Max Tattoo

On your main page you will see a link that says Max Tattoo with a number by it. This is the maximum effective level your tattoo can have (See: Tattoos), and is a function of your Virtual Power. It will increase anytime you train at least a single point to any stat. You can equip a larger tattoo than this level, but the tattoo will behave like a tattoo of only that maximum level (including only increasing power like a tattoo of that level). Once your Max surpasses your effective tattoo level, then your tattoo will grow and gain levels once again, though your Max Tattoo level will always increase faster than your tattoo, so don't be alarmed when you cannot keep up with the Max Tattoo growth.

As an example of how this works, if you have a Max Tattoo of 100,000 and your Tattoo level is 120,000, the minion wearing the Tattoo will only use 100,000 of the Tattoo until the character/player has a higher Virtual Power. (The tattoo will also have the same effect on your total PR as a tattoo of level 100,000.)

Named tattoos have a 4% bonus to their total experience. This equates to roughly a 4% gain in level, but in practice it will be slightly smaller. They do not gain levels at an increased speed.

A named tattoo will result in a 4% higher MTL as of this changelog.[1] Please note that your named tattoo will not start growing when your MTL reaches your tattoo level but rather when your MTL is 4% higher than your tattoo level but as of the aforementioned changelog, you are no longer penalized for having a named tattoo in regards to growth.

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