1. What It Does
  2. Protection Effect Levels (and who still cares about them):
  3. Protection's Demise

What It Does

Protection is a former Enchant Defense Spell (See: Enchant Defense Spells) that would cast on a user's whole team to give a percentage-based damage reduction equal to its effect. It had a base effect of (4), which was a nice reduction for very little experience.

Protection Effect Levels (and who still cares about them):

It doesn't really matter what level gives what effect, as it doesn't exist anymore, but Ancient Anubis had an effect of (32) percent damage reduction with over 1 million levels of Protection trained. He had the largest Protection in the game, and he was very upset when it was gone without warning. It also greatly affected his fightlist and strategy as a whole.

Protection's Demise

Protection was taken out of the game in June, 2008 during a very radical Changemonth. All Experience trained into the stat was refunded without the untrain penalty that usually accompanies redistribution of EXP.

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