For the love of CB!! - 150K up for grabs (ideas). (in Contests)

Mythology April 16 2005 8:13 PM EDT

With the slow decline in player numbers, which is bad. I've decided to run a contest for ideas for cb, which is good.

Any idea that you think will improve CB, make it more appealing, more sexy whatever. I remember there being 10K members, not 6... So put forth your ideas for CB (more original the better). The ideas must be constructive, not erm, I'll atempt this, deconstructive? For example I think tattoos have done nothing for the game and made it worse, but that isnt going to get anywhere. So things to be added or changed about the game, not removed from it :)

I'll pick the best three with a panel of two others (who I am now about to chatmail and ask, and will confirm if / they will help decide). These three ideas will then be sent to Jon to bi- do with as he pleases :) Oh yes, the writers of the 3 ideas will recieve 50K each.

Get Suggesting :)

Mythology April 16 2005 8:15 PM EDT

Additional : Contest will close in 1 week and 1 day.

[Banned]Monty April 16 2005 8:16 PM EDT

ummmm for the more sexier we need Mushu :)

QBBarzooMonkey April 16 2005 8:18 PM EDT

I started a thread about UC specific ranged weapons on the 14th, and responses seemed more positive than negative, so I officially submit it as my contest entry.

slurpz April 16 2005 8:21 PM EDT

1. rework CoBFs so that the +s, instead of doing a set amount of damage, and blocking a set amount of FB damage, is done on a sub-linear scale (so that as more +s are added, the effect of the additional +s are decreased) and set CoBF max damage as a percentage of the minion's hp

2. change ToEs so that they no longer block 75% max damage...make them block 50-55% max damage, and make it that the max effect is reached when ToE level is 8x of the damage done

3. decrease the amount of PR that a ToA adds to make single ToA tanks more viable

QBRanger April 16 2005 8:23 PM EDT

My idea,

Make rare items only spawn via the black market. That would eliminate someone getting lucky camping. You would actually have to have the money to buy the rare item. Now, a 1 pr character could stumble into the store, say an elb, buy it and get 4 million for it. It would take one of the top PR characters about 2 months to make that much cash.

It would make rare items rare again.

Also, regular items would spawn in the store as not to let minions run around naked.

[ToD]Sav1909 April 16 2005 8:32 PM EDT

i think something that could help the game would be receiving a bonus for reaching certain levels of PR. they could receive an amount of money for succesfully getting to a certain PR. also the newbie bonus should at least be reduced since you won't get rid of it.

[Banned]Monty April 16 2005 8:34 PM EDT

slurpz forgot HTML eh? :)

mchaos April 16 2005 8:38 PM EDT

Actually Ranger, I think naked minions is just the thing to make CB sexier. Also, I am biased as a camper, but ending camping has attained FORS fame.

[Banned]Monty April 16 2005 8:40 PM EDT

man i tihnk its cool that newbs can get lucky in the store in CB1 hippogryph stuble upon an ELB and sold it for 7 mil and had himself a nice start

Mags April 16 2005 8:41 PM EDT

Benchmarks must be added so that there's incremental significant improvement to be had in more ways; new spells unlocked by having enough PR or small item gifts. *Way* cool would be the addition of special Quest Teams, predesigned and pre-set, which each character can only beat once but give a major exp/CB2$/item reward for doing so.

People like discrete goals and moments of accomplishment. I played CB1 for awhile but quickly grew bored because it felt like the exact same thing all over again with progressively larger numbers. The design and creation was done; all that was left was to burn BA in perpetuity.

Give people a vision of what they can be and moments of big progress. Give them occasional supervillains to defeat. Those goals and growing to conquer them is what will keep people playing.

[Banned]Monty April 16 2005 8:43 PM EDT

from someone in chat that wanted to remain anonymous said to put up mushu and or DreadnaughtGirl for CB logos when mushu left the sexyness of CB went low :(

Blarg April 16 2005 8:47 PM EDT

FAQs-> frequently offered retarded suggestions-> #8

Q: Why not add computer-controlled opponents, or maybe a 'quest' mode?

A: Computer opponents would add zero gameplay and are fundamentally less interesting than competition with people who are (hopefully) as smart as you are.

If you think for just a few minutes about the kinds of quests traditional or massively multiplayer RPGs have, you will realize that they are either (a) ridiculously ill-suited to the CB environment, or (b) something that a CB player in quest of wealth/power/fame would be doing anyway. Or both.

Mythology April 16 2005 8:49 PM EDT

I actually really liked the quest team idea (maybe not calling them that). Not really RPG quest persay by the look of it, more like teams to be beaten and aim toward, like the old tournaments used to have, you have one week to beat this person...

Mags April 16 2005 8:50 PM EDT

Then that makes me retarded, but the fact would remain that it'd give people something to aim for as they get started. It certainly doesn't suit the latter stages of CB2, but I don't see why it's so awful for beginners who like concrete achievement...

Blarg April 16 2005 8:55 PM EDT

now, a better way to slove mags problem with bordom would be to reintroduce tournments, like Myth said.

YNM April 16 2005 8:56 PM EDT

1) uc weapons like brass knuckles, spiked gauntlets and such to give a small boost to the little amount of people willing to play with it

2)raise the ba cap a bit, perhaps to 180-240 so we can wait 3hrs. or 4hrs. instead of having to set our alarm clocks ahead 2hrs. and 40min.

3)allow forging to be easier at lower leves so we don't have to waste valuable mone/ba in the beginning using a blacksmith or forging.

4)create new tourneys more often.

5)allow a bigger gap in the price range between tatoos and lesser tatoo's

6) with #5 being said, it would be so uber sweet to turn lt's ino t's at a certain level (of course with players permission, a bit of cash, and a loss to the t's level)

7) assign 2 mentors to new players to enable full time mentoring

8)more diversity to the auction, like a poor peoples auction that the max $bid is like 30k and then is moved to a aristocratic auction get it right

9)implement cooler things for supporters like more ba, money gathering inc., some extra exp.

10) more whacky time

11) allow entering, leaving, and going into clans to be much faster (2 days is a long time

12)implement new verbs into fighting (ie. soandso's fireball burns the enemy)

that was a bit of stuff i was thinking about asking for. sorry if it was too much

Mags April 16 2005 8:57 PM EDT

I'd disagree. Tournaments are aimed towards more established players; we're trying to get the fangs sunk in, rather than shred the corpse a little after they're already committed players.

YNM April 16 2005 9:00 PM EDT

1 more

13)have store buy things from you for more money

KCC8120 April 16 2005 9:12 PM EDT

I fell the new ppl don't play is because ppl want the good stuff and can't get it..true for alot of ppl, well when a noob is starting they arn't making enough money to keep the interested b/c they see good stuff selling for over a mil..I myself had made a little over a mil now...The big problem comes to the economy. right now it works and works well. But the new ppl arnt interested in the economy, they would at somepoint like to have an ELB. The new ppl don't think they will ever get the stuff and start to lose intrest in the game, one b/c you have to have money to get what you want, and you must have a tatoo, but since tatoo sell so high noobs don't wanna get into it. maybe if you could rent out a tatoo and it won't lose exp or gain exp that could help them. i enjoyed the fact that i could rent a huge weapon to help cath up. in 2.5 weeks im at 100k pr along with roven. The big noob bonus is what help me a ton but i don't think everyone is like me or roven. maybe giving a noob a weapon when they reach a certin PR or completing something to get ONE decent weapon. other wise they have to make money for them to forge/buy and thats just one weapon out of 2 minus the armor. so i guess maybe the ablility to rent out tatoos and something of helping new ppl once again to make them want to stay...just thoughts

Arorrr April 16 2005 11:02 PM EDT

The ability to buy rotten eggs and send them to Jon as gifts every odd months.

Maelstrom April 16 2005 11:13 PM EDT

First off, YourNewMinion, see the FORS entry Why not give Supporters twice as much BA, or some other really huge advantage?.

Next, I believe in CB1 the top players never played in tournaments because (unless there were exceptional prizes) it just wasn't worth the time. When I first started in CB1, I played in a few tourneys, because it was a good way to get some cash and to try out new strategies. Later, I was too interested in advancing my main character and gaining clan points, let alone the fact that I never stood a chance at winning the tourneys.

How do we encourage new players to stay? By giving them goals to achieve, or by giving them a chance to win at something. Because face it, we all like to win, and if you win (or almost win!) you're going to play again. Someone posted earlier saying they didn't like how a beginner could camp an ELB and get huge amounts of cash...well, I bet that newbie kept playing!

Now on to the suggestions:

  1. Add more spells and skills: variety is the spice of life! I'm sure players could suggest some...
  2. Bring back the tourneys! And why not have two varieties of tourneys: a beginner's tourney, and an experienced player's tourney.
    • Maybe you could only get into the beginner's if you have no character with PR greater than 100k. Or maybe you can only get into the advanced if you have a character of at least 100k PR. Or maybe just let the player choose which to join.
    • Naturally, the advanced tourney would offer better prizes (rares, lots of cash, etc). Same as the tourney in CB1.
    • In the beginner's, there could be cash prizes for the top five in the tourney (say $100k, $75k, $50, $25, $10) - not enough to make it worth the while for an experienced player. This gives the new players a reasonable chance to win something, which encourages them to play.
  3. Now, as for goals for newbies to achieve, what can we do? We already have the Realm system, to separate the stats of new players from old. Also, after playing so long, you get less BA. These events mark stages in a player's advancement, but most people dread the day when they start getting less BA. The following are some ideas... but they might require that there are more stages. Perhaps one of the following could be done when a character reaches a new stage:
    • Give each player some small item - more of a status symbol than anything else. Make it so that it can't be sold.
    • Add some sort of tag to a character's name or member-page, indicating their new status
    • Award the character with a certain amount of XP (divided amongst minions) or cash.
    • Characters have the ability to learn skills (the new ones, that could be added in) that were previously unavailable.
    • Less common items are available. Yes, that's right: make it so that characters in the Shire can only see common and uncommon items in the store. In Rivendell you can see rare items, and in Lorien you can see very rare items. Or something along those lines. Thus players would have to play for a while before they can camp the good stuff. Also, it might create some demand for all those two-handed flails and lesser tattoos.

Sevare April 16 2005 11:19 PM EDT

How about a new money sink (Jon always did seem to love the money sink idea)...a Junk know, walk into his shop, slap down say 200k and you get to choose an item...if you get lucky, the item might be rare, if not, you just bought a 200k cloak/long sword/long bow/leather boots. Making it say a a 3% chance of being rare, that way rare items are avaliable to anyone, if they want to take the risk. It might be good for comic relief too between BA to have a new stat added to the rankings, most junk bought or some such.

omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 16 2005 11:24 PM EDT

maybe forging enchantments into weapons/equipment, so normal stuff can have ability boosts (ex forge a sword so the weilder gets a 20% exp boost, but after a few days, would dissapear and return to a normal sword also removing some of the weapons forged upgrades like having a +5, then it will become a +3 after the enchantment ends, but you could pay to keep it enchanted so it doesnt get weaker) and when a weapon is enchanted, it cant be upgraded through forging until the enchantment wears off.

Roven April 17 2005 12:32 AM EDT

Few suggestions:)

1) I remember i got a reward after passing tutorial (something like a whip or something). So if it's possible to give rewards on and off will be cool. For example 50Kpr you get a halberd or something (items could be random) 100k PR u get something eles and 500K PR (something rarer or even unique, could even come with a free naming).

This suggestion if implemented will definately make starters/newbies more addicted and also want to play more of the game. I do know this suggestion is QUEST-like BUT since cb could give rewards for completion of tutorial which is also quest-like too i don't see why it can't be impletemented.

2) Yeah as suggested above by others 2hrs and 40mins is rather tough to calculate if someone have a busy schedule a rounded number of hours will be cool.

3) Some color texts could be added to play by play for example; You hit someone with fireball (red text) will look cool.

4) More bonus could be added for more challange for example if you are able to hit top winning streak within 24 hours time-fram you could be awarded some cash. (This is quest-like once again read #1)

5) Elements enchantments or defence could be added for example : Ice Fire Earth Neutral and so on.

6) I hope we could do more things than to forge with our items/equipments. Why not enable use to "Dye" our armor with certain colors (item name will be shown with respective dyed item). Or even some attachments parts could be bought for added effectiveness. I.E Armor plate + Troll Armor gives more AC, even better if there are attachments to add special effects like drain life and so on.

7) Add more statistic to show things like how many times have you won over an exact opponent and how many times have you lost.

8) Newbies who are starting out often started off wrongly with strat and such, so if newbies could get no penalties for the first week for unlearning skills will be cool.

These are some rough ideas... Flame away!


omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 17 2005 12:41 AM EDT

new DD spells

Earth Spike: always hits minion in back, but is weaker than other DD spells.

Shock Blast: similar to fireball, but targets minions with DD spells first

oh, and roven, that attribute thing is kind of like what i was talking about, im glad someone else kind of agrees with me.

Roven April 17 2005 12:47 AM EDT

Oh yes hehe... Just a thought that we should have more stuffs to do with our items. Forging day and night is boring. By the way my english ain't that good so there might be many erros in my post making it hard to read so excuse me:) i just wanna contribute. (I'm chinese)


omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 17 2005 12:57 AM EDT

i'd bet that between me and roven, we could come up with tons of ideas for what to do with items, they should be more interactive, with more attributes...

cank April 17 2005 12:59 AM EDT

been playing for a week or so, here's what i think is nice and what i think would be nicer;

what is nice;

- good, trusting community, especially if you think people send real money to other's who they've never seen before and it still works fine most of the time without any serious problems.

- good amount of possibilities with char development (number of chars * number of spells/skills * number of items)

- the size of the community (you know this game wouldn't work with 50 players)

since this is more of a suggestion thread on attracting more players by making this a better game, i'll try to focus on those;

- the whole real money thing is good and it is quite safe for an online text based game; however, if you want more people, money should not be a such an unfair and necessary part of the game. I personally planned on leaving after i saw an 80$ deal for an item (elven bow i think). because a) i'll never spend 80$ but more than that b) it would take me months to make that moeny if I actually just played the game. as long as real money is such a big part of gameplay, you can't expect thousands of more people to be playing this game. money should be an advantage, but not something that affects gameplay so much. if i knew i was gonna make 2million after i played for 2 weeks, i would still say it's ok but it's practically impossible to catch up with those who use real money.

- the problem with online rpgs are not the beginning; you find something, you start playing it, try to figure out what's going on and enjoy it for awhile. The problem is continuing to play after that point where not much changes. If I knew that I would be awarded a random prize when I reached 100k pr or if I knew after spending 5000 BAs there was gonna be some sort of a "chance" to get a prize - and believe me, only having a "chance" is enough - then I would be twice as motivated. now if I had 50$ to spend, I would buy what I want right away but only a limited number of people have that. and the decrease in number is because of the people who leave after they see they can't really go much further without a goal that's gonna boost their game experience. that's the important part about the money problem: it's not the whole 'buying items with real money' that causes a problem - if you have money, that's cool, you can spend it in 1 day and make the perfect character. but if I can't make that same character you made in 1 day, after playing for 6 hours for 2 weeks, then it doesn't make much sense. practical solutions: make sure everybody gets their time's worth. prizes after at certain intervals, or a raffle entrance every 3000 BAs or a discount after 1 month etc etc. Nobody really wishes to make the best character in their first two days, but after a while you wanna now why you spent 10 days and got 800k worth of stuff...

- camping is a way to make money and the developers think it is fair that those who camp get something in return. well it really is not. i want to play and develop a character and be able to run into a random good item at the same time. even if you spend half your BAs in store refreshing, that guarantees you nothing, in fact you probably won't get anything because so many people are camping and spending all their BAs on this. and if you don't camp then the whole "only make 1million after playing for 100 hours" thing happens again. you play 100 hours, somebody pays 20 bucks and it's gone. so no, camping is not necessarily fair. if you can't stop "camping" as a problem, random stuff to random players would still be a good solution. i don't want to play for weeks and then a new player gets something worth what i could get in 1 month. if you think that's fair and doesn't affect gameplay, well you're probably wrong. camping is fair, but those who don't camp and actually play the "game" don't get anything near those who camp. then the whole game suddenly becomes a camp-n-win thing.

- i know that some people suggested computer opponents and many said it wouldn't fit CB and I understand that. but people seem to forget that the main use of computer opponents is usually something they drop or something they give you. it was said that it would be much better to play against humans as intelligent as you. what they forget is you don't play against the computer because it's clever, you play b/c it might drop something or it might give you something extra. and to do that in CB you don't even need computer-based enemies. just add a real low percentage of item drops to battles and it doesn't have to be a drop from the enemy, just from the computer, just like a store - but this time it's only for you and you got it because you deserved it. This way somebody would either spend 4,000 BAs to find a rare bow in the store refreshing and enjoy the "game" that way or someone else would spend 10,000 BAs in battle and then out of nowhere gets a rare drop. and again if you think that drops like that wouldn't make sense and wouldn't be good for "gameplay", then you might again probably be wrong.

well, this was about how to get more people to this game and as you might have realized that my main message, presented with detailed possibilities on how to do it, is that one should know they'll get what their time is worth. I don't care about people spending 25 bucks, but I don't care about it as long as I know that I can get to where they are by spending actual time. currently, I think the ratio between the two is way too big. I don't mind playing for 2 weeks for 6 hours a day but i do mind that much effort being worth 6$. i don't think anyone would bother to continue after seeing this. To solve that problem, the whole "drops, raffles, random prizes, awards for spending 5k BAs etc" ideas could be done and it would also affect the 'game play' in a very positive way too. For now game play is a word that refers to "sit, camp and refresh" and it has little to do with fighting or developing a character.

Jason Bourne April 17 2005 1:17 AM EDT

tourneys where u only get a set amount of ba, that never regenerates. like 2k fights. the char that gets the highest score and pr wins/ or who could beat all of the other tourney characters. this would shift the focus more on who has a better strat, not who has no social life...

also specialized tourneys, such as character with highest mpb, best armor, ect.

more spells - definately

the ability to name spells (honestly will someone explain why this is retarded?) if u can shoot someone with a "sniper rifle" why not hit them with "laser beams" instead of a magic missile?

a skill to kill tats easier

adding nw to ur "pseudo" power rating so that it makes it more fair, just like a tattoo.

some way to make more character classes...

different types of spells, such as non dd but still does poison, burn ect (status inducing effects)

spiritual damage spells that are uneffected by armor

guardian demons? :D

A DECAY TATTOO! - for the love of CB, y isnt there one of these? everyone likes decay, but no1 can find a reason to train it over something more useful...

skill tattoos - non store spanable, u have to change it with the artist, (amf, archery, haste, as, ect.)

vamp aura for spells

reduced effectiveness of toe

cloak of hot water, reduces coc effects, lowers cobf damage increases fb damage done to ur minion

decay rod - makes decay do at least 10 damage so it can kill

bring back Cause Fear!!!

healing potions... - at the end of the second melee round, u use this item and it boosts the health of the minion its on. u could hold them just like arrows (124 Potions [+1300] these would add 1300 hp when used...

enhance magic - decreases effectiveness of amf

BEST IDEA: team weps. weps that take more then one minion to use. such as a catapolt. take 4 minions to use, does a lot of damage, and hits all 4 enemies at once, or misses all at once.
also along those lines, team spells. one idea i had for this was called "focus beam"
heres how focus beam works:
minion a fires the beam at minion b
minion b gets it and amplifies it, then casts at minion c
this continues until it gets to the end of your minions and then it casts on them.

another ranged round (making 4)

a spell that lets a minion self destruct...
minion A runs into other minions and blows himself up. amazing damage, higher level means higher damage. u still have to train hp, otherwise he dies in ranged before he gets there.

cb stocks? buy stock in players... (dunno would be interesting)

more crazy weps, like weps that add to st, or weps that add to amf, ect. like An Anti-Mage Hammer [68x24] (+30) grants 20% to amf levels

sneak attack, fight from the back to the front of the line up if ur dex is higher then all other minions (useful for single tanks to get around walls)

forging clans, they get nothing but a discount on forging costs/ more efficiency..

a store that sells all weps always, so u could always get those rare items, but it would cost way more then auctions or getting it by luck in store...

thats all for now...

omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 17 2005 1:19 AM EDT

make it so, if both players agree, battles can be for money/items, but only if players agree beforehand, they are given a random, equipped item (not tatoos)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 17 2005 1:50 AM EDT

I see a lot of very, uhm, interesting ideas. However, if I'm looking at the post right, Mythology is looking for ways to make CB more user friendly to the new person. Not that game altering major gameplay changes like some have suggested could be nice, but I'll stick to what was asked. I'm trying also to keep these as simple to do as well.

1. Two things here. More friendly initial page. Basically, no offense, but I can't stand the page you first see when coming to CB. Sure, it has some good information. But if it's someone's first time, they get a glaring red face in a whirlpool. As well as a quote talking about puking. How nice and friendly ;) I've been on CB for a year or two now, and I still am confused by this image. Why not get something more artistic, more captivating to the D&D fan wandering by? Also, I'm saying replace and add to the quotes, with something a tad more positive. Also, I know people don't like to read much. On the initial page, it should somewhere have a large link for new players to click to easily start signing up. Not the tiny font above the user log in saying they use it too.

2. Name. Carnage Blender is catchy, but come on, it's confusing. Being text, there's no carnage. Maybe that's the point. But I'm saying perhaps on the initial page it should have a description of why we have this name, ie: "Carnage Blender: an online MMORPG allowing you all the carnage you want without the gory images." That's just off the top of my head, but hopefully it makes sense. Let the new guy know what this is about in a brief mission statement.

3. Initial tutorial: I think it needs redone by someone, anyone. I can't remember a thing from my tutorial in CB1, and in CB2 for some reason it skipped it. Not good for teaching new people there. How about after first joining up, the user be directed to a page with some VERY basic parts of CB. One friend I tried to convince to play didn't get it, and quit after his first day. He didn't understand the point. Have this very initial page, before the tutorial, simply state how the goal is to come up with strategies, gain experience to increase your strength, get money for weapons / armor /upgrades, etc. Interact and trade needs mentioning too. All that stuff.

4. This just struck me. We have a LOT of links on the left frame there. How about making one or two of the more important ones larger, or in bold? I think new players could possibly feel less lost if they could find the Home link easier. Very minor thing, but little things help a lot.

5. Rules. We got lots. How about under the Help link we add rules to remember? If I was new, that would be one of the first places I would check for help. Put in things like don't spam chat, be PG, only one account, all the good stuff. It's in the FAQs here and there I'm sure, but never underestimate the stupidity of people. The easier to find the better, even if it is in two spots.

That's it for now. I hope one or more of these could be useful for CB's future. I'll let you know if I get anymore. Thanks.

Devil Burrito April 17 2005 1:57 AM EDT

I agree with whoever said something about a better tutorial v.v

What about an RP kind of board. Some people like to pretend there chars are "real". Like someone ( i forgot who ) was talking about there char and had a big storyline from where it came from and whatever. Be kinda neat to have a small rp section and stuff. Maybe with just like low pr characters but the gear would be real... I dunno.. probly sounds dumb and poorly worded but hey, what did you expect?

Roven April 17 2005 4:05 AM EDT

To add on to my list of suggestions

8) I'm sure many are getting tired of fights rewards which is cash and exp mainly. How about adding some stuffs like health, exp, str, dex potions or maybe some foraging stones (helps forging process) to loot? These rewards could be random and rare too, i think this way players who don't have time to camp the stores whole day long might mind it profitable to fight also.

9) Thinking along these lines, i'm wondering if we could add on another loot reward which is soul or spirit of minion. Take for example, in a fight Vs 4 minions team and all dead 4 spirit/soul are captured. So what do we do with these spirits/souls? We could maybe come up with a spell (maybe called Spiritual Release or something) which could use up these souls for better attacking power. This way those of a lower Pr could even try to fight those with very high PR. What eles could we do with spirits/souls? Maybe we could come up with a process where by spirits could be turned into spirit essence or something which then could be used to put into armors or weapons for extra attack or defence.

10) How about some Heros which we could buy to help with defence or enchantments? These Heros should just die off when they reach 0HP then if u want it revive maybe some BAs could be used.

Just some thoughts

Hammerhead April 17 2005 7:12 AM EDT

My idea is that charachters should be able to chose a god to worship. When they worship it (worshiping should cost BA) they should get some bonuses (ie. god of ranging, grants archery to a selected minion or makes their archey better). Also certain gods might make you able to summon demons or hereos, like Rovens idea (depending on whether the gods are evil neutral of good).

Majestik Moose April 17 2005 7:22 AM EDT

hmm.. this is perhaps likely to have been suggested before, but my dream would be to have "multihitting weapons"..

Weapons with half the base damage as the rares, but with the same upgrade cost for x, and much reduced for +.
(That would maybe be a way to make f.ex. slings useful)

Apart from the coolness of hitting some 4-5 times per round, their characteristics would be better protection from DB/Evasion, and some VA/GA issues.

trigun April 17 2005 7:23 AM EDT

can we have the switching character thingy when bidding in auctions back from cb1? ^_^

madmax3 April 17 2005 7:41 AM EDT

"3) Some color texts could be added to play by play for example; You hit someone with fireball (red text) will look cool."

Great idea, i really like this, just the spell name so it's not overkill.
It would really spice up the battle stats without having to add any graphics, & also for convenience in finding a certain spell amongst the lines of data, making it easier to read at a glance.

fb = red
mm = yellow
CoC = lightblue
Decay = brown
maybe something for physical damage.

QBJohnnywas April 17 2005 9:19 AM EDT

I started last August, which seems like a really long time ago now but obviously isn't. I can remember exactly what kept me on - tournaments. They gave you a chance to try out different strats, seeing if they worked or not; a chance to make some big cash pretty quickly. Both of which gave you a step up into playing properly without having to retrain, lose ground etc. It also feels like there have been one too many very large changes to the game in such a short time, it doesn't feel stable, so maybe change months should be quarterly or something, unless there is a major need for change.

Of course we all know that the last suggestion won't happen! =)

strongbad April 17 2005 11:40 AM EDT

First, I must say that I have benefited from camping at times. Having said this, I think that there should be a limit on the rares that you get. Perhaps like blackmarket auction votes, you could only get one rare at the store per week. This might prevent someone who is looking for a specific rare to avoid a katana if they have one or two, or not buying that lesser tattoo because they want a better rare. Just an idea.

Jason Bourne April 17 2005 12:33 PM EDT

trigun, u can already switch characters. when on the bidding page in auctions, simple go up to ur character select box, and select a different character. it does not send you back to home. i thought everyone knew this....maybe adding this to the faq's would be cool...

Bull3t F4c3 April 17 2005 2:31 PM EDT

i think that people are just plain out bored. First of all a noob isn't going to just sit there and try to tought it out in the beginning with his whip and it gets boring and repetetive in the first few days to try and get 5k pr. This is where i lost my friend, who said he was bored of clicking. All you can do is fight when you are a low pr, because you cant forge or camp (because you dont know what that is yet) there needs to be some acticities that noobs can do to gain pr and explore. A lot of newbs also quit because there is no graphics and they think thats g-...and they quit. We all know that graphics would runin this game, but they dont so they leave...if some one comes up with like aside quest to gain a certain amount of exp for a certain spell...or such...i tihk more noobs would stay..increasing the amount of players.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 17 2005 3:14 PM EDT

Give players an incentive to keep playing.

People have touched on this already, but think we could expand the Realm system.

Everyone new starts in the shire. Instead of a time allotment, make moving out of the shire something to aim for. Camping x rares, forging x amount, beating on the first fight a specific team. Then give a reward for this. A specific item, and increase in BA allotment, titles for minions/characters.

It gets progressibly harder and harder to move up in realms, but it gives everyone a tangible goal to continue playing. Those that aren't trying to be number 1 of course, they already have thier goal.

I don't think new spells for new realms would be a great idea, they would either be of no use, or owerpowing to those that don't have them. But maybe a little more customisation of existing spells could be allowed.

A minion that reaches the next realm could re name Fireball to HellFire for example. Little touches that make the game more personalised.

Synco April 17 2005 7:06 PM EDT


Adding new train feature. The new feature could have a robot that costs BA to fight but you dont get any XP or money rewards. The cool thing would be that you could select the robot's PR, and the stats, and items equipped. People could use this bot to test out their strats against other strats. If need be, there could also be a cost or some sort of prerequisite. (like being a supporter)

Hope this helps. :)


trigun April 17 2005 7:34 PM EDT

thanks for the tip irongiant..didn't know that trick..hehe i like strongbad idea and gentlemanloser's as well..i would expand gentlemanloser idea to have like a guargian of the gate sort of dude or team to defeat to move to another realm or something..hehe each realm could be different..^_^

Mythology April 17 2005 9:22 PM EDT

The Judging panel will be :

Me, Shade, Reyna

Next sunday (24th April) I will ask Reyna and Shade to submit their top three ideas they like best ranked #1, #2 and #3. Then I will do the same. The top three ranking will win as stated before, 50K each. If you like the thread so far, please feel free to donate $ to the winner's pot.

Ty :)

Reebok April 17 2005 9:45 PM EDT

Happy Hour, Happy Hour, Happy Hour!

trigun April 18 2005 3:06 AM EDT

suggestion: less sarcasm in chat and posts..nobody likes someone who thinks too highly of themselves..and no question is stupid. if one doesn't him out...some creative ideas are sometimes not put forward because of the fear of being shut down...and also..newbs should not be afraid to ask newb questions..hehe ^_^

Biscuitback April 18 2005 3:51 AM EDT

i'm going to tell you the truth...

i like cb the way it is. and i can say it's safe to say that everyone else here does too.

but the question is a way to make it better? i dunno if there is a way.
everything is pretty even.

the only real advantage in cb over another is fighting v.s. forging v.s. camping.

i really think that something really needs to be done here if anywhere.
i mean this game is really more or less about fighting and making up strats, but to tell you the truth.. fighting is really the worst way to make money. believe me i see it all the time. if your an all time camper for lets say a month, you can pretty much get enough items to equip or sell to buy a minion. either case the minion will be better off than if you were just fighting for the month. forging i would say be next in line. you can make some serious money forging. lastly of course fighting.

i don't think everyone will agree, but i think i'm pretty much on target with this here.

now i'm here in cb ( and i love playing) to fight. i don't forge or camp.
and i know... " well if you think it's better to camp or forge.. then camp or forge". i'm just stating that if cb needed a change in something, i don't think it should be in items or abilities, but maybe with something to equal out the fighting, camping, and forging.

i also agree to anything to help new players out and make it more user friendly.

this is just my 4 cents. thanx.

Jason Bourne April 18 2005 4:05 AM EDT

i got some more ideas....

one i agree with biscuit, u should probably get more money for fighting cause u could in theory, get an elb and sell it to buy a 250k pr mage...

my other idea is make the newbie bonus up to a certain pr, NOT time here. most people i know, myself included, didnt have time to really get into it like the others at the start, and that great oppertunity was lost. look at mags..hes at 160k pr, and still getting the newbie bonus! im at 22k...if anyone still needs it out of the two of us...its me. i think it should last until 100k pr. and maybe make the realms like that as well. it doesnt matter how long you have been here, thats not what makes u good. it should be based off of pr.

yoman April 18 2005 7:27 AM EDT

It seems that a lot of people are mentioning camping. I think it would definitely be a good idea to reduce the incentive for camping in the game, or better yet just keep the the rares coming in the stores but perhaps have the right to shop by earning "store BA's" through fights ... the more you fight the more chances of getting something rare.

Another suggestion may be a posting of some kind of calendar of events. What about regular yearly, quarterly and even monthly events of some kind, (i'm not too sure if there are any, but that just shows that they are not well advertised). If you have regular events and make a big deal about them it may raise awareness of the game, excitement and give people more reason to come back regularly online and play.

Just a couple of ideas anyway.

trigun April 18 2005 7:32 AM EDT

any1 here a flash genius? make a downloadable game that connects to the server..just a suggestion..don't wan to be stoned to death or anything.^_^

omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 18 2005 8:06 PM EDT

actually, trigun has a great idea.

make randomly generated training bots that give less exp. and money, and you would need to get online to refresh BA (you would get more offline though) and make bots about the same level as you so you cant bully them for free exp/money.

more skills/magics are a great idea

color text would rock

make blacksmith/forging more in depth with better things to put on weapons. that is my 2 cents on the matter...

oh and guy who said CB souldnt change... your wrong... but i agree with you on the camping/forging thing battles should have better rewards and.or you shouldnt be able to "buy" exp by paying a lot for minions

Xentrik April 18 2005 8:29 PM EDT

I have always thought camping was too good, but that is not what this contest is about.

I believe that most newbs that CB loses leave because of:
1) sarcastic/mean/not helpful people in both posts and chat. no one wants to be put down, but it happens... a lot... even by Jon.
2) boredom! The FORS list answer is wrong. Computer opponents would add a lot of gameplay. In fact, it would interest me more to try and defeat certain "bosses/guardians" more than trying to be #1 or some other unrealistic goal.

Now, back off topic. I agree that tournaments need to come back. I agree that fighting is not an effective way to make money. I agree that US$ is too powerful. And I agree that more spells would add even more to gameplay.

Blarg April 18 2005 8:38 PM EDT

Now, what CB2 *really* needs is more ops and admins.

omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 18 2005 9:26 PM EDT

xentrik... i have a dark sense of humor and derive amusement from the burns by chatters, i hope a lot of people agree that fighting needs to have better rewards.

and unsellable bonus items should be given for reaching certain goals (start a clan, join a clan, certain pr... etc.

trigun April 18 2005 10:40 PM EDT

anyone here watch anime? how bout stones or gems or runes that equips to shields and weapons or armour? or how bout elemental skills or pets/sidekicks? hehe ^_^

Maelstrom April 18 2005 11:28 PM EDT

"...have the right to shop by earning "store BA's" through fights" --yoman

Hey, that's a very interesting idea. I'm not too sure if it should actually be done, but it's worth considering.

As for people suggesting robots and pets to fight with you - that was where the idea of tattoos came from.

I don't like the idea of computer opponents, since their role can be filled by humans. One of the tourneys in CB1 was a "Town" tourney, where everyone started in one "town", and in order to move to the next town you had to defeat one of the characters of the tourney administrator. I believe the characters had been built up outside of the tourney, so they were significantly more powerful than the players.

Another interesting tourney was the "Store" tourney, where tourney players could buy rare and named items from the tourney admin using only cash gained in the tourney.

The problem with these two tourneys was that they took an enormous effort on the part of the tourney admin. The town one especially.

I think it might be possible to add a special "tourney store", accessible only to characters in a tourney. I believe that in CB1, tourney characters were free from the influence of $USD, so characters could only use the money they gain through fighting in the tourney to buy items in the tourney store.

Of course, there wouldn't be a purpose to a tourney store if there weren't something special about it. Maybe it could have an increased rare spawn rate? But the prices would have to be at least twice those of the regular store.

omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 19 2005 11:24 PM EDT

i think instead of changing camping/forging battles should give more/better rewards

AI players would be nice, because they can be really powerful for thier PR and every time you beat one for the first time you could get a special reward, but you have to have your PR close to theirs or you arent allowed to battle them

by pets, i think it would be cool to have something different than tatoos where you train a pet like a minion, but it has a different set of abilities, cant use equipment, and cannot be sold/traded once earned (you would get them through a special event that can be accessed by all players like a special requirement for battles/stats before you can have one.

Hammerhead April 20 2005 11:11 AM EDT

I think the begginers bonus should affect the amount of BA they get so that new players dont get bored having to wait for BA until they have spent so much time and energy on cb that they can't give up.

Mythology April 23 2005 9:45 AM EDT


Absidia April 23 2005 10:43 AM EDT

I've been playing CB2 a relatively short period of time, and still enjoy it, but I can see one thing that will probably bore me over time, its that the fighting is simply to predictable, where 10 times out of 10 I get the same results fighting someone as I did the first time.

I'd like to see some sort of outside random events that effect battle, like weather effects where rain reduces damage from fireball, a 'hot' day would reduce damage from cone of cold, a sandstorm would effect the use of ranged weapons, etc.

Not only would this allow players of lower stature to have a greater chance at those above them, but it also adds an element to the game that encourages diversity amongst the varying skills.

yoman April 23 2005 11:11 AM EDT

I like Absidia's comment is one of the most cretive so far, as well as the person (i don't remember who) who said that we may be forging should allow players to put new stuff to their weapons. Being able to customize your weapons yourself by forging stuff into them and only allowing forging to do it and not a blacksmith would add more interaction in the game and perhaps some interesting new types of weapons though how you would price them for sale would be interesting.
As for Absidia's comment, i think that it would bring a new level of battle play into CB by having outside random factors like weather, and geography (like Sandstorm, sand on ground to lower DX, holy ground to increase magic, mythical forest to increase effect of tattoos) which would affect spells and perhaps the use of weapons. If player were to know of these effects before a battle(perhaps have certain random factors on for certain periods of time, like the gaining extra bonuses), they could change armour, weapons and strategy to adapt to the conditions(would be really interesting with customized weapons). Each battle would have a greater requirment of brain use to use all factors to increase the chance of winning.

Another I idea, kind of goes along with the idea of using practice robots someone mentioned but why not add a new variable "skill" or "fighting knowhow?" or maybe even "intelligence" to each minion that will be raised only by fighting opponents where it is a loss or gain and by lets say using training robots or training areas.

One final idea and I will stop is not have a wrestlemania for all clans fighting against each other at the same time, where clan members can earn special rewards when battles are won to see which clan is stronger, not just by battles one but by having all or most characters on each clan fight at the same time and use new strategies and join strength. It would make things interesting and give a new reason to join a clan. It would allow clan members to gain some new equipment and some extra bonus points, experience. Also, make it so that all clans that participate get something extra even the weak ones since some are so strong.

My four cents ...

Good luck Mythology, hope you find some good ideas and that the game changes for the better.

Day Walker xDx April 23 2005 9:27 PM EDT

Here is what I think about this game. I have started it I think 2-3 weeks ago and I try to grow up. But even with the 80% bonus, I can't go up faster because of some problems. So here is some suggestions that may help a little the newbs around here :

1) I think that having a newbie guide could be great. We can have a mentor to help, but sometime you want to try by yourself without the help of others. Having a guide that say which starting strats can give us some help can be usefull.

2) After that, I think that putting more description of the magics and skills in the train help would help us to not loose our exp points in guess. I have lost a lot of points in buying dispel magic without knowing that it would also dispel some of my own spells like GA.

3) Then, I think that if for the first month that you play we could exchange training points without penalty could help us to get a good start.

4) Finally, getting some clues on forging could be good for newbie. Veterans said that forging before 100k PR isn't worthin it at all. But does you know a lot of noobs who actually get up to that point?

I hope that those ideas can help someone around here...

trigun April 23 2005 9:36 PM EDT

heres my ideas for bout joint ownership and ranks within the clan? where u can modify how u call the ranks. for a clan..highest is general, 2nd major, colonel, then another would be..bully, nerd, jock,cheerleader..or watever you would like the ranks to be called..and with ranks comes responsibilities..or permissions on what you can change in the clan or clan members. bout a clan bank? or clan items? like a bench..or a round table..or an arcade make a clan place or hideout...and then you can buy better items like a supercomputer or a couch and a vending machine or something as your clan gets more money..thats where the clan bank comes in.. bout clan logos? it could be put on the bottom left of the side bar..theres nothing there anyways..hehe .. just ideas..hehe thank you for your time.^_^

Undertow April 23 2005 11:18 PM EDT

Clan forums

omegadestroyer7 [Wrath of the Elixir] April 23 2005 11:56 PM EDT

yoman, you have a horrible idea, i have a strong hatred for that dwarf... anyone disagree?

Mythology April 24 2005 10:28 AM EDT

No more submissions please, I will shortly be contacting Shade and Reyna to pick their top 3s via chat mail. I will hopefully be able to annouce the 3 winners and submit to Jon tonight. Good luck!

Mythology April 24 2005 9:26 PM EDT

hmm, maybe not tonight..

If anyone sees Shade or Princess Reyna shout at them to pick :p

AdminShade April 27 2005 3:25 PM EDT

*shouts back: you know where my home lives :P*

Jason Bourne April 29 2005 4:13 AM EDT

wow, this post has been going for nearly 2 weeks...some good ideas here...

Mythology April 29 2005 12:04 PM EDT

Okay results are finally in, will be posting winners in a few mins.

Mythology April 29 2005 12:11 PM EDT

Okay winners are :

Maelstrom's introduction of more goals for new players.
Vaynard's clearing up of many pages including left frame and tutorial.
Blarg's (first to post it) idea of the reintroduction of Tournaments.

Will be sending the 50Ks shortly and the ideas to Jon to do with as he pleases.

Special mentions go to close runner up with the weather effecting battles idea.

Thank you to all for entering and producing a shed load of ideas.

Maelstrom April 29 2005 1:10 PM EDT

Thanks Myth! I hope some of these ideas can be implemented to get the new players addicted!

miteke [Superheros] April 29 2005 3:15 PM EDT

I agree with the posts about needing more variety. There should be new items, abilities, and skills to achieve after you reach certain plateaus, so there is always something new to reach for. How about some items in the store that cost 5 million and are worth 5 million.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 30 2005 12:26 AM EDT

Wow, I'm unobservant sometimes. I hadn't even noticed the contest winnings lol. Thanks a ton though! I hope my ideas were able to / will be able to help things out. CB is great, and anything to help it is good.

Doctor Die April 30 2005 9:11 PM EDT

Wouldn't be great if there was a a prize given out if u got to like 200 winning streaks or somethin like that maybe u could get a weapon for defeating someone heaps above u and i also think there should be a huge guide book b4 u enter (for newbies) like me. Because when i trained my minions with abilities and stuff people would say no thats not right u cant put this ability with that spell and so and so

Kilobot571 May 6 2005 4:58 PM EDT

I think you should win cb2$ when you reach every 1,500 mpr or so as a reward for playing for that amount of time. They could bring back the bank that was in cb1, or bonuses from being 1st, 2nd, 3rd...... in wining streaks, most powerful blow, etc.

Reebok May 6 2005 5:01 PM EDT

*Beavis and Butthead laugh* huh huh huh huh

Myth said shed load.

deathwake May 6 2005 10:01 PM EDT

Go back in time and never let Jon create CB2.

[Banned]Monty May 6 2005 10:03 PM EDT

Yes! delete jon's memory of ever thinking of cb2! so we can have 160 BA again in cb1 and have reg store spawns. and let it be cool like back in the day!
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