Seems like Masta is not paying off.... (in Public Record)

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 3 2005 9:26 AM EDT

Masta is not paying off his loan,
he even havent logged in since 30-07-05.

So, i dont know what to do about it,
or where to post.
I hope some admin or so can help me with this problem
caus i need the money....

Undertow August 3 2005 9:28 AM EDT

Either you wait, or you can have masta reset, that's it.

Try sending him an E-mail.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 3 2005 10:37 AM EDT

I dont want to have him reset,
i just want my money back.
I sended him a e-mail,
he still havent answered that one to... :(

LumpBot August 3 2005 10:38 AM EDT

It's been 4 days, I say give him some more time. It is summer break for most.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] August 3 2005 11:18 AM EDT

How impatient, I could understand if he hadn't paid for weeks, but 4 days? Chill out man!!!

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 3 2005 11:47 AM EDT

Yeah 4 days, but he didnt say anything about summer holidays or [Edited - Bad word selection - Vestax], you dont take a loan for 5 days when you leave cb2 for more then a week. He said he'd pay it back very fast. He had to pay back the day he logged in the last. He havent been online since he got the loan, and had only 150k or so. So, thats why ive been pushing this. Caus i figured it out he wouldnt pay back. And... he didnt...

Mr Bones August 3 2005 11:55 AM EDT

Welcome to the loan business

I would give it 2 weeks before you do anything he could be on holiday or having computer trouble.
Even worse family trouble which I hope is not the case.

Leave a chat mail asking him to contact you on his return to cb, if he does not respond then take it further.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 3 2005 12:20 PM EDT

Ok thanks Bones

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 3 2005 12:21 PM EDT

And spaceman and zoglog, i said i didnt know what to do with it so i made a post to know what to do. Bones gave me an answer.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 14 2005 7:06 AM EDT

Ok, its some time ago now,

He recently logged on and did not reply my CM's
or the e-mails i sended him.

He has the half of what he owes me, i offered to pay some
in advance. No response.

So, i dont need his reset or so,
i just want my money back.

If you are gonna reset him,
is it possible that i get the money
+ some stuff equal to the amount he owes me?

Xiaz on Hiatus August 14 2005 7:22 AM EDT

Don't mean to be rude, or negative whatever. But the rules do state,

If person A scams person B, we will reset A. We do not want to encourage scamming. BUT, it is your responsibility to make sure the person you are dealing with is trustworthy. We also do not want to encourage the thinking of, "so what if this guy offering me a loch for $100k is scamming me, all I have to is whine to the admins to get my money back." So no, we're not in the property recovery business. Same goes for loan installment payments. In other words: if you want truly scamproof trading, your only option is the auction system.

Hopefully for your sake, the admins will bend the rule :)

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 14 2005 7:55 AM EDT

Yeah, i hope so to :)

But i never heard of loaning thru auctions...

QBRanger August 14 2005 8:29 AM EDT

And your case is exactly why some of us now dont do loan or payplans.

But if we do, we get collateral in case they default.

AdminShade August 14 2005 2:09 PM EDT

masta isn't a player to scam but i think he just can't play now, he will be back.

and if not then we'll got to find something else to do :)

Chargerz-Back August 14 2005 2:16 PM EDT

"Hopefully for your sake, the admins will bend the rule :)"

good luck, i lost a 11 mil NW ToA and Bones lost almost 2 mil to one person.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 14 2005 3:10 PM EDT

Ty chargerz for the good hope :)

Ty shade, for trying.
though he never answers any Cm or e-mail :(

thank you anyway all.

Special J August 14 2005 3:13 PM EDT

Last login at August 9 2005 6:18 PM EDT.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 6:01 AM EDT

So whats gonna happen now?

Can some admin please tell me?

[EG]The Saint August 15 2005 7:08 AM EDT

Go back and read Xiaz's (SunnyRoad's) reply. In case of non-payment, admins will reset the person in default. We will not perform cash or equipment recovery of any kind.

Xiaz on Hiatus August 15 2005 7:22 AM EDT

Well, I guess the choices are as always. Do you reset the guy, and never get the money back. OR just wait and have no action taken, and hopefully he'll pay you later on down the track.

Tough choice, as others have mentioned, there's a lot of risk, being in the money loaning business.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 7:24 AM EDT

I think thats weird,
you reset a person to punish him,
he has the money for me,
but he doesnt give it to me.
So were both punished then,
since you people refuse to transfer it...
And prefer to get the money lost.

AdminShade August 15 2005 7:44 AM EDT

another choice would be to ask the money again and again...

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 7:45 AM EDT

I am lol :)

Mr Bones August 15 2005 9:27 AM EDT

Would this be worth considering

Player A loans money to Player B.
Player B refuses to pay back the money or is away for say 30 days, but still as the money. Admins refund Player A money back from Player B.

If Player B spends the money he as loaned and refuses to pay or is away for 30 days. Then tough Player A loses his money and Player B gets reset.

This is just a idea and everyone would know where they stand when loaning cash.

NSFY August 15 2005 9:41 AM EDT

That might make Players C-Z mad.

Chargerz-Back August 15 2005 9:45 AM EDT

players c-z should loan some money out and try it for themselves?

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 10:05 AM EDT

Ehm, whats C-Z?

NSFY August 15 2005 10:55 AM EDT

Players C-Z are the other players of the alphabet:

Player C
Player D
Player ...
Player Z

Player B also owed money to Player C and many others including lots of deals that weren't documented. Those people all want their money back too.

bartjan August 15 2005 11:51 AM EDT

The idea behind this policy is to stop people from entering high risk deals. If admins were to refund players, then what would stop those players from entering each and every shady deal they encounter?

PS. I happen to have a nice bridge for sale...

AdminG Beee August 15 2005 11:53 AM EDT

I always wanted a bridge. What's the BIN Bart, and can I trust you to deliver ?

AdminShade August 15 2005 12:14 PM EDT

Player B also owed money to Player C and many others including lots of deals that weren't documented. Those people all want their money back too.

undocumented = bad luck.

bartjan August 15 2005 12:19 PM EDT

BIN is 1 US dollar. Buyer pays all shipping costs, bridge is currently somewhere in Brooklyn.

[T]Vestax August 15 2005 12:35 PM EDT

I'll bid 34 cents, 2 packs of bazooka gum and a broken watch.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 12:43 PM EDT

Ok all had your fun ...???
So reset the dude then

Mr Bones August 15 2005 2:11 PM EDT

I think what people are saying is tough luck Achertontus you have lost your cash.
I now know why I don't give my thoughts to many times in other players post. Oh well off to count my money again.

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 2:45 PM EDT

LOL mr bones.... i guess i lost my money

and he lost his PR, so i feel a bit better by that...

Special J August 15 2005 5:16 PM EDT

Are you requesting him to be reset on a defaulted loan?

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 15 2005 5:29 PM EDT

I guess so, since i dont get my money back,
i dont want him just get away with that.

Special J August 15 2005 5:40 PM EDT


AdminJonathan August 15 2005 5:45 PM EDT

what part of the Policy statement in this forum was unclear?

I'm honestly curious here.

bartjan August 16 2005 1:29 AM EDT

Hmm. I assume someone did bother to email him, and he was given enough time to respond to that email, before he was reset?

Achertontus [Sneezels] August 16 2005 8:23 AM EDT

I e-mailed him twice, no responses. 1st week and 2nd week.

Synco August 17 2005 6:27 PM EDT

Ever thought that maybe he didn't receive your email because he didn't have internet access? You could've waited a few more days. I don't get anything out of reseting him. He didn't scam you, he just didn't have internet access.

Synco August 17 2005 6:28 PM EDT

I don't get anything out of reseting him.

*You don't get anything out of reseting him.

AdminShade August 17 2005 6:41 PM EDT

Leon and any other players except the ones it is really about, perhaps it's time for you to shush and let them talk.

I'm sure that they can work it out, and a reset isn't always permanent from what I've seen
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