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  3. Weapon NW Allowance
  4. List: Short Edged Weapons
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  7. List: Hafted Class Weapons
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  9. List: Ranged Weapons

Weapons Overview

Weapons are described as Weapon [base x damage modifier] (+ to-hit), e.g., A Dagger [4x1] (+0). Damage modifier and to-hit values can be increased for a cost using the Blacksmith or the forge (Forging). There are two main categories of weapons that can be broken down into multiple specialized types.

Ranged weapons can be used in the first 5 (or 6, see below HoC) rounds of a battle (ranged combat), and come in four different varieties: Bows, Crossbows, Slings, and Thrown.

  • All ranged weapons fire in all ranged rounds thereafter every other round during melee combat.
  • Bows have a severe miss chance (80%) without training the Archery skill, but have the highest damage.
  • Crossbows have less damage, but focus on draining stats.
  • Slings have less damage as well, but gain the option to hit multiple targets per round for the Sling of Death.
  • One can have 6 rounds of Ranged if a Helm of Clearsight is used.

Melee weapons will subsequently be switched to and used in the remaining 45 (or 44 when using HoC) rounds of battle. Switching from a ranged weapons to a 2-handed weapon will use up the first round of melee.

  • Because of the introduction of, the Gloves of Mercy and the Menelvegorian Cape of June 2008's changemonth [1], The Short Edged Weapon Class was introduced.
  • Because of the introduction of the Shield of Capacity of June 2008's second changemonth post [2], the Hammer Weapon Class was introduced.
  • Because of some changes of the Gloves of Mercy of December 2010 [3], The game now features 5 distinct Melee Weapon Classes.

These classes are:

  • Short Edged Weapons, which are all 1-Handed.
  • Long Edged Weapons, which can be either 1-Handed and 2-Handed.
  • Hammer Class Weapons, which can also be either 1- or 2-Handed.
  • Hafted Class Weapons, which are either 1- or 2-Handed.
  • Polearm Class Weapons, which are all 2-Handed.

2-handed weapons are generally more damaging, but when used with a shield the minion will suffer additional DX penalties. 1-handed weapons do suffer a smaller penalty when used with a shield.

Base Weapons Chance-To-Hit

Weapons will hit your opponent based on your total Chance To-Hit, an amalgamation of several factors. The {Base To-Hit} for Melee Weapons are listed below: [4]

  • 1-Handed Melee Weapons have a 60 Base To-Hit (BTH).
  • 2-Handed Melee Weapons have a 40 Base To-Hit (BTH).
  • The Unarmed Combat Skill has a 50 Base To-Hit (BTH).
  • The Gloves of Mercy and Menelvegorian Cape grants additional Points To-Hit (PTH) to some Melee for every point of Enchantment.
  • The Base To Hit for Ranged weapons varies per weapon and is listed below within {braces}.

Ranged weapons suffer from various additional penalties when used in Melee Rounds:

  • 80% penalty to weapon PTH, weapon BTH, and minion Dexterity for Slings and Thrown. NOTE : the PTH reduction is multiplicative. If you have, for instance, a (+200) sling, you will have a +40[%] PTH, not +120[%].
  • 60% penalty to weapon PTH, weapon BTH, and minion Dexterity for Bows.
  • 40% penalty to weapon PTH, weapon BTH, and minion Dexterity for Crossbows.

For other penalties, please view the To-Hit page.

Weapon NW Allowance

Weapon NW Allowance was formerly a cap on the amount of NW that could be invested into weapons on a given team; the conventional Weapon Allowance is now gone, with the PTH section of weapons adding to PR and the 'x' section adding nothing.

List: Short Edged Weapons

These weapons are all 1-Handed and all affected by Gloves of Mercy and Menelvegorian Cape.

List: Long Edged Weapons

1-Handed Weapons, affected by both the Gloves of Mercy and the Menelvegorian Cape:

2-Handed Weapons, only affected by the Menelvegorian Cape:

List: Hammer Class Weapons

1-Handed Weapons which are affected by the Shield of Capacity.

2-Handed Weapons which are affected by the Shield of Capacity.

List: Hafted Class Weapons

1-Handed Hafted Weapons:

2-Handed Hafted Weapons:

List: Polearm Class Weapons

2-Handed Polearms:

List: Ranged Weapons

The Ranged Weapons Class is subdivided into 4 classes. Behind the weapon name, the [Base Damage] and {Base To-Hit} are noted.

Bows (affected by Archery skill)




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