What should I do? (in General)

[P]Mitt December 17 2006 9:01 PM EST

Krodel63 was supposed to buy my AxBow for 2.5M. He decided to buy it over one month ago, and to this day, he has only sent 550k (over 5 weeks by now). He has just learned that Archery doesn't work with crossbows, and wants his money back. I'm asking the community what I should do, because, after all, he CMed me before that he could make 1M+ a week, and yet he has only made 550k or so.

Legally (I mean not-against the rules), I do not have to return the money, as it was a down payment (like buying a house: if you buy a house, then realize that it's on a fault line, you have two options: Buy it completely and then sell it, or say I'm not paying any more and the loan down payment stays with the loan company - they don't return it) - correct me if I'm wrong here.

So community:
Should I keep all the money (as it is done in real life)?
Should I return part of the money (to be nice but keep a tax for keeping me waiting since the fifth of November) - and how much?
or should I just return all of the money, keeping the transfer fees.

Keep in mind, I've been waiting and trying continuously to have him pay more, as again, he said that he could make 1M+ a week, yet over a span of 5 weeks, has only paid 550k.

deifeln December 17 2006 9:05 PM EST

Five weeks is a long time for hime to hold your AxBow without any payment.

Relic December 17 2006 9:07 PM EST

No refunds, exchanges or pity reimbursements due to ignorance. Don't buy something (or agree to buy something) if you don't know what you are buying and why. If you make a mistake and buy the wrong thing, and your seller just gives you your money back, then what lesson is learned? I think you would be doing him a disservice by not making him abide by the original agreement. Because, as you say, that would not happen in the real world.

Shooto December 17 2006 9:07 PM EST

Keep the money. Its not your problem. Have him try to sell it for what he owes you on it and call its even.

QBRanger December 17 2006 9:08 PM EST

Can you provide the thread where he purchased it?

That will make it easier to decide.

AdminNightStrike December 17 2006 9:50 PM EST

If you keep the 550k and he keeps the AxBow, you're losing $2m. How is that good for you? If he wants his money back, make him send you the AxBow back first, then send him the 550k minus any transfer costs (for the initial Axbow transfer plus the returned money).

Either he has to give you back your AxBow, or give you $2m. There's no "keep it as it is" option. If he doesn't pay anything else, ask for an admin to reset him.

TheHatchetman December 17 2006 10:18 PM EST

yes, but having him reset would still result in a loss. A quote from the PR forum:

"If person A scams person B, we will reset A. We do not want to encourage scamming. BUT, it is your responsibility to make sure the person you are dealing with is trustworthy. We also do not want to encourage the thinking of, "so what if this guy offering me a cornuthaum for $100k is scamming me, all I have to is whine to the admins to get my money back." So no, we're not in the property recovery business. Same goes for loan installment payments."

Miandrital December 17 2006 10:26 PM EST

He still has the axbow:
Click me!

[P]Mitt December 17 2006 11:16 PM EST

oops, forgot to post that ...

Yes I still have the AxBow, and Mian has the right link.

QBOddBird December 17 2006 11:31 PM EST

Keep the money, he's held sway over that item for over a month. The fact that you waited on him, rather than renting out/selling/loaning out the AxBow is worth 500k.

If I'm trying to sell something and I wait on someone to come up with the money for it before buying (because "I hate being in debt") and they finally decide not to buy it after all, I'm pissed because I wasted my time waiting rather than advertising. I take the same view on this.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 18 2006 1:42 AM EST

You've waited on him for a long time. If he wants to cancel his debt, then you can buy the axbow off of him for 1.95 million, ie what he owes you. That way he has cancelled his debt, and you have a bit of extra money for your troubles...

Gandalf December 18 2006 1:57 AM EST

I agree with nightstrike that a punishment should happen because you cannot say your going to pay such a large amount of money then just pay a portion of the price. I think he should send you back the bow and you keep the best of the part of the money he sent you, as you have been waiting so long. =D

Miandrital December 18 2006 2:03 AM EST

If I was in your shoes, I would auction the axbow and try to get as much as I can. Then I would take whatever the axbow sells for and subtract that from Krodel's debt. Whatever surplus I got I would send back to krodel.
Axbow sells for 2.2 mil in auctions. I have 2.75 mil total, so I send krodel 250k back.
You can keep the transfer fees but I wouldn't keep anything else.

QBJohnnywas December 18 2006 3:48 AM EST

On the one hand I would probably be nice. But given that he's been a member since Jan 2005 I'm surprised he didn't know about archery and crossbows. Especially as a he made a strat thread a little while before your deal where he discussed having an axbow wielding tank with BLOODLUST.

Keep the money. It was a lame excuse not to follow through with your deal.

BootyGod December 18 2006 10:23 AM EST


What he did was unfair. Also, he didn't own up to his mistake. He tried to shove off getting it and then made a point of asking for money back. He handled it badly, but...

In my opinion, he cost you money. Take the money he cost you. But do not tax him for making a mistake.

My advice, figure out how much he cost you (how much per week would you charge to rent etc.) and deduct that from what you send back.

If you keep all the money, then you aren't doing the right thing. Your being greedy and taking advantage of his mistakes. Granted, it would be completely within your right to do so. So, keep 200-300k. Send him the rest back.

But, I am a bleeding heart, so feel free to listen to EVERY other sane person on this thread lol.

AdminShade December 18 2006 10:28 AM EST

Have you tried emailing him or at least contacting him as to the reasons of him being late?

[P]Mitt December 19 2006 7:59 PM EST

I guess I've decided to auction it and give krodel the difference from 2.5M (I have 550k already).
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