Challenge Bonus

The biggest factor of your battle rewards (aside from a Clans Bonus, New User Bonus, or New Character Bonus) is how your Virtual Power (VPR) compares to the Score of your opponent. (VPR is related to total trained experience)

If your VPR is lower than your opponent's score, you get a bonus for fighting tough opponents. If your VPR is larger, you are penalized for choosing boring battles.

Remember that Weapons and Armor with high Net Worth raise your PR, so equipping too-expensive items is not a good idea if they don't help you beat correspondingly more challenging opponents.

Everyone getting 6 BA every 20 minutes will never get a negative Challenge Bonus. Others will also get reduced penalty corresponding to their BA rate -- someone getting 7 BA will have 25% of the "normal" penalty for fighting down. Someone getting 8 BA will have 50%, etc. Only those at 10 BA will get 100% of the penalty.

The challenge bonus maxes out at 100% when the opponents Score is twice your VPR.

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