What would you like to see added to CB? (Results are in!) (in Contests)

SNK3R April 22 2006 2:07 PM EDT

The primary goal of this contest is to come up with as many practicable suggestions that Jon might consider adding to CB2. Please note that any or all suggestions in this thread is not a guarantee that Jonathan will implement the idea, but only for consideration.

You may post as many suggestions or ideas as you'd like (and they will all be considered legitimate entries), but please remember to elaborate your idea to its fullest extent. You can post a major idea or even a small idea, the limit is up to your imagination. An example of what not to submit is "I want potions added. The end, thanks." In addition, please do not debate about the idea in this thread. Make a new thread and discuss the idea there.

1st place winner will receive $650,000.
2nd place winner will receive $250,000.
3rd place winner will receive $100,000.

The deadline for this contest is 5:00 PM EDT on Saturday, April 29, 2006. After the deadline, the entries will be judged by Shade, SNK3R, and Vestax. After the winners have been decided, the prizes will be sent out and a notification will be posted in this thread.

Let the suggestions begin!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 22 2006 2:10 PM EDT

I'd like to see a clan scrim system.

You get two clans together and begin a match, each person
starts a char with unlimited BA for say an hour, or a half hour.
You can only fight the opposing teams chars, so spending time actually
paying attention and clicking matters as much as strat.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 22 2006 2:12 PM EDT

In addition, please do not debate about the idea in this thread. Make a new thread and discuss the idea there. :P

QBOddBird April 22 2006 2:24 PM EDT

I would like to see a new class of ranged weapon (as has often been suggested before) that can hit multiple enemy minions in ranged rounds, the same way Fireball does for mages. A catapult. It would have to spread damage in a different way than fireball, however: The damage would be static no matter how many minions it hits. After all, a catapult launching a barrage of rocks at a group of enemies is going to land them the same whether it is a single enemy or many. It should probably do about the same/a little more damage than the current Ax/Exbows, but to each minion on the opposing team.

Also, a new weapon, perhaps a Rock Warhammer or something to that effect, could be added. It would be a high base damage, but because of its size, could only swing once per melee round. If your PTH/ DX gap was high enough to hit doubles, it would take the damage of each hit and combine it into one larger hit. This would provide an advantage against opponents with Guardian Angel, since it would cause one incredibly large damaging hit versus say two or three smaller ones that the GA could retaliate against better.

Just my thoughts. ^_^

SNK3R April 22 2006 2:27 PM EDT

So people aren't arguing back and forth whether they think the idea is horrible or not and flooding the thread with idiotic flames. Novice has the idea on how to do things. Thank you for setting an example, unlike DarkDemon.

QBOddBird April 22 2006 2:30 PM EDT

Now that I'm thinking about this kind of thing, a few more ideas popped into my head.

Perhaps a Keen Swordsmanship skill - instead of Evasion, you have the option of training a skill that increases *ONLY* your Offensive DX, and adds to your PTH. If a downside was needed (other than that you cannot train Bloodlust and so you cannot get the large boost to damage), then perhaps there could be a static damage reduction included with the PTH increase.

Additionally, I'd like to see the rest of Beleg's gears. Why could we only find his Gloves? Beleg's Boots and Helm could give tanks an incentive to go for the large damaging ELBows in ranged rounds, while sacrificing the increased damage and evasion during melee rounds that they could have obtained from TGs, EBs/DBs, and an HoE.

QBOddBird April 22 2006 2:36 PM EDT

Just another thought that has been suggested in a different form at an earlier time. What if there were an automated loan system? (Yes, I know, you give out loans at your own risk and charge interest because you *are* taking a risk...but hear me out.) When you went to send money, you'd go to the -Loan- option and click who you were sending to and how much. Instead of sending you directly to the confirmation page, it would send you to a page asking what percent to remove from their account and transfer back to you per period of time. Example: Have it remove 10% of the money loaned every week. If they didn't have the money, it could be done one of two ways. A), it would wait until the next week and continue removing money, but it would add another (x%) to the amount taken. Time would be given, and a penalty given for not paying it back according to the predetermined rate.

^_^ Sorry that I'm practically spamming the thread. I think I'm just going to start typing them into a text document and then putting them in here all at once.

chappy [Soup Ream] April 22 2006 2:39 PM EDT

I think that we need more 'classes'. Currently we only have two types of offensive minions. Those being Tanks and Mages. I know there are variations, but there needs to be a more broad range. I like how there are 3 main types of mages (4 if you count decay), but maybe there should be more. And as far as the tanks go a tank is a tank. It's the tattoo (or lack thereof) and weapon that distinguishes one from the other.

I'd like to see things like monks, assassins, paladins, warriors, necromances, rangers/archers ... these are all just ideas, but you get the picture. Each 'class' could have specific skills .. possibly even the ability to train xp into more than one skill ..

Additionally I still am in favor of items such as rings/amulets as well as pants of some kind. This would just broaden the range of possible team builds and give even more options for players to choose from rather than the same skills/spells.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 22 2006 2:51 PM EDT

How about a new tank ability? Call it say "False Image", and have it create a number of copies of the original tank, that can do everything but deal damage. They would provide excellent meat shields and blockers. The training cost would need to be steep, such as it could have to be 50% of strength to create one copy, same size to create two, and a max of 3 copies for 200% of strength. Better yet, make it based on total HP (thus taking AS into account) rather than strength. That would help prevent abuse IMO.

Another idea: reintroduce Axbows and Exbows! As is, they provide no help against any team with any sort of PL. So why not change them up if you aren't going to change PL? How about have them attack only in the first ranged round, but give them higher damage stats than the Elbow, such as a base of 7 or 8 and much easier to upgrade. They could drain a little more to make up for the loss of a ranged round, and the extra damage would be vital to make it important against most PL teams again.

Okay, last idea. Call me crazy, but I don't think I like AMF as is. A ton of people have started going single FB mage, and this is because they have figured out if you get your fireball large enough it will easily outpace AMF. This is because AMF must be much higher to stop much a damage spell. What would happen if AMF instead acted like Dispel magic, but towards direct damage? Obviously it would have to be less effective, but I think it would be nice to chop off a large part of the damage spell and reduce its level accordingly. Or another take on it could be to split AMF into two much more effective spells. Call one "Magic Shield," and the other "Magic Revenge." Magic shield would be an ED and would reduce magic damage twice as effectively as AMF does, but that's it. Magic Revenge would be an EO and would deal backlash damage like AMF, but twice as effectively as AMF. This would give us more options to stop a mage and I think enrich gameplay.

I hope one of those ideas tickles your fancy. See you guys.

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] April 22 2006 2:53 PM EDT

Declare that some items cannot be improved through the BS, just as some cannot be improved by forging. It may make forging a viable part of the CB economy again.

_Not_ part of this suggestion: forging tats, forging skills, or anything else of that ilk. Just say that Corns, DBs, Morgs, and ELBs (for a possibly list) can't be sent to the BS anymore.

Bariagan [Demonic Serenity] April 22 2006 3:04 PM EDT

Ranged weapon: does a percentage of opponent's hitpoints as damage based on +X. Say .1% per X. This is in addition to base damage perhaps a low one around 2.

New spell: healing. Either heals a fixed amount or a percentage of hitpoints. Cast on own minion with lowest hitpoints.

Abit April 22 2006 3:15 PM EDT

Rare or semi rare auctions w/ BIN spawning for a few minutes at a time. To encourage auction visits.

Phantom Link gear, some sort of cloak or robe suited for PL users.

Some sort of Kiosk system, to where you can post items for sale indefinitely, and not have to deal w/ threads.

Some sort of specialized forging or BS, that could enhance properties at huge costs, perhaps exp, cash, and + already on the item.

Anti-fireball (or DD) bodyarmor?

Clean the stores up a little, since the clutter was to make it more difficult to see the rares.

Kill ring mail?

/me charges off to deal the infidels their daily smiting

Abit April 22 2006 3:19 PM EDT

To clarify:

Some sort of specialized forging or BS, that could enhance properties at huge costs, perhaps exp, cash, and + already on the item.

Take a TSA and increase the + to STR in small increments at huge costs.

I know this is outlandish, but a super pair of EB would be too cool!

char April 22 2006 3:25 PM EDT

Maybe, in addition to skills, Feats.
In RPG, Feats are abilities learned that do not require any leveling. Its base, like Rune of Enlightment.
For example:
Two weapon fighting (you can wield two one handed swords, with a little penalty, but get more attacks per turn. Or weild two Two-handed, with more penalties, and such)
There are many i have in mind and i can get more ideas from RPG books i have. If the idea gets approved, i would gladly give more ideas about this. Maybe later ill add some new example of Feats.
My original idea was for them to be bought with EXP AND money. Maybe required MPR.
GTG, see you later

Drakon(DS) [Guardian Bros Inc] April 22 2006 4:04 PM EDT

1. Rest of elven gear ie helm armor
2. Weapon Specialaztion Skill (Adds to PTH and reduces it on other weapons)
3. Regenation Skill (Heals itself every round based on effective level, like PL 2 points per level.)
4. Magical Evasion (Chance to avoid a magical attack.)
5. Summons (Summons a creature like a familiar that does little damage but acts like a meat shield)(Something for mages)
6. A new spell (Lightining= Damage per level is equal to fire ball or close Hits first minion the pikes of at half damage to next then halved again on next and so on)
7. Reinstate Tournaments (Only fighting other tournament people)(Prizes are a random rare at base or similar)
8. Arrow Pierce Skill (instead of hitting in second round the arrow pierce first target to hit the next at half damage)(Get about equivalent damage but effects mupitle minionS)
9. a Rune of Ominios (Same as RoS but adds to EO istead of ED)(need i same AMF)(Sorry Mages)
10. Tattoo of Energy (Adds 1/4 level to tat wearers DD spell and 1/4 effect to all other minion as aura)(My Apology)
im gonna stop at ten maybe post more later

AdminNightStrike April 22 2006 4:06 PM EDT

Armour allowance (past base)

Abit April 22 2006 4:09 PM EDT

This has been mentioned before but a auto-bid system would be cool. E-bay type max price I would pay. Would be very useful in the case of ammo auctions.

Re-vamp the economic clans. Since the death of camping there isn't much use for them. To include money loaned, items rented out, amount of auctions posted, and maybe somehow forging proceeds? Give bonuses like a small % discount on BIN, or store prices, things to encourage more economic play of course.

I apologize if I am misinformed. I am unclear as to the roles of Economic clans anymore. But liked them when camping was around, and in the beginning of CB2.

Abit April 22 2006 4:15 PM EDT

Sell all of the really cool stuff Central Bank has to the stores at random, or more realistically put BIN auctions up w/ an average of past auctions as the price.

Tomoyoshi [Hyperion] April 22 2006 4:32 PM EDT

what about a skill that only went into effect when a minion died?

-Kind of a last blow dealt by a dying minion.

-Power of the blow dealt would need to be based on xp trained into the skill and at least one other stat (probably a % of the minion's HP that is using the skill) That way you don't have people training just that skill and having a sort of suicide/attack minion.

-3 possibilities to consider for type of damage dealt by the skill
a. Instant kill
b. Some type of generic damage
c. Same type of damage the character would usually deal (spell for mages, ranged/melee for tanks, extra enchantment for enchanters maybe :-)

-2 possibilities for who the attack is directed towards
a. The enemy minion that killed the minion with the skill
b. Front enemy minion
(don't think it should be directed against the whole enemy team, unless it deals the same type damage the character employs. fb mage, in that case, would of course take on everybody with his final attack)

-Think it should be a skill. I know that would pretty much prevent tanks from using it, but it would be an option for mages and give an alternative to PL for enchanters.

-single minion teams (of course) wouldn't have much use for this
-if the skill is powerful enough it might cause a lot of draws.

QBOddBird April 22 2006 5:06 PM EDT


We only have three Offensive Enchantments to choose from currently: AntiMagic Field, Dispel Magic, and Ethereal Chains. But we have six Defensive Enchantments for selection!

My suggestion is this: A new EO entitled 'Illusion'.

This would cause the enemy's minions to be confused and have a chance to attack each other/themselves based on the size of their largest stat vs. the size of the EO.

Example: If you have 100k Illusion trained, and they have a 100k stat as their very largest statistic, then it reaches its maximum effect (50%). However, if you have 50k trained, then it has 20% or so, and et cetera.

Even if this isn't a good idea in itself, I think we do need another Offensive Enchantment.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] April 22 2006 5:45 PM EDT

1) some type of bonus for an econ clan
2) A add +3 clan to my favorite list button
3) remove the all rare item go directly to auctions
4) A new skill that puts enemy minions to sleap.
5) lighten up on the NCB BA price raise

More to come hopefully

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] April 22 2006 5:51 PM EDT

heres two more
1) some type of staff for a mage
2) the ability to equip two 1handed weapons.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] April 22 2006 8:45 PM EDT

ED: Chaotic Zone.

+Increases the effectiveness of EO and ED spells trained.
- Does not protect against DM.
- Costs a lot of XP to learn.

Abit April 22 2006 8:46 PM EDT

A new supporter item!

Krodel63 April 22 2006 10:31 PM EDT

Perhaps some sort of friends list or something so you could tell when somebody is on or somethin else.

colonel [penny pincher] April 22 2006 10:38 PM EDT

1) I would like to see the return of the Sling of David from CB1 (preferably a forgable version even).
2) Let the Blacksmith open a consignment shop which would only handle instant upgrades. Players could list an item in their inventory (maybe even still equipped?!?) and a price (a specific percentage of NW difference) that they'd be willing to accept. The buyer would pay the percentage of NW difference and their item to get the larger item. As this would be consignment, I'd also suggest no listing fee for the seller, but that the buyer must pay an additional percentage (e.g. 2% NW difference). This would improve the marketplace, help players downsize when starting an NCB, and add a small cash sink.

Ammon [The Black Tower] April 23 2006 2:08 AM EDT

Tourmants I'm thinking, I've run one and Vestax has run a few as well.

I think that they would be good for testing things and having everyone start off on
the same foot without usd spending as well since they would only last at most a month

Everyone starting off on the same foot at the same time, it would take up one of your 5 character slots thou if you were supporter, and 2 if not, would have either some of the multi items or items from central bank as prizes.

I know it's being looked into but I thought I would put it here anyway

Abit April 23 2006 2:19 AM EDT

For Central bank loot, I might even try a tournament.

Never tried one.

QBJohnnywas April 23 2006 6:08 AM EDT

I would like to see a third option for buying minions. A much cheaper option - even free - where the minion has ZERO XP. You would have to fight then to earn your XP as normal, and it would obviously then take longer to build up that minion. But I, and I suspect a lot of other people, wouldn't mind the work.

It would make it easier for higher MPR teams to add/change their strats. As things stand after a certain point unless you have a lot of cash you cannot add a minion. Admittedly that means you have to plan ahead if you want to add minions which isn't necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes you want to change strats completely higher up and it is almost impossible!

QBJohnnywas April 23 2006 6:11 AM EDT

Oh yeah: the old Johnnywas is Lazy link. Revived from the past:

A link in the left hand frame to my community user page. I know I can go to settings and then click the link:

'You can see exactly what other users are shown about you here.'

But a nice convenient link in that left hand frame would be very nice.

Yes. I am lazy.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 23 2006 7:48 AM EDT

Merging Ranged and Melee combat rounds

Have attack used determin what 'range' a combatant is at. There is still two 'ranges', Ranged and Melee. Using a ranged weapon, FB or MM flags you as being at range, using a Melee wepaon, UC, Decay or CoC flags you as being in melee.

A minion attacking someone of the other 'range' to themselves suffers a dexterity and pth penalty as they either sprint to close distance (melee to ranged) or need to withdraw to attack (ranged to melee).

Non combatant minions (those without any weapon, UC or DD) grant an extra potential attack per round to all attackers facing them (to show the lack of any sort of martial training), but also inflict the dexterity and pth penalty on all attackers (as they are only trying to evade combat, from sprinting away from melee attackers, to ducking and weaving away from ranged ones).

Evasion is unchanged. Anyone (even enchanters) trained in Evasion are more adept at dodging attacks aimed at them.

DD spells suffer no Dexterity or pth penalties for 'range' use, as this doesn't effect them. Instead, they do significantly less damage when used on an opponent of the other 'ranged' type. CoC/Decay doesn't have the punch to inflict full damage at range, and casting FB/MM while in melee comabt impeeds the spellcasting. DD spells suffer no penalty, nor gains any advantage over non combatant minions.


Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 23 2006 7:57 AM EDT

Who has been on the creative juice this morning GL? ;)

QBJohnnywas April 23 2006 8:32 AM EDT

Explosive ammo. Not the same as explosive shot. This one has explosive effect on impact which has a SHRAPNEL effect, hitting other enemy minions for a smaller amount of damage. It would give a similar attack potential to physical ranged as FB.

And if you want to level it a little then you give a percentage chance of backfire on the user.

QBOddBird April 23 2006 9:55 AM EDT

My once flamed old idea:

Putting the Play-by-Play option on the sidebar, so you don't have to waste a few BAs fighting to turn it on first. This way, you can get started inspecting/attacking and watching play-by-play to see who you can add to your faves when you've just regenerated a couple BA, instead of wasting one of those valuable BA fighting so that you can click the PbP button to 'on'.

Lazy? Yes. But helpful? Certainly.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 23 2006 10:57 AM EDT

She. Her. Hers. Per user and per character.

5583 days old {Gaza} April 23 2006 11:39 AM EDT

I would like to see a return of camping...the economy and the player base is declining.

Hyrule Castle April 23 2006 11:41 AM EDT

How about a 4th type of character, you have like the basics... The melee people (uc and tanks) archers, and mages, why not add some 4th type of minion type. That would definately twist things up a bit. I dont know if this is a good idea, because some of you would say, that Enchanters are a 4th.... and certain breakdowns of that sort. Sorry for the bad wording, but its hard to explain what im thinking :D.......yea.....

QBOddBird April 23 2006 1:15 PM EDT

I had a superb idea just now!

Instead of a tattoo, give teams the option of having a pet instead. This pet would not have any networth, nor would it be tradeable - it would simply act as another tank minion. However, you could feed it weapons and armor to increase its own natural STR/DX/AC/HP. For example, feed it a couple Adams and it is a high HP high Defense wall type guy. Feed it a couple BoNEs and watch its strength soar!! It would be another cash sink, and would provide a whole new dimension to strategy.

Yay pets!

Unappreciated Misnomer April 23 2006 2:57 PM EDT


- could be limited to equipping two one-handed weapons,can equip items under a certain x and + mix.
- could be no restrictions to which weapon combo you choose,but the larger the weapon(s) the greater the reduction on damage(on a sliding scale).
- more damage but not as often


Poison - deals HP damage.would be cast once at the beginning of the fight and damage would be dealt every X amount of rounds to all living opponents.

Slow - deals damage to DX.cast once at the beginning of the battle,reduce the frequency of attacks,on either all minions or one (with the highest or lowers stat)

Curse-reduces the over all potency of the character

*note- minions can be immune to such status ailments, either with high HP & ST or have paid a BS fee to forge one piece of armor with a crest (anit-poison,anti-slow,anti-curse,anit-ailment).having multiple pieces branded with the same crest does not neccesarily increase your chances of the effect.


Crest - virtually the same as naming an item,but you only get to choose one stat to increase, i.e :ST,DX, HP, DD +/-,Regenerate, etc.,crest can expire or wear out due to use.

Wasp [Superheros] April 23 2006 4:44 PM EDT

Tattoos in Rentals.

Perhaps tattoos can be placed in rentals but do not gain any levels. This way people can rent a tattoo and see if it works in their strat etc. There aren't many options available to people who want to see if such and such tattoo would work well. The transfer fees to loan thme out are, well, silly. If thats not implemented, maybe loaning a tattoo out won't make it gain levels, but in return the loaning fee is somewhat reduced. Either option would make it easier to decide what tattoo to place on your minions. Better then paying 400k to ink it to another tattoo and finding it doesn't work as well. Just a thought.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] April 23 2006 5:05 PM EDT

How about more money on my character? *grins*

but on a more serious note, what about a skill for warriors that can attack all enemies, but the warrior only attacks every other round, maybe with a damage penalty which could become a small damage bonus at higher levels

Ragatag April 23 2006 5:06 PM EDT

I would like to see a Public Loan system or something like it from central bank or something, it would be much easier and more effecient

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] April 23 2006 5:16 PM EDT

Also i think the character/user bios should be shown, would definetly add more of an rpg element to the game, although it would give admins more things to watch.

Abit April 23 2006 6:01 PM EDT

Second hand store?

Abit April 23 2006 6:23 PM EDT

Second-hand stores?

The ability to edit my own posts!


AdminG Beee April 23 2006 6:31 PM EDT

I'd like to have the ability to "bench" one or more of my minions as and when I wanted to. This idea has been floated by myself and others on occasion in CB2 and also dating back into the CB1 days. It's often dismissed out of hand but I've never quite "got it" when it comes to reasons why it would be such a bad idea.

The ability to bench minions will encourage more diverse strategies as users experiment with multiple set up configurations without the fear of the catastrophic consequences of firing a minion only to discover it was a bad idea. It will also allow you to tweak existing strategies by benching a minion for a day/week or however long you like as you allow your others to catch up and subsequently redistribute your experience across your team.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] April 23 2006 7:38 PM EDT

or what about a variation of gbs idea, you can select one or more minions on your team not to gain any more exp

Flamey April 23 2006 9:49 PM EDT

i have suggested this before, an amulet. as an armo(u)r. with its own slot.

it gives a bonus just to one thing, with the + of course as a percentage .

so a +4 amulet would be +4% to a certain thing e.g. a strength amulet +4% to strength, an ablative shield amulet +4% to AS, im sure you can see what i am getting at.

it would a have base of 0, obviously be like AGs, CoI, expensive to upgrade, so most would be around +10% to a spell,skill etc.

similar to enhancing armours like EGs, Ebs, etc, only sometimes with a smaller effect( CoI gives bonus to all DD, so just to a particular spell,skill etc.)

when i mentioned this before i got no flames but a few suggestions to take the helmet slot, so you have to pick which one you want.


Maelstrom April 24 2006 1:02 AM EDT

"ranged weapon that can hit multiple enemy minions" --[OB]OddBird, April 22 2006 2:24 PM EDT
"Arrow Pierce Skill" --Drakon(DS), April 22 2006 4:04 PM EDT
"Explosive ammo." --Johnnywas, April 23 2006 8:32 AM EDT

Basically these are the same: ammo that hits multiple opponent minions.

How about arrows that pierce through armour, kind of like Vorpal arrows?

We all know Jon likes randomness, so here are a few ideas to add more chance to the game:

random familiar - at start of battle, randomly becomes either SF/FF/IF (maybe JF?)

random weapons - at start of battle, randomly gains some "enchantment", such as vampiric, vorpal, boosted damage, boosted plus-to-hit, and so on.

unidentified items - spawn in auctions, but you only find out what it is when it's transferred to the auction winner. You could make it always be some rare, or to make it more of a cash-sink and allow it to be common items as well. A form of gambling!

Maybe more to come...

Tomoyoshi [Hyperion] April 24 2006 5:50 AM EDT

don't know how difficult this one would be to code --

Summoning enchantment

Of course variations could be made, but I think the following setup would be cool.

brief break down
- Minion is allowed to cast enchantments (enchantment round - active, I guess you could say)
- Minion is totally inactive and vulnerable during ranged round
- If minion survives to melee round then the summoning minion is replaced by summoned creature

- summoning could be enchant offense
- creature summoned would cause damage to enemy
- summoning could be enchant defense
- creature summoned could function as meat shield, or any other type of help (massive form of AMF or GA)

- if that all got created, guess it wouldn't be too hard to make different types of summoned creatures.

- The strength of the creature should be based on lvl of enchantment, and should be proportional to the time it takes to cast. (Let's say you have to survive to the 5th round of combat...if it takes that long to happen, then the summoned creature should be rather powerful in relation to enchantment level)

- Think it would be best to have the summoning minion change into the summon because I couldn't think of a simple way to prevent either 6 minion teams or keep summoning teams from having a tat

- If all this is possible, then I guess a shape shifter or power up skill would also be able to come into play
- shapeshifting ~werewolf - minion changes into a huge UC minion when summon kicks in
- power up ~tanks/mages/UC get a huge boost in stats/skill when summon happens

* think it would be cool because whole teams would probably have to be built around keeping the summoner alive.
* think enchantment would be best since that would allow defense against summoning in the form of Dispel Magic (RoS/Summon team might be overpowered in that case)

Tomoyoshi [Hyperion] April 24 2006 6:27 AM EDT

What about a bonus awarded to the character with the highest pre-bonus fight rewards of the hour/day/week.

Give a definite bonus to non nub/ncb characters and an incentive to keep leveling up powerful characters instead of switching to NCB. At the same time everybody has a chance for a cash/exp bonus.

Bonus would increase depending on the amount of time (hourly award gets a little, weekly a lot)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 24 2006 6:39 AM EDT

PR weighting for weapons.

A Tank with a 100K NW Tulwar is not as 'powerful' as one with a 100K NW MH. This should be reflected by the amount of PR increase (or WA allotment) each weapon takes.

deifeln April 24 2006 9:24 AM EDT

I think it would be cool if Items obtained through rentals did not increase PR.

QBOddBird April 24 2006 9:34 AM EDT

I know, no gambling. It's just a thought.

A Blackjack Table over in Community. We could go over there and start up games at new tables/join tables with other players in there and have something to do while we burn BA.

And yes, I know, the Out of BA page. I'm just saying a small game or two like that which is part of the main CB site could be made available, so that you'll only be playing other CB'ers.

There's plenty of room for flaming it, but the main suggestion is this: That we have a small gaming center in Community where only CBers will be able to go and will be able to play each other in small interactive games.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] April 24 2006 9:51 AM EDT

3 more realms.

+ Isengard <- not in the spellchecker.
+ Mordor
+ Rohan <- not in the spellchecker.

deifeln April 24 2006 10:45 AM EDT

I would also like to see a Decay Familiar!

Mem April 24 2006 11:26 AM EDT

I would like to see the ability to give exp from one minion to another at perhaps a 25% loss of exp. Maybe it could even be a monetary figure, like say you lose 5 CB for every 1 xp you trade. I think this would be easier to implement than G_Beee's suggestion and ultimately serves the same purpose, albeit without the interesting side-effect of continuously changing strats.

QBOddBird April 24 2006 9:25 PM EDT

I'd like, somewhere, if it doesn't exist already, to be able to view a list of named items. ^_^

Blondebabygirl12 April 24 2006 9:31 PM EDT

I would like to see bonuses for having all items in a set. Like getting an extra couple percentage points for having all elven armor on a minion. Or, actually just getting extra percentage points for having 2 or more of the same types on the same minion.

char April 25 2006 7:01 PM EDT

the other day i got this bug when i lost some cash and BA...
i would really like to see some sort of Log of BA purchased, where you could see how much cash you spend and how much BA, and time and stuff... this seems to be an old bug, and i think this way we could counter it.

Stephen April 25 2006 9:16 PM EDT

After training HP it would be nice not to have to then spend $4 to heal the HP that we just trained!

QBRanger April 25 2006 9:41 PM EDT

The ability to finally get a black market vote.

Anarchy411 April 26 2006 12:54 AM EDT

Alright this may not be the best or longest thought about but here goes:

I believe there should be an ATM in CB. I understand that you can just as easily transfer money, however, I believe that it would be a good idea for organization purposes. Anyone who know the pin # could access it and deposit/withdraw accordingly. This would be very useful for clans as well. The leader could make a "clan ATM" and maybe you can have an "ATM cardholder" who could put stipulations on the card. Such as a maximum withdraw/deposit. Along with this idea anyone who knows the Pin # could optionally automatically deposit a certain % of their total earnings to the ATM. This could create a new dynamic if you were to incorporate an interest rate. Clans as well could incorporate a required "tithe" if you will in order to join the clan.'

not sure if this is a viable option... however, if you do of course it is not under any solid copyrights or anything :P so go at it with changes and such.


AdminShade April 26 2006 1:01 AM EDT

I would like to see more types of armor added to CB.

Even so more to finally make item sets possible which would/could give a small additional bonus to the stats of the minion wearing it.

just an example:

Elven Gloves
Elven Boots
Elven Cloak
Elven Armor
Elven Shield
Elven Hat

This set would give an additional 10% bonus to DX and 5% to ST.

Flames Fame April 26 2006 1:05 AM EDT

Happy bday

Flames Fame April 26 2006 1:17 AM EDT

We should have a forum for b-days, and holidays, for all cb members to give away items and namings for b-days, and christmas... Cause we could all use some happiness. =)

VDkeeper [Severswoed Noobies] April 26 2006 1:52 AM EDT


I would like to see several things in place.

A system where other features of the weapons can be implemented, giving some incentive to use some weaker weapons.

Damage overspill as a skill. Could be countered by AC only.

A spell of enchantment on weapons.
I'll explain each in a little more detail:

A system where other features of the weapons can be implemented, giving some incentive to use some weaker weapons.

This could be in several forms, such as Range and Chaining.

By Range, I mean the length of the weapon. You can hit them when they're farther away and could be another thing to forge in addition to accuracy and viciousness (lengthening). This could be helpful for giving plus-to-hit bonuses for being a longer weapon than the shorter one.
Now, that doesn't mean the shorter one is the worst. You could have a short-range weapon but could have a chaining effect. This is an effect where you strike 2 or 3 times per hit because of the lightness of the weapon.
A weapon that doesn't have either could still have other qualities, like armor-piercing or magic resistance.

Damage overspill as a skill. Could be countered by AC only.

Basically, if you kill a minion, the leftover damage would spill over to the next minion. This skill would lower your strength and be reduced in effectiveness by only AC. Max would be comparable to dexterity, not strength, and sit at 30%. (can change depending)

A spell of enchantment on weapons.

One thing that's probably been ignored or not liked, but I want to try my hand at it. you could enchant weapons with an animate spell, which leaves you with a stronger weapon but the weapon becomes a new minion, and the weapon's owner no longer can attack at all. Or, with a strengthening spell, raising the damage but lowering the to-hit. Or perhaps a suffragist spell, so that all your weapons of the same kind become one better weapon that is fragile (can break permanently, but low chance to do so).
Of course, the enchantments are cast in battle, blocked by DM, and are affected by levels. It's all up to Jon.

QBBarzooMonkey April 26 2006 9:45 AM EDT

A random "uber-weapon".

Let's use, for example, Excalibur. There was only 1 Excalibur, but it made Arthur King.

Excalibur would be awarded randomly. You would only get Excalibur for a day, or maybe 3 days max. You would only know you have it because of a system CM congratulating you on being King (or Queen, but that's another issue entirely) for a day or 3 days or whatever length of time.

For assignment purposes, it would count as ammo, with no NW change, no penalties, etc.

What it would do for you is give you NUB rewards status for the length of time for which you have possession of it, therefore it would be unavailable to NUBs & NCBs (unless it was decided that the NCB should get the extra cash rewards for the length of their "reign").

So now you would have to decide, "do I want to go without ammo on my minion/one of my minions for a day/3 days?" Such is a decision on the head of a king...

Then, like magic, it would just disappear and move on to the next lucky recipient...

Unappreciated Misnomer April 26 2006 10:18 AM EDT

whoa! i ahd a whole lot of things come to mind.i was think this is a great way to score stuff for dread i say it CB2...anyways

PROVOKE-by casting this spell causes all enemies to direct their attacks at that minion

i gave magic some thought and came up with the idea to make it a tiered structure, i.e FIREBALL-would stay the same until 100k, go to trainning page to 'EVOLVE' it into MAGMA, where it would cause more damage(maybe no back lash,doubt it)in a different sense, then at 500k could be changed to FLARE, maybe this could do well for CoC and MM

about CoC, i dont like the way it is now, CoC should cause the most damage to the 1st minion and less towards the back, then after the 1st dies, the 2nd becomes the new 1st minion to get slammed, on a sliding scale .MM would be the opposite, back to front

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 26 2006 10:37 AM EDT


QBsutekh137 April 26 2006 11:18 AM EDT

1. Camping.
2. Then even better camping bots so that one person gets all the good stuff.
3. Campers then understand why camping should be removed.
4. Remove camping.
5. No longer have to hear about wanting camping back again.

This was psuedo-tongue-in-cheek just to give Sefton crap, but I really do have a hard time understanding how campers don't see confirmed acts of browser automation to land camped gear as a reason to remove camping. I have yet to hear an idea that could stop a browser automaton from "clicking" (or whatever scheme gets used for selection) faster on an item than a human.

It's kind of like the old adage about digital music -- as long as people can listen to the music (and still be able to pipe it around to other components), there will never be a way to completely stop music from being digitized (until the RIAA controls computers, cables, and all stereo equipment -- please visit EFF, people). Same for camping. If a human can select gear and buy it, a computer can do it faster (assuming they see it at the same time). The only thing computers cannot currently do in the game is bot checks. Unless Jonathan wants to create a random bot image next to each checkmark (performance prohibitive), I don't see how this can be fixed.

Also, if Jonathan DOES think of a way, it is my opinion that he would IMPLEMENT IT. Jonathan always, always, always defended camping. He never understood exactly why people did it (*smile*), but he kept the practice around until he could no longer think of a way to keep the bots out (and had proof that bots were in use). If Jonathan thought of a scheme to bring back camping that was:

- server-friendly.
- development friendly (i.e. programmable in less than several months).
- bot-unfriendly

then he would do it. Of that I am convinced. In summary, I don't understand why people keep asking for camping as if it is a package on the shelf that Jonathan is arbitrarily keeping from us.

Yeah, that's right, I want to start another flame war. *smile*

NSFY April 26 2006 1:06 PM EDT

CB Ombudsman. And it will be me. And I will have a CB Ombudsman tag like this, [CB Ombudsman] NSFY, except the font will be rainbow and flashing. I haven't decided on the colors or the order but I am leaning toward a Spring palette. They are soothing colors and would aid me in mediating disputes. Also I need a little chime to sound when I log on. It should sound for everyone. And then I need another chime to indicate when I am engaged in ombudsman stuff and should not be disturbed and a third chime for when I have completed the ombudsman stuff and am ready for the next grievance. Maybe a stop-light graphic in everyone's home page. The Red light should be on top, yellow in the middle,and green on bottom. A pleasing midi version of the Baby Elephant Walk (Mancini, from "Hatari") should play quietly when the light is red. Also, I will need all chatops to report to me since they will now be an extension of my ombudsmandom.

please send my prize to Mini-Thing1 kthxbye

Abit April 26 2006 1:10 PM EDT

LOL!!! Man, where do you come up with this stuff NSFY?

QBsutekh137 April 26 2006 1:39 PM EDT

More posts from NSFY. Make it mandatory and at least daily in frequency.

My goodness that was a funny post...still chuckling...

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 26 2006 1:46 PM EDT

Turn store into image with imagemap for purchase.

Poof no more browser automation.

Run the "rares" version of the store as a seperate java based application or even a Firefox extension. I would much rather be required to use a certain browser to camp versus no camping.

Poof no more browser automation

Insert random alpha numeric characters into all the items in the store, now there is no way to filter in or out and any items as they are no longer constants.

Poof no more browser automation

Insert a small random delay into the code for purchase for any purchase attempt that occurs in less than X amount of time.

Easy to do, does not really rule out automation, but if they fail more often than not, then well they will stop trying.

So there you go Joe, pick a solution any solution :)

QBOddBird April 26 2006 2:18 PM EDT

Maybe I missed something, but what happened to the titles? (example, Squire Mushu and Lady MrsDi...)

If there's a reason these are gone or whatever, let me know. ^_^ I thought they were neat though.

QBOddBird April 26 2006 2:25 PM EDT

I sitll think we should do a girls of CB swimsuit calender... that is all...

--[3m][Reverend]Undertow, September 27 2004 8:47 PM EDT

I cannot help but agree. This definitely belongs in this thread.

QBsutekh137 April 26 2006 2:55 PM EDT

I believe Mushu's "squire" was just his own tag, no?

As for "Lady" and "Sir", I guess we have no one worthy yet?

Though surely bartjan should still have his "ZenMaster"?

Sukotto [lookingglas] April 26 2006 6:23 PM EDT

Off the top of my head, I would like a major new game feature: "Sandbox mode".

Allow people to switch a character into sandbox mode which allows them to:

The purpose of the Sandbox is to allow people to experiment with alternate strats without wasting a lot of xp. It also allows them to try out different items without having to pay a great deal for them.

Genie April 26 2006 10:51 PM EDT

Enchanter and wall tats. :P

Two wall tats: one with 1/2hp and max PL, the other with full hp.
Enchanter tats: one for every enchantment. :P

:D then we will have UC tanks, mages, and walls / enchanters as tats!

QBsutekh137 April 26 2006 11:38 PM EDT

I like the sandbox mode idea, with one caveat: would it make it too easy to find strategies that are specifically built to stop other people?

The reason I ask is because I remember the rush on CB1 when Myonax and Peter told me to unlearn FB and get Decay to take Spid down. I agonized for DAYS! That was a big hit to my DD spell. But when I finally did it and was able to beat Spid, zowie, I still remember the feeling! Same as when I later rejiggered to massive EC...

If I had been able to "sandbox" those scenarios prior to that, I would have felt...dirty. It would be something for nothing.

If there were a sandbox mode, beating an opponent would just be a matter of running through parameters -- it would be the death of pure theory and speculation. Am I wrong?

[S]i|ent April 26 2006 11:39 PM EDT

make a fee for the sandbox mode? 50k or something? each time you enter you have to pay 50k.

QBsutekh137 April 27 2006 12:02 AM EDT

True, making it a money sink would be OK, I guess...better yet, just charge for each BA you use while in the sandbox. That means you have to think verrrrrrry carefully as you change things around and try to face an opponent instead of just blazing through parameters and seeing which is best...

SNK3R April 27 2006 12:05 AM EDT

Okay, I hate to bring it up, but could you guys at least follow the directions? Further discussion of ideas in this thread should be made into another thread, please.

This thread is only for idea posts. Thanks. ;)

QBJohnnywas April 27 2006 1:07 PM EDT

I would also like a filter on post battle run through, so that I could cut out say their GA damage and my own VA and only see my weapon damage for instance. With the introduction of PL those post battle pages are looking busier and busier!

Abit April 27 2006 2:21 PM EDT

Bring back the dream! Original ideas needed.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 28 2006 3:12 AM EDT

(Sorry if this has already been mentioned)

A true wall/meat shield familiar. New Tattoo that trains only HP and PL. It's only use is to suck up damage that would have hit other minions.


UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] April 28 2006 4:27 AM EDT

Leagues would be a very good idea i think.

I already submitted this in the next link:

The basic idea is that we do not fight at the same rate, because some of us have a real life, and players may find this game boring and stop to play.

Leagues would be based on the number of ba you use each day, so that players could compete even if they spend only 160 ba a day. the best strats would emerged becaused results would not be biased according to the number of hours you sleep each day.

so the interest of every players in this game would be serioulsy increased.

This idea does not change anything to the game engine, but this is only a change corresponding the the reports (such as the realms lorien gondor...)

Admante April 28 2006 10:44 PM EDT

I think the dex penalty for just using ranged weapons should be removed as it prevents from someone training a pure ranger.

Also, I would like a bank that you can put your money into and get interest. The less money you have in the bank, the higher the interest. The person has to go to the bank to get the interest to stop people from putting millions in the bank and not go on.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 28 2006 10:45 PM EDT

i think my idea in this thread here should be added into next months change!

Abit April 29 2006 12:09 AM EDT

There was a bank in CB1...

It went the way of camping in CB2.

Roenall April 29 2006 4:10 AM EDT

I might have been post before, i would like to see a better loaning systems.Ability to return item to is owner and more option that only 1,3,7 day.

TheKing April 29 2006 4:53 AM EDT

Too many posts so I didn't read them all, so if these have been mentioned then sorry.

1: I would like a forging familiar. It levels by adding NW to items. It would add to the % you upgrade the item during the forge cycle. Perhaps it could be .1% per 10,000 lvls, so if you have a forge familiar at level 100k then you'd forge 1% faster. It could gain levels at the rate of 1 lvl for every 100 cb2 NW added to an item. So if you forged and added 10 mil NW, then your familiar would be lvl 100,000 and you'd get a 1% bonus to your forge speed.

2: I'd like a higher BA cap. If not that, then perhaps a faster refresh rate. There are a few ways that either or both of these ideas could be tweaked to everyone's likeing. I've heard a lot about people not likeing the NUB. Maybe the reason is that new users don't have to work as hard to earn cb2 and exp. They can log on once or twice and get more than a non-NUB user who plays all day. Maybe instead of bigger rewards a new user can have a refresh rate equal to the % NUB bonus. So a new user would have to fight twice as many battles and spend longer on cb2 to earn their reward. In this way they could still catch up to the players who have been on much longer. Besides the NUB issue, a faster refresh rate and or a higher BA cap would probably make CB more enjoyable to more people. If someone is playing for the strategy/character building element, then it's easy to get frustrated and leave the CB community when every time you log on you can only fight for ten or twenty minutes and then have to wait hours for your BA to come back. It takes a long time to see the results of your efforts. I think that is why a lot of people only long on every few days. More BA would keep people on longer. If the refresh rate were simply higher, even with out a higher cap, then people would have more incentive to stay on longer and bolster the community.

SNK3R April 29 2006 2:50 PM EDT

This contest will be ending soon. All users have until 5:00 PM EDT to submit their entries. Any post after that will not be considered.

If you have any doubt whether or not your idea is good or not, it's still beneficial to you to post it as you may win the contest if the judges think your idea is best. Good luck, everyone, and I'll be back after the contest ends to notify who the winners are.

Dudley Dotson April 29 2006 3:21 PM EDT

I want to see a the cap on ammunition moved to at least 25,000 so that if you want to go on a vacation you don't have to worry about ammunition and things.

One-time use in battle items will be nice. For example if you have a minion at a specific hitpoints or less this healing potion will be used. Or steroids or other items.

Dudley Dotson April 29 2006 4:14 PM EDT

If you could equip a custom familiar that would be a help to strategies.
The special familiars would train only the enchant and defense offense spells of your choice.

Dudley Dotson April 29 2006 4:16 PM EDT

I knew I forgot something...

Since decay is relatively underpowered it should hit during the ranged rounds at least twice. Yes, some people might say that decay goes through MgS and TSA but seriously..can you have a single minion decay?

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 29 2006 4:32 PM EDT

1) The disposable BA-limited stat increasing potions idea, what I talked about in my QB post. I don't know how much more elaborate I can get on this, but here goes: Make a separate store "Alchemist" who sells potions with a significant premium on them. Let users who want to pay extra combine potions to make new kinds of potions. Some with good side effects, some with bad.

The alchemist has rather bland potions you can buy that have generic stat increasing effects. But in order to get really significant effect increases you have to mix them yourself. Of course with the added complexity of mixing potions with both bad and good results.

Also instead of vanilla "Strength Potion", the potions could all have mystic names that don't necessarily tell you what they do. Either that, or colors.

Here is number 2, since I figure number 1 is a little extravagant. :)
2) Awards (added to either places or stats): I know this sounds a bit redundant. But make one page where all the top users/clans can have special recognition as to their fame. As it is right now, those things are buried in a number of submenus. Maybe even grant the people with those awards some special privilege. (not extra fight stats or rewards, because you KNOW they already get enough of that)
Special privilege could be choose one of the things listed:
1) Free Tattoo Re-Inking
2) Slightly Cheaper BA Cost For A Day
3) Reduced Transfer Fees For A Day
4) Speedier Blacksmith and Exclusive Priority For A Week
5) Free Character Re-Naming

Dudley Dotson April 29 2006 4:42 PM EDT

Not sure if this has been mentioned but how about a spell increasing enchantment? Channel maybe?
The enchantment would add to the spell level just as Giant Strength or Haste.

Also, I was thinking about a tattoo that helped the magic damage. Perhaps a Tattoo of Istari or Tattoo of Alatar? This would act the same way as the Tattoo of Augmentation.

Also, if you have these mages would be overpowered so maybe mana to limit the number of spell casts in a battle.

Dudley Dotson April 29 2006 4:47 PM EDT

Sorry for all the posts and perhaps repeats..I state them when they come into mind heh

For supporters favorite list maybe we could have a "Clan members from ????? score or PR to ?????? score or PR.

SNK3R April 29 2006 5:00 PM EDT

This contest is now over. Please wait patiently for the results to come in.

In the mean time, feel free to discuss any of the above ideas in this thread, if you choose to do so. In addition, you may also suggest more ideas in this thread, but remember that they will not be considered an entry in the contest.

Dudley Dotson April 29 2006 9:08 PM EDT

great 100th post snk

Unappreciated Misnomer April 30 2006 12:43 AM EDT

well i choose to also add that it would be a nice addition to the loaning systems, that the person loaning the item can choose any length of time,00:01 to ??:??,keeping in mind that the longer the rental, the greater the transfer fee,in the event of an error(rental length),a combined effort from each party to click a link that will ternaimate the rental at any point during the rental before the times expires. there is also a return transfer cost just to add to the cash sink support fund :P

Dudley Dotson April 30 2006 6:32 AM EDT

nah there's prolly going to be a bug in there some where... :P

Good Idea though

Timberwolf May 1 2006 3:31 AM EDT

Didn't feel like digging through 100 posts to see if this was already suggested, and thought of it just now.

I would like to see a search added to the Wiki.

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] May 1 2006 12:39 PM EDT

OK not totally fleshed out, but, the idea is to create system that gives incentive to constantly be involved with CB. Since the camping ideas are pretty much a dead horse, I will offer my alternative suggestion.

Basic idea: Spend X number of BA for chance to win cash, minor and major rares based upon the number of BA risked, and the level of risk taken.

Yes, this is a little like gampbling which I know Jon does not like HOWEVER, it is not a whole lot more like gambling than say camping was.

That is to say, you risk ONLY BA on the chance. The normal pay out on a normal win could simply be equal to the average cash award per BA, applied to the win. As in you bet 1 BA and win $200.

What the "games" are is totally arbitrary and customizable. They can be games where skill can effect the outcome or a simple pick a number between 1 and 10 randomness.

The idea is that when you have burned all your BA you then get your next refresh, you could a) have logged off and are waiting to log back on again when BA accumulates or B) wait for the refresh and try your luck for a rare with your refreshed BA wait 10 mins and rinse and repeat.

One could argue strongly that camping was not much different. I bet 1 BA that a rare is in the store, more often than not I did not win the bet, but when I did, well it was fun.

So there you go. Yah I know a lot will say its gambling Jon hates gambling, so if so well then I guess I do not win.

BUT I will say I believe this to be the begins of an alternative to camping that would incent people to stay on CB longer, spending more time with the game, and creating what I will assume to be a better community for it.

Anarchy411 May 3 2006 8:49 PM EDT

ok this is pretty straightforward...

A 2/3 MAX train option.:P Earlier I was trying to train 2/3 into my FB and 1/3 into my GA... but I had to do 2 train sessions :o

not really the next greatest idea for CB but it makes abit of sense... and unless you are like right there on the edge of running out of space for CB I can't find a single thing wrong with adding this suggestion.

sssimmo May 3 2006 9:29 PM EDT

You can already do that Anarchy411. Simply do 2/3 FB and then set GA to Max. Then train :P simple.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] May 3 2006 9:35 PM EDT

In one of my venting sessions, I came up with the most unworkable, but ideally greatest idea ever, lol:

"<hakai> I have an idea for a freaking supporter item, how about a stupid shield that blocks your 3 most notorious campers! That'd be fantastic...I know just who to use it on!"

LoL, wouldn't that be great? I doubt this would even be remotely possible though, but it would certainly shake things up a bit, lol!

Dudley Dotson May 4 2006 6:58 AM EDT

Sefton: Not a good idea since people would create multis and Gamble BA like crazy to get rares and sell them for real money..would seriously drive the economy crazy

chappy [Soup Ream] May 4 2006 9:29 AM EDT

Any idea on when we're going to see some results SNK3R?

[T]Vestax May 4 2006 12:09 PM EDT

It's my fault. I bounce my e-mails like I bounce my checks.

AdminShade May 4 2006 12:10 PM EDT

Not entirely Vestax, I also sent in my part yesterday :)

SNK3R May 4 2006 2:27 PM EDT

I will try my best to fit in the results of the two other judges and my results and notify the winners by the end of today. Thank you for waiting patiently.

SNK3R May 5 2006 12:27 AM EDT

I tried my best, but I just got swamped with work today. Results will not be in tonight. They will, however, be in tomorrow, guaranteed.

QBPixel Sage May 5 2006 1:54 AM EDT

Darn, I finally have an idea, and its past the deadline.

*slaps self*

SNK3R May 5 2006 9:31 PM EDT

The results are in! The judges were limited to submitting 4 entries that they thought were the best candidates for ideas to be added into Carnage Blender.

Our first place winner slot ($650,000) goes to colonel for his consignment shop idea. His idea was the only to get a majority vote amongst the judges. His idea was decided in being a reasonable and practical economic trade idea. In addition, it was shown to be an original idea and that there is a possible market for such a kind of shop. After all, it can be hard enough to find instant upgrades through FS/WTB every now and then. It seems like this idea would be able to help out and perhaps flourish the marketplace with more activity, with adding originality at the same time.

The second place winner ($250,000) goes to QBVerifex for his potion idea. Considering the flexibility for the possibilities of the potion mixing and matching and disposability, potions with a temporary fighting/forging effect could definitely shake things up more so than just a randomness factor. To add in the bad and good effects of mixing two potions up seems to have quite numerous possibilities as well, and score high in the replay section of the game.

And our third place winner ($100,000) goes to QBGentlemanLoser for his idea of merging ranged and melee combat rounds. His idea was scored to be quite original and fall inside the reality zone. This idea would certainly change the strategy of fights, but aren't we always looking for something to be stirred up? And, effectively, this idea doesn't seem to be one-sided in its changes as it would effect all types of fighting strategies.

Honorable mentions go to:

Thanks for playing, everyone! There were some great idea submissions. Now let's hope that something we posted in here will be of interest and added sometime down the road. ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 6 2006 3:58 AM EDT


Congrats everyone!
This thread is closed to new posts. However, you are welcome to reference it from a new thread; link this with the html <a href="/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=001mgh">What would you like to see added to CB? (Results are in!)</a>