In serious need of help (in General)

[Jedi] Danludar February 27 2013 2:43 PM EST

So I've tried like 6 different strategies and am just completely stuck I'm this MPR range. I can't even seem to get a decent challenge bonus so if anyone can help me with a good growing strat that's low NW that'd be fantastic. I'm starting to see why new players won't stick around

IPoop February 27 2013 2:50 PM EST

If going with the fire familiar you have to try and kill them in ranged as your AS in melee will hurt you by adding 4more targets. With the kill them quick strat you probably want to ditch the PL minion to. There should be loads of targets up to atleast 1mill score that are vulnerable to DM. Spend 80+ BA yfighting every team above you once. If you can't add 6 bigger than you then its time for a retrain. When you pick a tatt see what compliments it

[Jedi] Danludar February 27 2013 2:55 PM EST

I switched to the FF because te Hal was useless. What should I train with that kind strat? All DM and some GA?

IPoop February 27 2013 3:23 PM EST

Well personally id go with a steel familiar over the fire one. Having half your exp in dispel should mean your going for the quicker kill. Really you want xeno or eod to wade in as I think most would agree they are probably the better strategists on here (before I get abused for that there are other good strategists out there). All I do is pick a strat of someone in the top 20 and tweak it and when I hit problem spots just change the tatt for a bit

Thug [Sponge] February 27 2013 4:03 PM EST

Your strat seem alright. I took a swipe at the last stand to see some numbers. Most people would use a RoS when they are using both DM and AS. You might be dispelling some of your own AS I do not know how big it is. And my understanding of this could be way off.

Where you are at you have not even hit the wall. Use the inspect button and look at the teams you are beating. Or inspect the one beating you.

Then go to the high score pages and look for scores 100,000 to 200,000 above yours inspect them. Look at equip, tat, spells. Attack, you will start to see what your team does well against.

Also watch how many rounds. You will see if you are even close,
and like you did ask for help. I am sure someone will correct something I said. But no matter what. Do not give up.

QBPixel Sage February 27 2013 4:30 PM EST

Inspecting, as Thug mentioned, is crucial. I'm personally training my character to battle one type of opponent that is vulnerable to my setup, so I only attack those types of opponents, and effectively so. Also, to max out your rewards, don't wear equipment you don't need to wear. It raises your PR and lowers your loot.

[Jedi] Danludar February 27 2013 5:04 PM EST

I do inspect I'm just mixed up somewhere on what is important for what strats. I was going to run some form of eeem with a familiar but should I train DM? GA? Should I go ff or sf and should my Mage train the same spell. Or would it be more beneficial to abandon DM and go amf with sf, if, or EF?

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] February 28 2013 12:51 AM EST

You're essentially a 5 minion DM shotgun, so your target choices would be teams that are heavily invested into enchanted defense that do mainly melee damage. You're biggest issue is a severe lack of HP. Guardian angel ends up being a waste as it's really only affecting 2 of the 5 minions you have as the 20 HP enchanters aren't really helping much there. Not sure how much you have invested into it. The best way to really gain some ground in the early game is find a few characters that you can completely abuse for the challenge bonus. DM shotguns are ok for that, but you really have to search for the right targets.

What honestly helped me was participating in a lot of tournaments and playing with different strats. I spent a lot of time theory crafting, I studied fight logs and broke them down round by round to figure out exactly how much more damage/defense I needed to beat someone.

Biggest tip I can give is fairly obvious, study your loses. If you can figure out why you lost, you can figure out how to correct it. Even if it might take some time ;)

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 7:35 AM EST

I don't even have a current strat xeno. I'm literally in training and retraining with no luck. I lose because I can't do enough damage in ranged before my fireball kills me if AMF hasn't already done that. Idk I think I'm done with this already it lost its fun factor when I realized I have to make uninteresting strats just to move up

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 28 2013 8:24 AM EST

Picking targets is essential. Doing two runs in the tourney was nothing more than following the type of pattern the regular CB player would take. In both of these runs I accounted for no experience and moderate experience. Both runs proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that if you want to make it in CB you really need to know your stuff as there is a fairly high cliff if you are actually wanting to compete. The only way to compete is by doing what Xeno suggests. Also looking at what you are doing and thinking about what you are not both in fight pattern and in strategy. What is it that makes your strategy tick? Randomly changing your strategy will have zero effect unless you get lucky( hey it does

Still though truth is truth, look at your strategy and point out what it consists of then what makes it strong, finally what might it be weak to? Once you are able to do this the rest is a matter of trial and error on the educated guess side at first. Then on the basic and advanced number crunching side with a margin for error. It takes time and a lot of patience but if you really want to make it you will. Then you will get to the point where you can just about eye up your strat/ opponents strat and say I can beat him or not yet but soon I can beat that opponent if I train "X".

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 28 2013 8:28 AM EST

BTW just to help you see from a different point of view. Changing a strat doesn't necessarily make it uninteresting, it makes it more difficult to reach the point where you can change it to the one you want to get to play around with to start.

Basic name of the game: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

You can't get more interesting than that, at the drop of a hat you might have to rework a section of your strat to overcome this section of your opponent area.

Thug [Sponge] February 28 2013 8:56 AM EST

OK. I am going to take another shot at this.

With-out changing your strat.

You need to support your tat. Is it at or above your max tat level?

I believe you have 3 enchanters with 20 hp.
They cast and pretty much drop dead.

So GA is wasted here. 2 choices
1 get them to 50/50 hp dm.
The more hp the more damage ga can generate.

2 turn your 4th minion into a pl battery add a trol armor and turn your enchanters to damage dealers.

If you want to do your damage in ranged FB MM

Melee SG,Decay,CoC

If your Getting killed in Ranged is it mages or tanks

magic always hits, so armor maybe- mage shield.
tanks db's and evasion

So your target should be multi-minion teams that use a lot of enchants. look for AS/GA teams, GS,Haste teams.

The more minions, the more diluted and diluted is good for you.
I hope this helps and anyone that want to correct me if I am wrong I would appreciate it.


[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 9:07 AM EST

I had PL it did me no good. I tried GA because my casters die all the time so I figured more damage. I don't really like fb mages I just did it because it seems to be te norm aroun this range. I get killed by both tanks and mages consistently. This is my problem that idk how to overcome. I tried copying EoDs tourney strat to maybe get a boost somewhere but alas I'm apparently doing something wrong.

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 9:10 AM EST

Oh and my tat is about 100k below level. It started at base so

Thug [Sponge] February 28 2013 9:19 AM EST

Nothing wrong except getting down on your self.

FB strat is cheap to run an ncb that is why it is used so much.
It is a chance to build some cb up and maybe grow a tat.

If you are trying to get to the top with a tank team it will cost a fortune,

This is going to sound simple.
Strip your character and move all it stuff to one of your other characters. Retire your NCB and start a new one you will have a tat you can grow into. And you will see how quickly you can get back to the level you are now.

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 9:43 AM EST

It took me 4 days to get this far so I know that. I don't really have the urge to restart and deal with the headache of going through that initial BA on my phone. I'm not trying to get to the top just have some fun but that doesn't seem to be happening anymore is all.

I was talking to EoD for assistance but with each strat I find maybe 1 opponent that has my "weakness" I can beat 50% of the time. My last NCB run back in like 09 I didn't run into these problems so I'm just not sure what's the problem this time. Half the chars at 100% challenge bonus are 1.2 mil MPR and up so my 370k isn't doing much at all to them. Idc about retraining if someone has some kind of strat that might actually do some damage. Do I need amf and to focus on Mage teams? These are the kind of helpful hints I'm looking for. I've analyze my opponents and tried fighting dozens an lost. I look at strats that I'm suppose ably strong against and I lose. I'm apparently missing something

Neo Japan February 28 2013 9:48 AM EST

I used to beat you, now your char beats me, so there is proof right there that you are making some good changes.

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 10:29 AM EST

Well all out DM seems to work for now so I guess I'll just focus on interesting later. At least it works

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 28 2013 2:22 PM EST

All DM with a fire familiar is a pretty solid strat low tier. Just inspect people before fighting. The way I found my opponents was looking under 4 minion teams based on high scores. Then I just looked to see if they were retired and if they had low HP on their teams.

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 2:23 PM EST

I just need to find a way to combat teams with AMF. I noticed you had a few I'm your fight list and they absolutely rape me

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 28 2013 2:28 PM EST

How big is your tattoo? And using a hal is another way to go. Also, are you completely dispelling their enchantments? Because I was :)

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 2:31 PM EST

472,286. I think ill stick with the ff for now. Not completely yet my MPR is still a little lower than yours was but it's getting there I need more corns lol

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 28 2013 2:39 PM EST

lol and corns are pricey x]

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 2:51 PM EST

I found one i rentals. I'd love to get some more spell boosters and BoES too but eventually lol. Would NSC or alatars help more for my familiar?

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 28 2013 2:52 PM EST

NSC would be better

IPoop February 28 2013 3:22 PM EST

sent a BoE over on loan. Sent a set of NSC for you to try out aswell

[Jedi] Danludar February 28 2013 3:24 PM EST

Thanks ipoop! These babies should help out

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] February 28 2013 7:53 PM EST

I'll run a couple short high bonus tourneys after this one is over. It's very good practice to test things out during tournaments. Also I'll make sure the next one hits all phases of the game, early through late game, this way you can see how things transition.

I wouldn't get discouraged
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