Ice Familiar

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: IF
  • Cost to buy: X% of Net Worth
  • Profit to sell: Y% of Net Worth
  • Trains: Cone of Cold (CoC) at 100% of level
  • Trains: Hit points (HP) at 25% of level
  • Average past auction price paid for regular tattoo: [1]
  • Average past auction price paid for lesser version: [2]

Forging Information

  • Not upgradeable.


Strategy and Comments

  • The Minion wearing this Tattoo will summon the Familiar, who acts as an additional minion in battle to fight alongside with your team. This familiar will cast Cone of Cold (CoC).
  • If the minion wearing the tattoo does not wield Weapons or cast Direct Damage Spells (DD), then the familiar will be created behind the minion wearing the tattoo in the fight order. Otherwise, it will be created in front.
  • The Ice Familiar is often used in a strategy in which all 4 minions cast Ablative Shield (AS), in an effort to add as much Hit Points as possible to the Ice Familiar. The major weakness of this strategy is that it relies entirely on the familiar for damage.

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