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[This page inspired by the post by Frod in this thread: [1]]

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy contains the following entry for "changemonth":

A peculiar invention, originally designed and created on the planet Earth. While its true purpose is not fully clear, scholars generally agree that it was implemented by a homesick freelancer for the Encyclopedia Galactica, who became marooned on Earth after inexplicably forgetting where he had had put his towel.

Despondent over his inability to obtain a proper Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster on the backwater planet, he created a simulation of the drink and embedded it in a game he wryly called "Carnage Blender." Those familiar with the game marvel at the accuracy of the simulation: playing the game during changemonth is said to feel exactly like having your brain smashed out with a slice of lemon, wrapped around around a large gold brick.

It also resembles the drink in that a single experience with the simulation often results in inexplicable addiction and craving for more, "just to see what will happen next," according to one terminally-addicted junkie.

While further research on the simulation is difficult due to the Vogon destruction of the Earth in order to make way for a hyperspace bypass, one cryptic transmission, said to have been salvaged from the logs of the game's chat room, contained this phrase: Don't Panic!
    See also: addiction, masochism, Stockholm syndrome

Unless something is clearly broken, Yasz only makes balance-altering changes in every third month of the year (March, June, September, December). Until March 2006 this used to be a bi-monthly schedule, on odd-numbered months (January, March, May, etc.) He feels free to make other changes at any time; some examples of this can be seen in this list.

January 2005

Changelog for the month: [2]

March 2005

Changelog for the month: [3] A few worth mentioning:

  1. Item naming goes live. [4]
  2. Fights last 5 rounds longer. [5]
  3. Tattoo renting no more. [6]
  4. New supporter item: Mage Shield (MgS) [7]
  5. Tattoo Artist. [8]

April 2005

Changelog for the month: [9]

May 2005

Changelog for the month: [10]

  1. New Supporter item: Vorpal Blade (VB) [11]

July 2005

Changelog for the month: [12]

  1. New supporter item: Rune of Enlightenment (RoE) [13]

August 2005

  1. The Monty Feature: Now admins can flag people as potential credit risks. You can still transfer stuff to that person, but you get a warning message that the person is a potential credit risk (In Monty's case, because he has so many debts currently outstanding) [14]

September 2005

Lots of changes. [15]

November 2005

Changes. [16]

  1. New supporter item: Trollskin Armor (TSA). [17]
  2. Fee for re-inking Tattoos has been doubled. Loss of Tattoo XP has been removed. [18]

December 2005

  1. Equipment Cooldown has been "fixed" so that now it's actually implemented. [19]
  2. A Power weight of N now means that for every plus of enchantment on the item, your Power (PR) will increase by N% of the XP on the minion equipping it. [20]
  3. The formula for magic damage (with the exception of Decay) has changed such that it asymptotically approaches the old value at high levels, from about 1/2 of the old value at low ones. [21]
  4. CB1 will not be back. [22]
  5. Evasion gives bonus to effective DX on defense equal to the Evasion level. Bloodlust capped at 75% instead of 100%. Trollskin Armor (TSA) magic penalty changed to 10%. [23]

January 2006

  1. Tattoo changes. [24]

March 2006

  1. Wiki promoted to help, old help section erased. [25]
  2. Max tattoo level reduced. [26]
  3. New skill added called Phantom Link (PL); Magic Missile (MM) boosted. [27]
  4. FS/WTB threads changed so that it costs 2k to Create/Reply; can only be responded to by author of thread. Deals must be made in Chatmail. [28]

June 2006

First changemonth with the new schedule. [29]

  1. Equipment cooldown disabled.
  2. Rune of Solitude anti-Dispel Magic effect reduced to 1/4 of its level (from 2/5).
  3. Phantom Link effect changed from 2 per point to 1.8. [30]
  4. Introduction of Amulets: Amulet of Invisibility, Amulet of AC and Amulet of Might were added to the game, with the Amulet of Invisibility being the supporter item. [31]
  5. Direct Damage Spells do 1/3 damage, which was changed from 1/2 and increases back to 1/2 as level increases. [32]
  6. New weapon formula added to the game. [33]
  7. Bloodlust gets lowered once again and is capped at (0.60). Weapon damage is tweaked from new weapon formula. [34]
  8. Weapon damage upgrades are instant at the Blacksmith. [35]
  9. Naming a weapon adds 150 to the "x". [36]

July 2006

  1. All ammo spawned in stores, spawned at base. [37]
  2. Black Market bug was fixed. [38]
  3. Formula changed of the way the storekeeper sells items. [39]
  4. Rune of Balrog Flame does 30% more damage and absorbs 10% more. [40]
  5. Formulae for Enforcer's Crossbow and Assassin's Crossbow changed, they now do 1/11th of what they did previously (0.33%). PL will only absorb the AX and EX drain if PL minion has positive DX/ST.

September 2006

  1. Ammo changes. [41]
  2. Ranged changes. BIG changes (new item, Sling of Death). [42]
  3. Free untraining for about a week. [43]
  4. Rune of Balrog Flame fire resistance increased by 20%, melee fire damage increased by 7%. [44]
  5. New supporter item, Amulet of Focus. adds 3% to skills and enchantments cast on the wearer. [45]
  6. Evasion bonus changed from 4x in ranged to 3x. [46]
  7. Crossbows fire in all 3 ranged rounds. [47]

November 2006

  1. Archery bug fixed: [48], [49]

December 2006

  1. Rounded pebbles removed as ammunition. [50]
  2. Clan ranking update times now shown. [51]
  3. Auction bidding system changed, Ebay-style. You may now set a maximum bid. [52]
  4. Fight bonuses now displayed on the 'Fight' page. [53]
  5. Clan changes; Clan graphing added, negative clan points upon the exit of a clan member bug removed, Econ clans get a forging boost. [54]
  6. New users get goals! [55]
  7. Jonathan announces a second free retraining period! Generous. [56]

January 2007

  1. The latest Skill, Junction, is added. This Skill allows for items to affect familiars. [57]
  2. Along with the new Skill, Jonathan decides to introduce a new familiar: the Halidon Familiar ! [58]
  3. The Blacksmith can now upgrade the 'X' of a weapon by up to 15 X's at a time. [59]
  4. An Unarmed Combat bug is fixed - the effect drops, but damage gets a great boost. Hurrah! [60]
  5. A new Supporter Item, the Helm of Clearsight, is introduced. [61]
  6. Cone of Cold gets a damage boost of 15%; Trollskin Armor is changed, now regenerating HP instead of reducing DD damage; the Elven Hauberk is introduced as a new DD reducing armor, with the same effect as the TSA once had. [62]
  7. The long-awaited Free Retraining period arrives! All of CB rejoices. [63]
  8. A hard cap of 1600 BA is put into effect - no more than 1600 may be accrued. [64]
  9. The fixed-drain portion of axbow/exbow drain has been increased about 15%. [65]

March 2007

  1. Ranged rounds for the Helm of Clearsight adjusted. [66]
  2. Shields and Amulets swapped item spots! So exciting! [67]
  3. Jonathan opens a 'One Hour Feature Requests' thread; requests for small changes may be made and possibly implemented via this thread. [68]
  4. As expected, the Vorpal Blade receives a much-needed nerf. [69]
  5. Jonathan gives a slight boost back to the VB after an incredible outburst of community whining. [70]
  6. The Halidon Familiar receives a 70% boost in both damage and PTH. [71]
  7. The Admins get their own super-secret forums! No non-admin personnel allowed in. [72]
  8. The end of the Top Ten Scores rule, and the introduction of the 6/10 BA refresh. [73]
  9. Jonathan decides to re-introduce an old Supportership item, the Rune of Enlightenment. [74]
  10. The clan-join waiting period is abolished; joining fees are increased to MPR/10. [75]
  11. Finally! Spellchecker gets his own editor added, and now words that ought to be allowed as correctly spelled are. [76]

April 2007

  1. Ammunition upgrades are now capped at x1000. [77]
  2. Along with our new server, a thread to post bugs and have them fixed. [78]
  3. Reduced Untraining Penalties! Intrinsics now at 95%, and all else at 98%. A spectacular change! [79]
  4. The New Players get their own forum! Welcome to CB! [80]
  5. Forums get a facelift. [81]
  6. Timestamps older than 24 hours no longer appeared throughout the game. This change didn't last long, and was shortly thereafter reverted after a petition was made. [82]
  7. Rewards are doubled and BA regeneration time halved; this is an experimental change, one which may be reverted if necessary. [83]
  8. NCB/NUB growth rates are scaled back again. [84]

May 2007

  1. Tournaments to be re-released! [85]
  2. A new Supporter item, the Noldorin Spellcasters, are introduced. [86]
  3. Due to popular request, the 'Forging Services' forum becomes simply 'Services'. Loans are now fair game there. [87]
  4. A new ranged weapon added to the game, the Mageseeker bow! Seeker and Slayer ammunition is now removed, as well. [88]

June 2007

  1. The Halidon Familiar gets PTH. It no longer relies exclusively on DX to hit its target! Hurrah! [89]

July 2007

  1. NUB gets a huge change - NUB bought BA is free; NUB money earned in battles is 60% what it was, and forging efficiency is 80% what it was. Total sweetness! [90]
  2. Merged New Players and Carnage Chatrooms. [91]
  3. Tournaments are introduced, with Slayer333 [92] as our very first Tournament Admin! How exciting! [93]

September 2007

  1. The NUB/NCB formula has been fixed - finally! Thanks, Jonathan. [94]
  2. Jonathan allows free tattoo re-inking for the rest of September! Great for experimentation! [95]
  3. A multitude of changes are wrought: The Rune of Balrog Flame, Blacksword of Nan Elmoth, Elven Long Sword, Rune of Solitude, and Halidon Familiar receive a buff; Archery and Evasion receive nerfs; Junction and the Tattoo of Endurance are adjusted. [96]
  4. Transfer and Rental fees have both been increased in an effort to fight inflation in the CB economy. [97]
  5. The new Supporter item for this Changemonth is...not new! It's the reintroduction of the Helm of Clearsight[98], along with a nerf to its base AC, making it the first item with a negative base AC! [99]
  6. Evasion receives a further fix, as its Defensive DX is changed to use the new, lower multipliers. [100]
  7. The Tattoo of Augmentation's PTH bonus is changed: 1/3 of its NW now is added on to the + NW of its equipping minion's weapon(s), effectively adding more to small weapons and less to large weapons. [101]
  8. Loan fees are brought back to their original pre-September change level. [102]

October 2007

  1. Jon institutes many minor changes, as well as removing the cap on ammunition. [103]
  2. A few fixes are made as well - month's Changelog link. [104]

November 2007

  1. The Home page is re-themed, adjusted, re-adjusted, and so forth. [105]
  2. The Train page receives a new re-theme, as well. [106]

December 2007

  1. The not-so-great Rescale of (2007)2008! I think it explains itself. [107]
  2. NUB no longer applies to forging; current users grandfathered. [108]
  3. NUB money rewards are halved. [109]
  4. Change in the economic totals: Central Bank's economic statistics no longer skew the totals. [110]
  5. UI improvements [111]
  6. More sidebar changes (BA is now on the sidebar!) [112]
  7. The "Reply" link for Chatmails delivered to the Homepage is fixed. [113]
  8. A small tweak is made to the BA buying position. Sidebar tweaks! [114]
  9. Ammo and explosive shot (Cost tweaks.) [115]
  10. Max tattoo level displayed! [116]

January 2008

  1. First change of the year, and it's a great one! The sidebar is updated with the new theme. Hurrah! [117]
  2. It may not be in the Changelog, but what a huge change! CB is now available as a Facebook Application! [118]
  3. The MTL is now displayed on the Character view. [119]
  4. Not so much a change, as a secret item - the 2007 CB T-Shirt! [120]

February 2008

  1. The Blacksmith now makes all upgrades instantaneously. [121]
  2. New Supporter item: Amulet of Leadership. [122]
  3. Defensive ammunition is now consumed normally, rather than only upon winning, during defense. [123]
  4. Sidebar changes "under the hood." [124]
  5. The amount of purchasable Battle Allocation is decreased, and the rewards for normal refreshing BA have been increased to compensate. [125]
  6. The New User/Character Bonuses have been retooled and increased dramatically to adjust for current gameplay. Another adjustment in the future is expected. [126]
  7. The Amulet of Focus actually increases the DD level on junctioned familiars. [127]
  8. Beleg's Gloves get a bug fix. This is not a "Changelog", but is still a huge change to the game. [128]

March 2008

  1. Ranged rounds increased to 5; Total rounds increased to 30. Adjustments made to weapon, DD, Evasion ranged penalties/modifiers. [129]
  2. The Rune of Balrog Flame and the DD spell Fireball are adjusted for the new change to ranged rounds. [130]
  3. An automatically advancing fightlist - formerly a feature of Verifex's greasemonkey script - is incorporated into the game. [131]
  4. Bundles of ammunition now spawn in larger stacks, due to the change that removed limits to ammunition. [132]

April 2008

  1. Users can Disenchant rare items now to get money back. [133]
  2. Jon gave himself another week of changemonths, great news for the CB community! [134]
  3. Evasion lowered in missile. Nothing was changed for melee rounds.[135]
  4. Players may now train their stats directly to a desired level. [136]
  5. Weapon Allowance gets halved. [137]
  6. Encumbrance becomes a new feature. [138]
  7. The skill Unarmed Combat receives a buff. Great news for the UC users. [139]
  8. Archery and Evasion are buffed/adjusted. Good news for Archers in particular! [140]

May 2008

  1. The rate of disenchantment is lowered from 65% to 50%. [141]

June 2008

  1. Training sets are introduced: one can now save a training setup for their character. [142]
  2. Junction and the Jigorokano Familiar have never gotten along, but Jonathan finally fixes the relationship between the two. [143]
  3. The 'Recent Battles' area undergoes a few changes. [144]
  4. To avoid non-supporters quitting the game, allowing their account to purge, and returning for a bonus, Jonathan revises the inactive account purge system. [145]
  5. A number of changes are wrought. [146]
  6. Introduction of the Elven Stiletto, the Menelvegorian Cape, Gloves of Mercy, the Boots of Fortitude, and Spellboosters. [147]
  7. Jonathan makes old supporter items available to all in unlimited quantity for only $11/item. Popular with many, not so much with a few. [148]
  8. New (old) Supporter Item: Mace of Disruption. Also introduced simultaneously is the Shield of Capacity. [149]
  9. Damage reduction gets a slight nerf, as does weapon damage. Weapon base CTH modified. [150]
  10. The Rune of Balrog Flame's damage output and magical resistance receive a slight nerf. [151]
  11. New Skill, Steel Skin; AC nerf, ToE nerf, RoBF adjustment, and multiple other forms of damage adjustment. [152]
  12. Ammunition is removed from the game. [153]
  13. Steel Skin, Rune of Balrog Flame, Elven Stiletto, Vorpal Blade all receive small rebuffs. [154]
  14. Jonathan takes on a new partner in Carnage Blender development: Nightstrike! [155]
  15. The Mithril Shield receives a slight buff; the Shield of Capacity receives a large one. [156]
  16. The new Direct Damage spell "Shocking Grasp" is introduced. [157]
  17. Despite the findings of a recent poll, Jonathan grants a free, week-long retraining period during this particularly heavy changemonth. [158]
  18. The New User Bonus and New Character Bonus are both extended to a period of six months. [159]
  19. As compensation for the removal of Ranged weapon ammunition, Jonathan reduces cash rewards by 5%. [160]
  20. Jonathan tests out a new Chat client. This version allows a user to be in multiple rooms simultaneously. [161]
  21. The Electric Familiar is introduced, casting Shocking Grasp. [162]

August 2008

  1. The Forums receive an updated look. [163]
  2. The Mentoring program bites the dust. [164]
  3. The Salvage Yard is introduced, and the Tattoo Artist's fee changes significantly. [165]

September 2008

  1. After much complaining, Evasion is modified to require Dexterity equivalent to its level to work at full effect. Evasion and Displacement Boots no longer cut into DX based cth. [166]
  2. Shortly after the initial change, Evasion undergoes a few slight tweaks: defensive DX is gone, there's a slight reduction in effectiveness when DX is not equivalent to its level, and its ranged bonus is effectively doubled. [167]
  3. Damage all around is reduced, and items are adjusted accordingly; the rounds of combat are also increased, from 30 to 50. [168]
  4. The Weapon Allowance is removed, and only the PTH of weapons counts toward a team's PR. [169]
  5. Jonathan throws a massive 240 base tattoos into auctions to help relieve the high demand for them and supply the Tattoo Artist. [170]
  6. The Tattoo of Endurance is changed to a percentage reduction of physical damage, and grants Steel Skin to the wearer; the Rune of Balrog Flame now reduces AMF backlash, instead of the ToE. [171]
  7. Jonathan makes a couple of tweaks to Evasion, Shield of Capacity, Blacksword of Nan Elmoth, and Shocking Grasp. [172]
  8. Score has been altered slightly to adjust itself when a user trains/untrains experience. [173]
  9. Changemonth has been extended into the first half of October 2008. Great news for those who love changes! [174]
  10. Following multiple forum demands, the Rune of Enlightenment no longer gives an XP bonus, instead it focuses XP on one minion. [175]

December 2008

  1. Changes are made to the Gloves of Mercy, AC itself in regards to Shocking Grasp, and Steel Skin is going to be shifted to a Defensive Enchantment. [176]
  2. Strength now grants a bonus to AC in melee combat! [177]
  3. Steel Skin becomes a Defensive Enchantment, and clarification are made regarding its appearance in battle stats and effect from the Tattoo of Endurance. [178]

January 2009

  1. New Supporter Item! It's the Breastplate of Expertise which comes with the inherent skill Armor Proficiency. AP also got a boost along with this item introduction. [179]
  2. A couple items are slimmed down from the mass number of store body armors. [180]
  3. Jonathan halves the rate of botcheck reception. [181]

March 2009

  1. The skill Junction is removed, and in its place is introduced the Amulet of Junction, a unique item in that it may not be upgraded after it spawns. [182]
  2. Jonathan gives in to a petition begging for all Amulet of Junctions to be at a static +10 upgrade, and removes all current AoJs from play to spawn the new ones. [183]
  3. Changes are made to the Breastplate of Expertise, Mithril Cuirass, Elven Hauberk, and Steel Brigandine armors. [184]

May 2009

  1. Nightstrike makes many changes, primarily to the Amulet of Junction; Admin Shade compiles them all into a News link for easy access. [185]

June 2009

  1. Jonathan makes a huge change: rares randomly spawn during fights now. [186]
  2. Nightstrike alters naming so that we may make 24-month namings in a single payment. [187]

July 2009

  1. The Enforcer's Crossbow Strength drain formula is adjusted, in an effort to tone down the drain by minions with low Strength. [188]

August 2009

  1. Lesser Tattoos have their value altered so that they are no longer considered by the system to be rare, and therefore they now spawn in stores and are no longer considered for drops. [189]
  2. Black Market values for armor are altered, and the Steel Brigandine may no longer be Black Market spawned. [190]
  3. The Most Powerful Blow for a character can now be reset! [191]
  4. The Tournament BA counter now displays on the sidebar for tournament events. [192]
  5. Rentals and Loans can now be canceled and returned to their original owner. A much requested change. [193]

September 2009

  1. When a user equips their named tattoo, it causes their Max Tattoo Level to increase by 4% now. [194]
  2. Introduction of the "Fight Feed" feature. [195]

November 2009

  1. The Halidon Familiar's STR and DX stats are reduced by 20%. [196]
  2. The Elven Hauberk, Breastplate of Expertise, and Mithril Cuirass body armors are targeted for buffs and penalty decreases. [197]
  3. Bugs dealing with Clans, Character creation, and Minion enlistment are fixed. [198]

December 2009

  1. Gloves of Mercy now work with all 1H Edged Weapons. A buff to two items at once! [199]
  2. The Clan Wall feature is added to improve private Clan communications. [200]
  3. Forums are updated with the ability to make quotes. [201]
  4. A new feature is added to Chatmail for viewing currently ignored users and for un-ignoring them more easily. [202]
  5. The limit on chargeable rental fees is increased from 150k to 200k. [203]

January 2010

  1. The first change of 2010 brings us statistics for clan forging. [204]

February 2010

  1. Small NW discrepancy fix. [205]

March 2010

  1. Drop spawn randomization has been adjusted to weekly basis. [206]
  2. Note pad has been added to the home page. [207]
  3. Tournament items can now be sold back to the store. [208]

April 2010

  1. Various bug fixes. [209] [210] [211] [212]
  2. VB and ES now actually work. [213]
  3. The default option on transfers is now loan for 1 hour. [214]
  4. When an item is rented out the system sends a CM now. [215]
  5. Tournament workings adjusted. [216]
  6. Players now receive email and CM for characters being auto-retired. [217]
  7. Forgers get a new bonus based on the amount of NW forged in the clan within the last 24 hours. [218]
  8. Staff update: subadmin {CB1}Slayer333 is now a full admin.

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