Specialized Unarmed Combat Armor

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Strategy and Comments
  3. Bonuses
  4. Penalties
  5. Shield Specific DX Penalties

Basic Information and Statistics

Alternately, you can use

Four of the five amulets can be useful for the Unarmed Combat Armor set.

Strategy and Comments

This is the Specialized Unarmed Combat(UC) Armor set. It maximizes UC with bonuses from rare items, and also utilizes ST from Helm's Gauntlets (HG) and the Helm of Ecthelion (HoE). Because of the fact that Unarmed Combat(UC) is a skill, Elven Boots should be used.

UC does not work in ranged rounds. To attack in ranged rounds, equip a ranged weapon. The entire weapon allowance may be diverted into the ranged weapon, allowing a very large ranged attack. A Sling of Death (SoD) is a weapon of choice, though a large Crossbow may be a suitable option as well. Bows of all kinds are not recommended because of the extreme penalty to accuracy for those who do not have Archery trained (a monk cannot train Archery, because its skill slot is already occupied by Unarmed Combat.


  • Combat Gi grants a bonus 10 to Unarmed Combat (UC) used by the wearer.
  • Combat Gi grants Evasion equal to one-third of pre-bonus Unarmed Combat.
  • Elven Cloak grants plus 1% to base DX and Skills for each enchantment bonus.
  • Elven Boots grant a plus 1% to base DX and Skills for each enchantment bonus
  • Helm's Gauntlets grant a plus 1% to Base ST for each enchantment point.
  • Helm's Gauntlets grant a bonus to UC: equivalent to a UC level of 1.5 times enchantment, rounded up. (So, +10 HG give +15 UC bonus; but +11 HG give 16.5, which gets rounded up to 17, UC bonus.)
  • Helm of Ecthelion grants a plus 1% to base ST for each enchantment bonus.
  • Amulet of Invisibility acts as a pair of DB +20 which stacks with DB linearly and stacks with evasion the ways DB do.
  • Amulet of Might grants plus ~2% strength for each enchantment bonus.
  • Amulet of Focus grants plus 3% to Skills for every '+' and enchantments cast on the wearer.


Shield Specific DX Penalties

This set does not utilize a shield, as all shields have a UC Penalty. If you really want to put a shield on this set, refer to the Monk page for advice.

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