MTL + Naming (in Changelog)

AdminNightStrike September 12 2009 7:16 PM EDT

When you equip a named tattoo, you will see your MTL increase by 4%.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 12 2009 7:20 PM EDT

Awesome Change NS!

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] September 12 2009 7:21 PM EDT


kevlar September 12 2009 7:22 PM EDT

this game is in good hands.

TheHatchetman September 12 2009 7:27 PM EDT

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Flamey September 12 2009 7:27 PM EDT

Please explain.

kevlar September 12 2009 7:30 PM EDT

literally: "thank you very much" is: Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

Styx version:

QBsutekh137 September 13 2009 9:54 PM EDT

Flamey, it helps make sure the 4% isn't stunted for the tattoo in the time it takes for the MTL to grow concomitantly with the naming change.

It's a good thing.

QBRanger September 13 2009 9:57 PM EDT

Very nice change.

Thank you for listening.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 13 2009 9:59 PM EDT


DoS September 13 2009 10:00 PM EDT

Fantastic! :D

Burton September 13 2009 10:02 PM EDT

Super, nice change, thanks!

Bolfen September 13 2009 11:12 PM EDT

MTL = Max Tattoo Level, right?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 13 2009 11:14 PM EDT

yes that would be correct Bolfen

Demigod September 13 2009 11:37 PM EDT

::Thumbs up::

Thanks for the fast fix.

RaptorX September 14 2009 1:15 AM EDT

Thanks. Great job, and so quick too. You are geniuses and nice .

Flamey September 14 2009 1:25 AM EDT

Thanks, Sut. So, 2 characters with equal MPR and 1 with a named tat and one with an unnamed tat: Named tat (after this change) has a higher MTL due to the tat overthe unnamed tat team?

AdminShade September 14 2009 1:33 AM EDT

Yes Flamey, that is correct :)

RaptorX September 14 2009 1:54 AM EDT

I guess our already named tats are NOT going to get the same boost though right? My MTL grew past my named tat and now is well below the MTL, so this doesn't affect me, or fix the original issue of 4% decreased growth for naming. I guess I need to buy a new larger tat and name it to reap this benefit.. Hmm . Maybe I will if I can get the CB saved up. But even though it doesn't help me, the change is still great. Thanks again for listening. Now if I could just get my Tat to grow faster.. :)

AdminShade September 14 2009 2:19 AM EDT

RaptorX: there is no boost, only a correction to display.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 14 2009 2:44 AM EDT

Brilliant Change, got to love it when admins choose to listen.
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