST

Ipuke, Ibaby .. keep trying they still arent as stupid as this name Ipoop

Awww I is saweeze I was just trying to Ihelp you......lol

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] February 6 2013 12:33 AM EST

What I'm saying is....You over reacted. ;)

Bounty Hunter February 6 2013 1:45 AM EST


Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 6 2013 2:41 AM EST

Ahhhhhh I am sooooo sorry I really didn't meant to.....oh wait never mind false alarm! Go back to what you were doing ppl!

Bounty Hunter February 6 2013 2:51 AM EST

quickly people quickly!!!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 9 2013 11:46 PM EST

Well it seems Ideificate is still having his "Stropping Wobbly", as such I'll give him until Tuesday to take a chill pill. If he doesn't then the Contest is back on!

Special Bonus: 1 Mil Straight, before rewards, to whoever takes 5K away from BR on their own in 1 Day. This means there is great Potential to make a ton of CBD! Prove it with a Screen Shot in this thread folks.

IPoop February 10 2013 7:54 AM EST

I gave up replying when all you could do was call people names and won't be replying to this bitter thread again.

You said this thing was on only if I rejoined BR ... I've been in BR for days so it could happen

As before you just have to decide if the new player is fair game or not

Woof woof and all that other boring stuff you want me to say

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 10 2013 12:55 PM EST

Ipoop I tried to let it rest and even made fun of the thread. I tried to talk to you and db as well both of you have been straight up obstinate in perpetuating this situation. I have given options to back out yet you attempt to make me the bad guy.

It's simple stop being a damned whiner for having 3 ppl total farm you! 3 seriously 3 and you are whining what in the hell is your real issue? Huh no seriously I want to know why you are being a douche bag over getting farmed by 3 ppl and not even excessively. Hell you were getting hit for less than 100 times by each person, I could see you getting perturbed over 300 - 400 times in a day by each person. But this.....what in the hell?

You want a real circumstance for throwing a fit? I'll give you one when I was running The Z Experience, which I bought off of ABoy if I remember right, I was knocking down hella CPs even by today's standards and was walking away with almost jack squat you know why I was getting hit by 10+ people each one hitting a little over 200 times a day. THAT is a reason to throw a fit and you know what I didn't guess why? Don't need to it's a facet of a PvP game IT HAPPENS!

Heh even when Mikel was hitting our lower guys ours didn't have a aneurysm and send out veiled threats via CM. Yeah it seems benign but I'm gonna hit two times for each one ahh until they stop attacking you right?......that sir is a tantrum. I had to act as the adult and said stop or you get a consequence. Sadness that a person acts like a damned baby on a PvP Game because he got attacked....Freaking Boo Hoo.

IPoop February 10 2013 1:42 PM EST

*coughs* it was two people and for less than 150 per day on average


Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 10 2013 1:44 PM EST

3 you forgot Xeno and I stand corrected it was less than 200 times a day.

Fell better now Ipoop?

IPoop February 10 2013 1:45 PM EST


... so no i wanst moaning about being farmed

goes to find a brick wall
and i wont open this thread again

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 10 2013 1:48 PM EST

Umm if you are retaliating,because you are getting farmed, 2 for 1 then you are indeed moaning, whining, griping, complaining, being a baby etc

Face IPoop this is exactly what you ARE doing, whether you want to admit it or not this is the case.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 12 2013 2:23 PM EST

I believe this is what you were looking for Zenai.

Please forward 1 million CBD to Immortals, thanks! :]

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 12 2013 2:35 PM EST

Funny are you wanting to actually press this conflict EoD? You know I have been attempting to settle this without all of this crap. Since you all have been passing the Mantle of Clan Leader around who is actually running the show over there in BR?

IPoop February 12 2013 2:48 PM EST

made me chuckle when you said you were going to have a go

your prize

IPoop (A Girl) Eliteofdelete (The Immortals) $1000000 -- lolGreatWin 2:47 PM EST

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 12 2013 2:59 PM EST

No, I just wanted a free 1 mill :o

And we are a collective of free minds ;)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 12 2013 3:00 PM EST

To be a somewhat good sport about this:

Zenai (Horror) Eliteofdelete (The Immortals)$1000000 -- Pointless Actions 2:58 PM EST

So are we gonna have a go or are we going to let these pointless actions die out?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 12 2013 6:16 PM EST

I have quite happy with all my free money :D

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 12 2013 7:33 PM EST

You have yet to answer the question though.

Dathron [Dragon Court] February 12 2013 9:14 PM EST

You people are so confusing.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 12 2013 9:34 PM EST

Anything less would be civilized.......lol

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] February 12 2013 10:58 PM EST


Can I play?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 12 2013 11:21 PM EST

Ya know what since ppl have been toeing the boundaries and being well.....spoilsports.......why the hell not Xeno! Do what what you want....be sure to toe that same line >;-D
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