Basically 2 minions in this order: Enchanter,Mage

A category of two-minion strategies, where the first minion is an Enchanter, and the second minion is a Mage. In its standard form, the Enchanter will train enchant defense spells(ED) or Enchant Offense Spells such as Antimagic Field, Dispel Magic, Ablative Shield. The Mage will train direct damage spells, which are Fireball,Magic Missile, Cone of Cold, or Shocking Grasp.

There are two primary advantages to the EM strategy. First, it allows for each minion to gain high experience points, and to cast spells at higher levels than they would in 4-Minion Teams. Second, it provides one minion to block damage during the initial rounds of combat, so that the Mage and his familiars last longer into the fight.

An Example of a EM strategy is :Milkwolf's Strategy

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