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  3. Training Cost (Pre Dec '07 Rescale)
  4. Training Cost (After Dec '07 Rescale)
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If you want to make your character stronger, you have to spend the Experience you gain from your Battles on your minions' attributes (See Minion for a description of what attributes are). Once you think you have a worth while stock of experience to train (25-50 fights), hit Train on the frame to the left side of your browser.


Usually you will use one of the predetermined training fractions, e.g. 1/2 to spend half of that minion's experience on a given attribute. You can train more than one attribute at once. For example, you can set HP to One, and ST to max, which will result in one HP increase and the rest being allocated to ST. These are evaluated top to bottom: first the system will train any HP allocations, then ST, then DX, etc. So, to split xp evenly between two attributes, you would allocate 1/2 to the first, and Max to the second. You can also choose "Other" from the dropdown list to specify the amount of Experience you want to give the minion out of your pool. This is best done with a calculator handy, as the XP cost to raise an attribute by one point will increase as the attribute grows larger (see below). (As at Dec 07', each point cost exactly 12 XP regardless of how large the attribute is.)

Alternatively, there's the ability to unlearn an attribute, albeit at some penalty. The last option will be Unlearn for followed by some number. This is the amount of XP you will receive when the attribute is untrained. If you click it, a dialog box will appear telling you that you will lose a certain percentage of the XP that you've earned thus far on your character. The percentage retained is summarized in the following table:

   | HP    | 95% |
   | ST    | 95% |
   | DX    | 95% |
   | Skill | 98% |
   | EO    | 98% |
   | ED    | 98% |
   | DD    | 98% |

Training Cost (Pre Dec '07 Rescale)

The cost to train each attribute increases logarithmically as the attribute itself increases. Each attribute's cost increases at the same rate, so training HP to 1,000 costs the same amount of experience as training ST to 1,000 (it happens to be exactly 6,226 XP). The table that follows summarizes the costs and at which point they change. This table gives an idea of what happens as you progress in level. That is, the amount of XP required for leveling gets increasingly larger.

   | Level            | XP |
   | 21-22            |  1 |
   | 23-27            |  2 |
   | 28-40            |  3 |
   | 41-74            |  4 |
   | 75-168           |  5 |
   | 169-423          |  6 |
   | 424-1116         |  7 |
   | 1117-3000        |  8 |
   | 3001-8123        |  9 |
   | 8124-22046       | 10 |
   | 22047-59894      | 11 |
   | 59895-162774     | 12 |
   | 162775-442433    | 13 |
   | 442434-1202624   | 14 |
   | 1202625-3269037  | 15 |
   | 3269038-8886130  | 16 |

For any values above 16, the following equation can be used : ceiling(e^x +19), where e is Euler's Number (~2.718) and ceiling is a function that always rounds up a number.

Training Cost (After Dec '07 Rescale)

Due to the rescale, training costs 12 XP per point regardless of level. [1]


All enchantments stack; that is, their spell levels do stack and based from that a total spell effect will be calculated.

For example: 1 minion with a level 10,000 Guardian Angel (GA) and another one with a level 15,000 GA has the same result as 1 single minion having a level 25,000 GA. There is (at least) one drawback for having multiple minions training the same (defensive) enchantment, and that's the fact that Dispel Magic does act on each spell individually. Using the same example from above, a Dispel Magic spell with an effect of 20,000 will completely cancel out the 10,000 and 15,000 GA, but not the 25,000 GA (the result is a 5,000 GA).

Enlisting another Minion

When enlisting another minion you get the choice between 2 prices (except when you have a base character)

  • Choosing the top option, the most expensive one, the new minion will get 1 experience for every $3 you pay.
  • Choosing the bottom option, the less expensive one, the new minion will get 1 experience for every $5 you pay.

See also: [2]


You can rename minions or change your minions fight order on the training page.

You can also add a Battle Cry to each of your minions, which will be uttered at the end of the fighting round where that minion killed an opponent. The Battle Cry can be 30 characters long and automatically ends with a note of exclamation (!).

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