New stat idea (in General)

QBRanger January 27 2005 10:50 AM EST

Hi all,

I do not know if this has been discussed before in CB1.

What about a stat showing the highest ratios of score/PR?

That way we can see whose strats are doing well.

I do realize right now the stat will be skewed due to ToJ loaning but at the higher PR levels, it may be a help. Or not.

Thanks for your time.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] January 27 2005 10:51 AM EST

Frequently Offered Retarded Suggestions Question number 3.

QBRanger January 27 2005 11:26 AM EST

So, Im an idiot.

However at high levels it will be helpful though as i stated above. Just did not read each and every bit of everything about the game.

Sry to waste your time.

QBsutekh137 January 27 2005 11:43 AM EST

not really retarded, just that score fluctuates so much that not sure it would bear out useful ratios. also net worth works in, so can't tell whether good stat or good money managing (or USD lol).

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] January 27 2005 11:46 AM EST

Hey now, I wasn't calling you an idiot. "Frequently Offered Retarded Suggestions" is the name of that particular FAQ, not something I made up.

Majestik Moose January 27 2005 11:46 AM EST

to me, score is mostly just a "warning alarm" for being farmed.

QBRanger January 27 2005 9:49 PM EST

I know you were not calling me and idiot. Im calling me an idiot.

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] January 27 2005 11:33 PM EST

Score/NW ratio may be a better indicator of overal strat and it would take into account those high JiGs. A higher score/nw ratio would mean a better strat based on overall nw.

Tribute January 28 2005 1:20 AM EST

No it would not barron. Mage farms and some new mage and enchanting strats will have 0 Net worth. Score divided by 0 is undefined and everyone knows what that means. Or so I hope.

[FireBreathing]Chicken January 28 2005 3:42 AM EST

you can judge whether the strat is good or not simply by looking at it.
1. main source of damage is well protected. Either hidden in the back or loaded up with armor.
2. trained attributes/spells aren't too spread out. Note that an EC vs 2 tanks will have double its normal effectiveness. Likewise for DM. Also, the mage would suffer less from AMF and GA.
Just run a pre-liminary battle in your head and guess what would happen. Note the pitfalls and benefactors, and try to tweak it.

Majestik Moose January 28 2005 5:34 AM EST

I would like to add the concept of using the NW correctly too, as a sign of a good strat. Maximize use, minimize costs.
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