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Minions are the little guys your Character hires to learn spells/skills, wield Weapons and Armor, and attack other characters. You may have up to 4 minions on each character. Additionally, some Tattoos can spawn a 5th minion during combat. This is called a Familiar.


You can see your own Minion attributes from the main page. You can also see those of your opponents when you inspect them. Minion attributes include

  • Exp - Experience. Use this to train your Minions (See: Training)
  • HP - Hitpoints. The amount of damage your Minion can sustain before dying.
  • ST - Strength. A stronger Minion will deal more damage to opponents and resist (physical) damage better himself.
  • DX - Dexterity. A more agile Minion is more likely to hit his opponent with his weapon, and less likely to be hit himself.
  • AC - Armor Class. Does not affect your Minion's chance of being hit, but reduces the damage taken when he is.
  • Spells- As your Minions become more powerful they will have the option of learning different types of spells. These are discussed in more detail in the Magic Spells page.

Strategy / Adding Additional Minions

Most experienced players do not enlist additional Minions for a long period of time after their character's creation. This is because, in terms of stats, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. E.g., a single Minion with 20,000 DX will have a significant advantage vs two Minions with 10,000 DX. Eventually, however, most strategies involve adding more Minions because Enchantments can have an even bigger impact on your success in battle than concentrating DX and ST can, and each Minion can only learn one of each enchantment type, even if you are willing to take the usually fairly hefty armor penalty to magic on your first Minion.

Since minions become more expensive as you grow, and because adding a minion costs a great deal of money for a very small relative MPR addition, newly hired minions later in the game make ineffective primary damage dealers. For instance, a single minion character that can inflict about 1,000,000 points of damage in a fight will only be able to hire a minion that can, at most, inflict about 50,000 points of damage in the same fight. Therefore, a new minion is most often best applied towards an Enchanter or a Wall (a wall could possibly leverage a very large preexisting Ablative Shield (AS)). New minions give approximately 1/3 what you spend in experience for the more expensive option and 1/5 for the less expensive option - far more bang-for-your-buck by purchasing the more expensive minion.

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