Need a nice (read very nice) banner for CB stuff . NL (in Contests)

AdminShade February 20 2006 3:59 PM EST

Make me a banner for my CB stuff dot NL that is worthy of being used.

Prize: best banner will get $50k for the work, not sure about a second or third prize yet.

so get creative!!!

some ideas:
CB stuff dot NL
bot check font / style
moving gif like some of the cb banners is possible.

{CB1}Lukeyman February 20 2006 4:57 PM EST

Just a question, is .swf possible?

AdminShade February 20 2006 4:59 PM EST

shock wave flash? hmmm perhaps... don't know if it can be set as being a picture though...

QBPixel Sage February 20 2006 5:27 PM EST

Where exactly will this banner go? Top left?

AdminShade February 20 2006 5:33 PM EST

Yes, top left, just above the menu.

QBPixel Sage February 20 2006 5:49 PM EST

I'll think about it =D

IndependenZ February 20 2006 5:52 PM EST

I might be doing something too. Probably a .gif, but we'll see.

*goes "Annie"-style: Tomorrow, tomorrow...*

chappy [Soup Ream] February 20 2006 5:58 PM EST

I sent Shade a CM letting him know I'd like to donate some $ for his prize. I'd like to match whatever Shade offers as a prize.

Ammon [The Black Tower] February 21 2006 1:16 AM EST

Here is a banner that I did quickly, I know it's somewhat skewed, and I'll make a better version of it if you would like

AdminShade February 21 2006 11:56 AM EST

Ammon: style looks nice, or at least the letters :)

and indeed as chappy says, the prize has been raised:

#1 wins 100k
#2 wins 25k
#3 wins 25k

which will be half from me and half from chappy

IndependenZ February 21 2006 12:37 PM EST

Well, I've made three .gif's. The first and third one are 200x100, the second one is 100x100. I didn't have that much time on my hands, so I wasn't able to make them absolutely perfect :p They still look a bit rough. I hope you like them anyway though.

Oh, for the people on slow computers: The animations might not run smooth for you.

IndependenZ February 21 2006 12:41 PM EST

Here are the direct links, for the people who want to view them in separate windows.
Right-click and press "Open in new window"

CB Stuff dot NL Banner 1
CB Stuff dot NL Banner 2
CB Stuff dot NL Banner 3

Maelstrom February 21 2006 1:09 PM EST

IndependenZ, that third one is very good!
The second one is also pretty good, but it's a bit too distracting... maybe something other than that checkerboard texture?

Ammon [The Black Tower] February 21 2006 4:22 PM EST

basicly the same thing, just did a little editing for the color, and made the rectange actually even

Ammon [The Black Tower] February 21 2006 4:28 PM EST

sorry for the double post *mutters* Click Here here is a link for it, I forgot to put the image source to exacts

bartjan February 21 2006 5:13 PM EST

IndependenZ: Amiga fan?

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 21 2006 5:50 PM EST

Just made a quick logo in one of my lectures.. plain and simple. Like me : )

IndependenZ February 21 2006 6:29 PM EST

Your wish is my demand! Here are three more spinning globes. It's quite easy to make one of those. The possibilities are endless. And erm, no, Bartjan, I'm not an Amiga-fan. Why? Is it because I use the GIMP? I'm just getting familiar with all the built-in scripts. =D

CB Stuff Banner 4
CB Stuff Banner 5
CB Stuff Banner 6

QBPixel Sage February 22 2006 8:25 PM EST

I guess I'll make a banner soon. Been busy designing a new iPod =P

QBPixel Sage February 22 2006 8:53 PM EST

Alrighty then. Here's my initial entry:

Its always hard to make something attractive yet not distracting. So I took the minimalistic approach, and even used the current size at the website.

BlueWolf February 22 2006 9:03 PM EST

whoa, can you CM me about the spinning globes? i want to learn how to make all these things. lol someone who is good at making banners send me a quick CM.

Stephen February 22 2006 9:06 PM EST

IndependenZ, one of the early demos to showcase the power of the Amiga was a real-time generated, spinning, chequered, bouncing ball. It was pretty impressive for its time.

AdminShade February 23 2006 12:48 AM EST


this contest isn't over yet, saw some nice banners but you people can do better!

PirateKing February 23 2006 1:40 AM EST

I tried to make a couple banners, Shade. Alas, they all turned out pretty much the same: Saying what an amazingly studly hunk of manflesh I am and minimizing the actual website you are trying to promote. :P

[T]Vestax February 23 2006 1:42 AM EST

It's the lack of color options. There is only so much you can do with that black, white, and that shade of red.

IndependenZ February 23 2006 12:47 PM EST

There wasn't a limit on the number of entries, right? Because I had some spare time on my hands and made two 'regular' banners. The background color of these is the same shade of grey used on the website. (in HTML it's color # eeeeee) Oh, and don't worry: I won't do any more, I swear! :p

CB Stuff dot NL Banner 7
CB Stuff dot NL Banner 8

AdminShade February 23 2006 12:49 PM EST

Then make some banners with more colors, its not that you have to use red only... :)

AdminShade February 23 2006 2:19 PM EST

Atm i like Ammon's entry and also Pixel Sage's entry, but his one is more of a table header other than a short banner. :)

QBPixel Sage February 23 2006 2:26 PM EST

Is there anything you're really looking for Shade? Is there anything to my banner that could be improved or changed to your liking, such as more height, more/less simplistic, etc? I can do whatever it is you want =D

AdminShade February 23 2006 3:06 PM EST

I like the size of Ammon's entry, and I like the font he used a lot.
I like the background of Wasp's entry, being one of the backgrounds of CB's default theme.

Ultimately i'd want what you made for the menu, but then with the text:

CBstuff dot NL

in which you are close but you made everything caps, which i don't really like :)

and then for the actual banner:

If you (or someone else of course) could make something of 200 pixels wide and ~75 pixels high which could contain this banner except for the axe (not needed imo)

So a banner with the following texts:

Meet interresting people...

then kill them !

and then perhaps a nice transition / thingy between the first 2 lines, fading away and then displaying the line.

Ammon [The Black Tower] February 23 2006 5:21 PM EST

I may add another one soon, but I'll work on a few more as well

QBPixel Sage February 24 2006 5:00 AM EST

Thanks for the info, that helps a lot. =D

AdminShade March 1 2006 12:56 PM EST

Bump, this contest is still up !!!

QBPixel Sage March 1 2006 2:52 PM EST

Oh yeah! This contest, haha. I have so much graphic stuff I needa take care of...

AdminShade March 4 2006 8:40 AM EST

still no winner... :\

AdminShade March 8 2006 4:19 AM EST


QBPixel Sage March 8 2006 4:26 AM EST

Lol... priorities, priorities...

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] March 8 2006 7:28 AM EST

I quickly putted some images from google together, the originals, the gimp-file with a separate layer for each etc. are available. I could also make the box red and/or add some Text.

AdminShade March 20 2006 5:03 AM EST

bump, I really wanted this contest to end, but seeing as not many people entered, and that I didn't get banners that i really liked, i perhaps cancel it and give some money to anyone who gave a nice one instead.

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] March 20 2006 5:59 AM EST

i could do more, just tell me whether i'm going into the right direction with this 'box'-approach or not

AdminShade March 20 2006 6:00 AM EST

not quite / quite not :)
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