User/clan main page BUG (in General)

{EQ}Viperboy November 30 2005 3:39 AM EST

I looked at other headlines of topics in general and found nothing that seems to relate to mine so I'm posting a new thread. Sorry if this was posted before, but I did not find it.

So basically when you go under stats, and click on "user/clan" options take a note at the top clan 24 hour. clanw eekly, and monthly ranks..notice anything wrong???

I'll tell you what's wrong....they display the top 2 ranks correctly but the following three are not, if you actually click on any of of those categories it will pull up the correct ranks, for 24hr, weekly and monthly, so its not a major bug or anything just a small display problem from the main page, but I think its still kinda important cause those top 5 clans in ranks of 3, 4 and 5 want to get their recognition. I'm posting this now instead of like 20 hours ago because I wanted to make sure the problem stays and is not corrected, so now I'm confident this bug will stay here for a while so i thought i'd point it out so it could get fixed.


AdminShade November 30 2005 6:05 AM EST

weekly works fine here, but monthly isn't accesible...

QBRanger November 30 2005 6:21 AM EST

This is clearly posted above all the stats for the user/clan, in fact on all the pages of stats including character stat and character attributes:

Statistics on this page are cached for speed. Click on a heading to see the most recent information.

{EQ}Viperboy November 30 2005 5:02 PM EST

so how long does it take for cache thing to be refreshed? no one think its a tad too much between the intervels...loking at the weekly category for example from main page and real stats, the actualy points are at least twice that of the cached outdated that that info that is cached is entirely useless that appear.

seems like it only chaches it once midweek or something and thats it... should at least be refreshed once a day for the weekly one and once a week for monthly lets say and for 24hr, to be once every hour. If i'm correct and if the trend follows of the mid range to be refreshed, than 24 hour is refreshed once midday, weekly once midweek, and monthly once midmonth.

Defiantely not enough I think, would the speed really suffer that much based on my recomendations?

What you guys think, I guess this thread instead of bug should now be an idea of sort

AdminShade November 30 2005 5:44 PM EST

perhaps those scores are in that way because of the roll back of earlier this week...
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