change to the game [double wielding] (in General)

Dragoon Master March 28 2005 11:37 PM EST

i think it would be awsome if a minion could double wield weapons. i think it would be great for new strategies. of course, you could always have penalties and like maybe a strength and dexterity requirement, or something along that line. of course, you wouldn't be able to double wield like huge weapons, but like double whips, cutlass, rapiers, etc. also, the double wield wouldn't allow a shield. but you could always add a new ability like parry or something. just an idea if anyone wants to know!

Chargerz-Back March 28 2005 11:38 PM EST

you mean dual weild only one-hand weapons?

sounds ok, but it'll never happen.

BrandonLP March 28 2005 11:57 PM EST

I believe it's been suggested and shot down a million times. So unless you can come up with some good looking numbers, call it dead.

Sevare March 29 2005 12:13 AM EST

I had this idea for this awhile back..limiting the secondhand weapon to be a max of 1/3 the base damage/multiplier/to hit...but it seriously is a bad idea even with that and its been suggested so many times its a FORS...besides tanks dont need duel wielding if they are built right...I already get several hits a round on some of my fight list. Just train a good ammount of dexterity...

AdminShade March 29 2005 5:54 AM EST

heh 'but like double whips, cutlass, rapiers, etc'

double wield an ELS? talking about way overpowered

QBRanger March 29 2005 6:26 AM EST

Personally, the only way this could work is if youd have to sacrifice a bow/xbow to be able to dual weld.

I finally see March 29 2005 6:50 AM EST


Q: Since CB already distinguishes between one-handed and two-handed weapons, why not allow equipping two one-handed weapons?
A: Because two good 1HW like an ELS or maybe even two claymores would be massively overpowered. Getting even one extra attack would be way more benefit than using a shield or a 2HW, so a lot of gameplay choice would be lost (because one option is far more powerful than the others).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 29 2005 9:10 AM EST

Throwing out ideas even though Dual Wield is already on FORS list....

Have the addition of a second weapon increase damage instead of additional hits. Either by combining (in some fashion) base weapon damages + enchantements, or giving bonuses to the strength portion of the damage routine.

In order to Dual Wield at all, add a Dual Wield skill (so this would suck up that minions choice of archery or BL). Have this new skill linked to an attribute much like BL is now (maybe Dex instead of Strength), but have the skill give a very large pth penalty, that lowers very slowly.

Actually, going along this line, make DW a skill. DW minions gain extra dex based attack chances (above the original 2) but at a drastically reduced pth on both attacks.

This would give two options to Melee Tanks.

1: Strength + Pth single weapon users
2: Dexterity + DW finesse fighters.

FORS I know, but hey, no-one should have any problems with brainstorming...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 29 2005 9:16 AM EST

Oh and it's entirely possible to fight with two rapiers.

And why don't you consider a shield a second weapon?

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