HELP: Pick Me Out Some Presents. (in Contests)

{CB3}-HR22 November 15 2005 7:40 PM EST

Hey I need some help,

My Family always bugs me about what i want for Christmas way before it is even close to the day. This year i want to be prepared.
They usually give me a spending limit so I don't give them a huge list of all the things i have been dreaming about.

So here is last years limit: (should change to much)
-Grandparents: $500
-Parents: $200 for personal gifts, and about $400 for X-mas day
-Other Family: about $100

I have already picked out a few things:
1. PSP ($250)
2. GTA: LCS for PSP ($50)
1. Since most of you like and do pretty much the same things as me i figured you could give me some ideas.
2a. Post you idea
2b. Give a Price
2c.Give a Link ($Bonus$)
3.Tell why you recomend it.

I will give out cash prizes of about 5k per *good* idea, and a bonus if you add a working link. As in good idea i mean that i would enjoy and fits my preferances.
Feel free to ask a lot of questions.


Maelstrom November 15 2005 7:53 PM EST

500+200+400+100 = $1200

1200 / 15 = 80 mil $cb2

What could be better? ;)

{CB3}-HR22 November 15 2005 7:55 PM EST

lol as much as i would like to do that i don't think they would give me all cash.

RAMPAGE November 15 2005 8:10 PM EST

Just tell them all you want for Christmas is $CB2
It always fits all and the color goes with anything.=)

Inferno November 15 2005 8:11 PM EST

You may want a nice sized memory card for your PSP to play music.

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] November 15 2005 8:11 PM EST

Best Buy Gift Cards
Price: $15 - $200
Best Buy Gift Cards
Get a Best Buy Gift Card because they have the newest electronics, games, systems, music, audio devices, and upgrade components to tons of stuff. Can't go wrong with a gift card

QBOddBird November 15 2005 8:11 PM EST

holy cow. I'm going to suggest this to my parents, along with the idea of paying my college tuition. Perhaps they'll like it.

/me goes back to counting the flying pigs.

48Zach November 15 2005 8:31 PM EST

xbox 360!!!

YNM November 15 2005 8:40 PM EST

You should get a YNM for Xmas, they make great gifts to any lonely man / woman on any occasion. (Enough selling myself) You could also get a Shmexxhawks 459 for eleventy-kajillion-billion dollars * 15 = (I wouldn't do that to you bud.) CB2$ Now gimme my money!!

{CB3}-HR22 November 15 2005 8:43 PM EST


Krodel63 November 15 2005 11:30 PM EST

um just get the money and go buy whatever you want :)

Reebok November 17 2005 9:09 AM EST

$1200! Jeez that's a lot of money... I say XBox360, a 1 year subscription to XBox Live, Four Controllers, a couple games, and whatever you find at the below link just because it'd be funny to have uploaded as a custom soundtrack for a FPS.

AdminShade November 17 2005 9:17 AM EST

xbox 360 would be a nice gift indeed. :)

AdminG Beee November 17 2005 9:26 AM EST

This is pretty easy. Follow this link and tell them you want at least $35m cash from the grandparents, $13m from the Parents and the rest of your family $7m cash.

If they all club together and try and purchase in bulk you should get more for their cash :)

{CB3}-HR22 November 17 2005 8:27 PM EST

List so Far:
1. PlayStation Portable ($250)
2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PSP ($50)
3. Need For Speed Underground: Most Wanted ($50)
4. Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade ($40)
5. PSP Extra Memory ($??) -*Inferno* 2k (no price or link)
6. Best Buy Gift Card ($15-$200) -*Gilgamesh* 5k+bonus
TOTAL: $405-590 (not including #5)

I have really thought about the Xbox 360 and i just do not think it will live up to what is expected. I can almost bet money that the PS3 will be much beter so it hink i will wait until they both come out so i can compare them. My birthday is after the PS3 launch so i will have a chance of grabbing one.
On regards to asking for CB2$, no its not going to happen. As, much as i would like to have a little more cash, its not very appealing to ask for a few expensive 'numbers' that represent fake money on a game.

-Thanks and Keep the ideas coming!
(prizes will be given out at the end)

YNM November 17 2005 8:46 PM EST

Rezzor! Don't you want a YNM?

priceless gems November 17 2005 9:20 PM EST

i think one of those electric scooters would be a nice gift.
the scooters cost (i am not sure) about 200-300 for a crappy one and 400-500 for a really good one.
if you are a skater get an element deck with some nice trucks and bearings.
you could just ask for the cash instead of a present so you could buy something that comes out later like PS3 or xbox 360 games since during your birthday they might get you one of them.
and of course new clothes!

maulaxe November 17 2005 9:33 PM EST

new socks.
nothing beats their fuzzyness.

Tooth Fairy November 17 2005 11:06 PM EST

My suggestion is to go to Russel Stovers with whatever money
you have left! Or if you find a place that sells salt-water taffy..
Wonderful ! ^ ^ *starts singing* All I want for Christmas is your
two front teeth...

price:whatever money they don't give you an idea for..
reason to recommend: Because candy makes the world go round!

Chargerz-Back November 18 2005 1:02 AM EST

$30 (from me of course)
Because it is an awesome game and it would be helping me get a new heatsink for my computer.

Pummel November 18 2005 4:18 PM EST

I suggest a new mouse for your comp (a nice new one)

like an mx1000 laser mouse :) around $80-120

RAMPAGE November 18 2005 4:24 PM EST

Tooth Fairy just remember, "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker." =)

Mikel November 18 2005 7:07 PM EST

World Championship Poker for the PSP.....

Hi im Jake November 18 2005 8:05 PM EST

grandparents love candles just go to a candle store and you will find some.(and remeber help smoky prevent forest fires)

Tooth Fairy November 18 2005 9:18 PM EST

Jake, he wants presents for *him* =)

And liquor does least not for me =D

Tooth Fairy November 18 2005 11:16 PM EST


maulaxe November 18 2005 11:51 PM EST

buy high quality camping gear.

synthetic clothes (at least outer-wear if not everything), very low-temp rated sleeping bag, self inflating air mattress, tent, hiking boots

Hi im Jake November 19 2005 11:15 AM EST

oh my bad i guess i didnt read carefully maybe i should listen to my teachers more(nahh)

{CB3}-HR22 November 19 2005 4:14 PM EST

HellRazor22 (Razor) Tooth Fairy (Moodwing) $1000 4:12 PM EST
HellRazor22 (Razor) Gilgamesh2090 (Gilgamesh) $7000 4:11 PM EST
HellRazor22 (Razor) Inferno (Eternal Flame) $2000 4:10 PM EST

Contest over.
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