Tattoo of Augmentation

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments
  4. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: ToA
  • Cost to buy: 20% of NW
  • Profit to sell: 16% of NW
  • Primary effect: Increases the wearer's base ST and DX by 50% and 33% of the tattoo's effective level, respectively.
  • Secondary effect: Grants a bonus to weapon PTH (see below).
  • Other effect: Increases Encumbrance by increasing strength of minion using tattoo. Allowing for higher NW weapons/items to be utilized.
  • Average past auction price paid for regular tattoo: [1]
  • Average past auction price paid for lesser version: [2]

Forging Information

  • Not upgradeable by forging or blacksmith, instead upgrades while fighting when having the Tattoo equipped.


Strategy and Comments

  • Bonuses and penalties to ST and DX from armors are calculated after the addition of the Tattoo's ST and DX bonuses.
  • Penalties to opponent's minions from Ethereal Chains are calculated after the addition of the Tattoo's ST and DX bonuses.
  • PTH bonus is 1/3 of Tattoo's net worth added to the PTH of your weapon. This will apply to both the missile and melee weapon equipped separately. Each getting the 1/3 tattoo NW bonus.
  • Works best on a Tank or Monk. Any minion that has huge melee and ranged weapons would benefit from a ToA.
  • Combining ToA with bloodlust and/or VA gives much more damage and a big life leech.
  • Strengths: A ToA works well on a team with high NW weapons. If the ranged weapon is the high NW item, then battle is focused around doing most of the damage early in battle. If melee weapon is highest NW then focus on melee.
  • Weaknesses: Can only attack one opponent at a time, so 4 minion teams with high HP are a weakness. A Sling of Death can mitigate this weakness. Teams with GA and ToE can also be dangerous. ToA strategy depends on having enough time to attack each and every opponent, so fighting a team that has a lot of FB or CoC is sometimes rough. Also one cannot use body armor or a cloak, so not being able to use a Trollskin Armor with its hp regeneration and str boost is a large loss.
  • Specific Strategies: ETM (Type #2)

Fun Facts

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