Pyro's Strategy

This strategy is out of date (due to the creator being inactive). Refer to the edits made by other users to better this strategy.

A pretty good strategy is have 2 minions the one in front is an Enchanter with nothing but Antimagic Field (AMF) and Ablative Shield (AS) train AMF 1/4 or 1/3 and then max AS and the second one is a Mage with nothing but HP and Cone of Cold (CoC) train 1/3 HP and then max CoC.

The format should be : EM

OB edit: Without changing the original strategy, I would highly suggest doing this with a Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) equipped so that your CoC mage can make it into the melee rounds. Otherwise, another Direct Damage Spells (DD) which attacks during ranged rounds, such as Magic Missile (MM) or Fireball (FB), is suggested.

Ulord edit: I find that an extra kill slot, i.e. a DD familiar is better than a ToE for builds like this. A ToE is really only effective when stacked with other damage reduction mechanisms. Not a lot of that is available to a mage team. A Steel Familiar (SF) should work wonders to reduce number of enemies and focus CoC fire better. Perhaps even Junction the familiar with your DD boosting items.

This page is rather cluttered and needs updating, however the same strategy is already written down in the EM guide

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