Which supporter item sounds coolest?

Total of 204 votes

Razor Shield 23.0
Amulet of Regeneration 24.5
Asbestos Gauntlets 8.8
Dragonscale Mail 22.5
T-shirt of Taunting 21.1


Amulet of Regen?

Relenting on Healing in CB Jon? :P

Although DSM is the 'coolest', my favorite would be the T-Shirt of Taunting! ;)

-- AdminQBGentlemanLoser

2nd post


-- krasko


A T-Shirt back into CB?! Sounds cool!

-- BMWheatley

T-Shirt or DSM sounds good, but I really think we need another option for cloaks. There are really only two options right now which I think is too few.

-- Miandrital

T-shirt of Taunting

I gotta get me one of those! :D

-- jayuu

Razor shield

sounds like a defence shield + an attack shield, whoever hits it get cut in pieces by the razor :D

-- Angel of Death

AoR FTW!!!

hellz yea, i hope we get them all

-- Unappreciated Misnomer

asbestos gauntlets!

-- AdminQBnovice

No to asbestos!!!!

Please, not another FB foil!!!!!!!

-- QBsutekh137

I just want to know what they would all theoretically do...time for an opinion thread...

-- AdminQBnovice

Yay Razor Shield!

Backlash damage on individual minions? Wewt!

-- QBOddBird

Let there be Shirts!

Voted AoR because that is a respectable title which is cool with me, DSM wasn't a consideration it's so cliche.

-- A Lesser AR of 15

R4z0r Sh13ld

Its l33t!!!!
Imagine it with GA and wall gears

-- Brakke Bres


I so hope to one day get a 100% damage return.... muahahaha.

-- BootyGod

I voted the the t-shirt sounds really cool. =)

-- Gandalf

none :(

Actually none sound cool to me, as I can't use any of them most likely... :(

-- AdminShade

T-Shirt of Taunting ftw!

-- FailBoat[SG]


As long as it does not buff tanks =)

-- PoisoN

i voted for the regen ammy but meant to hit the Razor shield :(

-- DH

He's only asking which one _sounds_ coolest. They'd all have the same effect, just different names.


-- Maelstrom

Maelstorm, I highly doubt a Razor Shield and an Amulet of Regeneration would do the same thing ;)

-- QBPixel Sage

I vote t-shirt since I always wanted one back in cb1.

Not so sure I like "taunting" though. It's a little too holy grail-ish for a game inspired so much by Middle Earth.
Perhaps it causes enemy minions to Run away! RUN AWAY! or maybe it sends them into a blind rage... +20% to the damage they inflict on you... but -20% chance to hit

-- Sukotto


^_^ I prefer a backlashing shield for any minions that go into Melee against the RS user

-- KittehShinobu

Gah Mages need Love

I picked T-Shirt, cause it's the only thing that didn't sound bulky, or would give -stats/-DD, besides the amulet but the amulet sounds poopy :p

-- Silatt

AoR ... not that there isn't more than needed already, but .. it's the only godly item there as I see it :)

-- Halcyon

Asbestos?! Someone call Ralph Nader!

-- InebriatedArsonist

I liked T-shirt the most.

Seriously, no more tank supporter items please...

-- TrueDevil

Wow. Looks like a close race and a tough choice!

-- miteke