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The Tattoo family of Armor is comprised of tattoos, runes, and familiars. They are all referred to as "tattoos" for simplicity, and can only be equipped on a single Minion per character. When doing so, they will take up the Armor slots for body armor and Cloaks. In doing so, they will provide no AC (Armor Class), but instead will supply other unique abilities such as spawning another minion (familiar), amplifying the stats of the wearer, or conferring defensive bonuses to the entire team.

Tattoos are described as "Tattoo lvl ###", i.e. "An Ice Familiar lvl 20". This level (lvl) is based on the amount of Experience trained into the tattoo. Tattoos will gain experience as a certain percentage of the entire XP earned in a fight, as opposed to a percentage of the experience gained by the minion wearing the tattoo. Therefore, multiple minions do not affect the total XP earned by the tattoo. See this thread for more information:

A worn tattoo will gain levels as your minions gain XP, and this level gain does not dilute their XP rewards. Tattoos will gain levels at the same rate no matter how many minions are on your team.

A tattoo will only gain experience if the tattoo is under the Max Tattoo level, which is listed on the home page above your minion roster. A tattoo's effective level for a character is capped at the character's Max Tattoo level. Thus, a character wearing A Rune of Balrog Flame level 10,967,320 with a max tattoo level of 70 would have the same effect wearing A Rune of Balrog Flame level 70.

One tattoo behaves differently than other tattoos: The Rune of Enlightenment gives a percentage of the experience a normal tattoo would gain to its wearer instead of gaining levels.

Lesser tattoos
Lesser tattoos are identical to regular tattoos in every aspect, except they gain levels at a much slower rate. Not all tattoos have lesser versions.

Tattoos and Networth

This section needs to be rewritten. It should only include PR added for a maximized tattoo at a given MTL. The values below are meaningless, since the PR a tattoo adds increases with MPR.

Here is a list of estimations on how much your PR will be increased when equipping an xx NW tattoo/rune/familiar:

  • 1.5 million NW added 26k PR
  • ~2 million NW added around 48k in PR.
  • ~4 million NW added around 82k in PR.
  • ~8.5 million NW added around 150k in PR.
  • ~10 million NW added close to 173k in PR.
  • 19.49 million NW added 294k in PR. (thanks to mrwuss for this information)
  • 21.21 million NW added 314k in PR. (thanks to Bast for this information)

Here is a list of the NW of tattoos by level:

  • Level 597,014 = $10,835,725 NW ~= 18.1499 * level
  • Level 1,145,709 = $20,784,671 NW ~= 18.1413 * level
  • Level 2,840,095 = $51,507,283 NW ~= 18.1358 * level
  • Level 3,570,652 = $64,753,732 NW ~= 18.1350 * level
  • Level 4,000,327 = $72,544,603 NW ~= 18.1346 * level (thanks to HenkBres)
  • Level 6,700,919 = $121,511,747 NW ~= 18.1336 * level
  • Level 8,108,905 = $147,041,339 NW ~= 18.1333 * level
  • Level 11,055,321 = $200,465,761 NW ~= 18.1330 * level
  • NW ~= Tattoo level * 18.14 (With a few examples, including Rangers, it came within $10k) ~ smallpau1
  • NW = 18.132 * Tattoo level + 10767. (formula gotten when plotting the above 6 lvl/NW values with an R^2 of 1.000)

(Perhaps one of the maths cutters could plot the regression line once a few more values are recorded, to come up with a simple formula for net worth based on level?)

Maximum Tattoo level

Information relocated: See Max Tattoo

List: Tattoos

Tattoos cannot be used on a minion that has a Cloak or Body Armor equipped and vice versa, and only a single Tattoo, Familiar or Rune can be equipped per character.

See also: Familiar, PR (Power)

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