Minion Power

Minion Power (MPR) is a statistic that reflects the amount of experience your character has trained into stats/skills/spells -- i.e., your Power without weapons and armor. The more experience trained, the higher your MPR will be. As your MPR grows, your Fight Rewards per battle go up, the rate at which your Battle Allocation (BA) regenerates goes down, and the purchase cost of each Battle Allocation goes up.

Currently, the best formula we have for the MPR:EXP ratio is as follows: MPR= (xp/1.4307)^(1/1.2501) - please feel free to refine this formula's accuracy. However, this is extremely accurate as is - if you believe you have found a better formula, please post it in addition to the current formula.


To accurately calculate how much MPR will be added by hiring a new minion (or training stockpiled xp) use the following steps:

1) Convert your current MPR to xp using EXP = MPR*(1.4307*(MPR^0.2501))

2) Add expected xp gain to the EXP yielded above.

3) Convert the new xp total to MPR using MPR= (xp/1.4307)^(1/1.2501)

See also: Game Statistics

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