Basic Unarmed Combat Armor

  1. Basic Information and statistics
  2. Strategy and Comments
  3. Bonuses
  4. Penalties
  5. Strategy
  6. Fun Facts

Basic Information and statistics

Alternatively, you could wear the following instead of a Cloak:

Strategy and Comments

This is a Basic Unarmed Combat Armor set. It doesn't give any bonuses to Unarmed Combat (UC), but it doesn't take anything away either. Unfortunately, all other (affordable) armor does come with a penalty to UC. You would do better to save up for the items on the Specialized Unarmed Combat Armor page.






This is a useful starting set because it does not have any penalties. Equip a Tattoo of Augmentation for added ST, DX and Plus-to-Hit.

Fun Facts

Unarmed Combat does not attack in ranged rounds. Equip a ranged weapon to attack in those rounds.

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