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The Salvage Yard can change a weapon from one type to another. Melee weapons can be changed into other melee weapons, and ranged weapons into other ranged weapons, but never ranged to melee or vice versa.

The weapon will retain its current PTH (+) level. It performs this process by using up the total NW equal to the same PTH and then using the remainder to create the x modifier. Often a slight remainder of 0-7k will be left over. Only high-end weapons are eligible.


The fee is a weapon of the new type, which will be kept by the Salvage Yard after the transformation. For one week, you will be able to ask the Salvage Yard to undo the transformation for no additional charge. (But if you change it multiple times, only the most recent change may be undone this way.)


If you have a 100 mil NW Morgul-Hammer, that you would like to switch to a Blacksword of Nan Elmoth, first you will need to acquire a brand new Blacksword of Nan Elmoth, and then you may use the salvage yard to produce one 100 mil NW Blacksword of Nan Elmoth.

How do I undo the change?

This feature has been removed.


The Salvage Yard was introduced on August 19, 2008, after it was long advocated by Ranger following the introduction of the Mace of Disruption. [1]

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