Rune of Enlightenment

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments
  4. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: RoE
  • The RoE focuses all experience of an entire team on its wearer, but does not generate any additional exp gain.
  • Naming bonus gives the RoE an extra 4% XP gain.
  • Does not gain levels.
  • Does not spawn in stores. (Supporter item)
  • Average past auction price paid for this item: [1]

Forging Information

  • Not upgradeable.


Strategy and Comments

  • As per 5 October 2008 the following is no longer true:

'''I have done some research on the actual experience bonus of the minion having the Rune of

 Enlightenment equipped, and these are my findings:

 Started fighting with 2 base minions (having no experience) and had a Rune of Enlightenment equipped
 on the second minion.
 After some fights I had the following experiences built up on the minions: 116 & 160
 This would make the second minion gaining 160 / 116 * 100% = 137.93% experience when setting the
 first minion on 100%, so that would make 38% more experience than normal.

 Second test: first minion had 6 exp and second had 50 exp before starting. After fighting, first
 minion had 287 exp and second minion had 439 exp.
 First minion made 281 experience during the test and the second made 389 experience.
 Second made 38.43% more experience than the first due to the RoE.

 Third test: first minion had 3 and second had 155 before testing.
 After they had 616 exp and 1016 exp.
 First minion made 613 experience and second made 861 experience.
 Second made 40.46% more experience due to the RoE.
  • -- Shade

Heres some more info on this:

 2 minions; both from 0 exp to start;
 1st minion (non-RoE) gained 522 exp; 2nd minion (RoE) gained 730 exp.
 730 - 522 = 208 extra exp gained.
 Thats from a total 'normal' (non - bonus) amount of exp gain being 2 * 522 = 1044

 Extra exp gain as a % of total 'normal' exp gain:
 208 / 1044 * 100 = 19.92 %

 Taking a wild guess I would have to say that the RoE increases rewarded exp by 20% for a
 character, given to whichever minion thats wearing it.

This results in:

 A 20% increase in per-minion exp for the wearing minion in a 1-minion team,
 A 40% increase for the minion in a 2-minion team,
 A 60% increase for the minion in a 3-minion team,
 A 80% increase for the minion in a 4-minion team.

This doesn't mean you get more exp with the more minions you have!!!

 ...It does however allow for good allocation of exp in a 4-minion team. For example, have your main
 damage dealer wear the RoE; they will get 180% the exp that the other minions get, effectively
 doubling its power. Have all the other smaller minions support this minion with their enchantments
 and you're onto a winner!
  • -- Will'''

Fun Facts

  • Supporter Item from July 27 2005 to November 26 2005
  • Re-introduced March 28, 2007
  • The RoE got nerfed! [2]

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