Various changes (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 1:07 AM EST

CoC damage boosted 15%.

TSA no longer provides magic resistance. Instead, it regenerates 5% of [max] HP per round. Unlike VA, it won't ever give you more than your max HP. DX penalty increased to -2 (from -1).

New armor, Elven Hauberk, gives a magic resistance like the TSA used to. Lower penalties to DX and MA than TSA, but no ST bonus. Available in stores, eventually. OR, send any rare body armor (MCM, MC, AC, or TSA) to Central Bank and I'll send you a base EH. First 30 users only.

Update: this offer is closed.

TheHatchetman January 11 2007 1:10 AM EST


Miandrital January 11 2007 1:11 AM EST

Flakes regenerated 10,630 HP

I love you jon. Platonic love of course ;)

Xiaz on Hiatus January 11 2007 1:14 AM EST

It's been a while, but I think we might actually get a FULL elven armour set :)

AdminShade January 11 2007 1:51 AM EST

"Available in stores, eventually."

Stores or auctions?

Mikel January 11 2007 2:40 AM EST

An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+6) (recipient may only have 10 unequipped armor -- rentals, auctions with no bids, and winning bids on others' auctions count too)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 11 2007 3:12 AM EST

Hi Jon, I tired to send you a MC for a EH, and like Mikel, it wouldn't go as you already had 10 armours. ;)

Dark Dreky January 11 2007 3:28 AM EST

Brilliant! I am in love with this change! I always thought the TSA was too powerful. Well more like, it was a MUST have because of the ST AND DD reduction. Seriously, whenever I think CB can't improve... it does! Jon you are the MAN!

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 11 2007 3:40 AM EST

Still no bonus for mages. Infact, another mage nerf if you think about it.

Flamey January 11 2007 3:50 AM EST

What? It helps.

HoC, a whole extra round, basically.

this, you have to pick between ST or DD resistance now, all the EH offers is magic resistance and AC.

Flamey January 11 2007 4:01 AM EST

"Lower penalties to DX and MA than TSA, but no ST bonus."

erm.. MA?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 11 2007 4:16 AM EST

Magic. ;)

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 11 2007 4:23 AM EST

Okay. Every mage has no helm to wear... whats 2% magic penalty, nothing. Every mage will get a HoC. Right, so it cancels out fighting other mages. Right. Tanks, they can either give up their HoE and lose 15% strength, OR they could get a HoC that would probably give them more damage then they would have even got, WITH the 15% strength, thats another 2 hits against your average person in ranged. So, does it really help a mage... probably not. The only good thing is the TSA now having no magic resistance. Hmmm perhaps I'm being pesemistic. We'll see.

Kong Ming January 11 2007 4:27 AM EST

So the regeneration will only work if you have lost HP?

Flamey January 11 2007 4:30 AM EST

It doesn't say anything about DD penalty.

at least, that's what the wiki says, and I think it's being specific.

Flamey January 11 2007 4:31 AM EST

Kong Ming, 4:27 AM EST
So the regeneration will only work if you have lost HP?

seems so.

Flamey January 11 2007 4:32 AM EST

"It doesn't say anything about DD penalty.

at least, that's what the wiki says, and I think it's being specific."

my bad. it does have a DD penalty.

Shooto January 11 2007 5:16 AM EST

Washington crushed Sonny [200748]
Washington draws strength from his weapon! [5277]
Jefferson takes damage from his own Cone of cold (6)!
Jefferson's Cone of cold hit Sleek white Ferrari for no damage
Sonny's blow was dodged by Jefferson
Sleek white Ferrari's blow was dodged by Jefferson
Sleek white Ferrari regenerated 9,766 HP

It appears that even if you hit the person for no damage, so if you successfully hit the person, no matter what the damage, it regenerates.

MissingNo January 11 2007 5:46 AM EST

What is the DD penalty on a EH? Because I wanted to use this on my mage. Not really surprised if the penalty is big enough to be just a tank item. :(

TheHatchetman January 11 2007 5:48 AM EST

"Lower penalties to DX and MA than TSA"


MissingNo January 11 2007 6:51 AM EST

Considering the DD penalty is 10%, "lower" can mean as high as 9%.

MissingNo January 11 2007 7:02 AM EST

Eh.. I realized that I sent my MCM to Jon instead of Central Bank like an hour or 2 ago.. Will I still get a EH? ...If not, do you think I'll get my MCM back? :\

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 11 2007 7:20 AM EST

Henk Bres [t] (The Henk) Jonathan [t] (expostfacto) A Mithril Cuirass ($425597) -- trade in CB was full

Trade in for the EH, i sent to your account because central bank was full. I hope this way is also possible

miteke [Superheros] January 11 2007 7:34 AM EST

I'm not getting any regeneration out of my TSA - perhaps it does not work with a VA?

Also, the TSA upgrade costs should be changed if the affects are not tied to the plusses. Perhaps you could give an X regen bonus per +?

BootyGod January 11 2007 7:56 AM EST

As the + to the TSA doesn't do anything (effect wise) could it be a little cheaper to upgrade with no max + like most armors?

Just a thought.

But I love the changes!!!

Kong Ming January 11 2007 7:57 AM EST

Suddenly I feel that my TSA has no value anymore :(

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 11 2007 8:28 AM EST

The TSA still gives +1% STR per point. It's regen is amazing. It works at the end of a round, if that minion is below max health, and won't heal above max health.

It also, unlike VA, works with PL. ;)

Kong Ming January 11 2007 8:30 AM EST

True, but the regeneration is not sufficient to save my wall. The decaying reduction of magic is worth a lot more.

bartjan January 11 2007 8:35 AM EST

Does [max] HP include AS granted HP?

QBRanger January 11 2007 8:35 AM EST

That is because a wall should be using an adam, not a TSA.

Kong Ming January 11 2007 8:40 AM EST

I had intended to place it at the back and together with a MgS and all the other armor, it will be pretty effective against MM mages.

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 9:20 AM EST

"Does [max] HP include AS granted HP?"


Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 11 2007 9:42 AM EST

"Instead, it regenerates 5% of [max] HP per round"

Regardless of the networth of the TSA?

bartjan January 11 2007 9:47 AM EST

Mmm, so it's a big TSA nerf then?

Tezmac January 11 2007 9:49 AM EST

I'd like to know what the actual % penality on the EH is to DX and MA. Anyone?

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 9:52 AM EST

central bank has room again

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] January 11 2007 9:53 AM EST

i am losing many battles due to the regeneration of the TSA (or i gain stalemates...)

Talion January 11 2007 9:54 AM EST

The following items could not be transferred:
A Mithril Chain Mail [28] (+16) (recipient may only have 10 unequipped armor -- rentals, auctions with no bids, and winning bids on others' auctions count too)
Other reassignments, if any, succeeded.

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 9:56 AM EST

deleted old items better :)

Talion January 11 2007 9:57 AM EST

Still doesn't work.

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 9:58 AM EST

Central Bank is the user, Mr Chairman is the character

Talion January 11 2007 10:00 AM EST

Oups, so I transfered the armor to the wrong character... can I still have the Elven Hauberk?

Mikel January 11 2007 11:22 AM EST

Got mine in this time.

Xiaz on Hiatus January 11 2007 11:40 AM EST

How is the magic resistance on the Elven Hauberk calculated? Exactly the same as TSA?

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 11:50 AM EST


bartjan January 11 2007 2:12 PM EST

Why clutter this post with all those transfer messages? They are already in the transfer log...

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 11 2007 3:15 PM EST

Jon, any chance of you selling all those TSA's instead of deleting them?

Lochnivar January 11 2007 3:17 PM EST

Would the EH magical protection have any effect on AMF backlash?

AdminJonathan January 11 2007 3:32 PM EST

"Would the EH magical protection have any effect on AMF backlash?"


FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 11 2007 4:29 PM EST

No to my question also?

Bolfen January 12 2007 2:01 AM EST

No love for Combat Gi's? Or are they not rare anymore.

Flamey January 12 2007 3:13 AM EST

so, If I was boosted by AS, to give me, say 400k HP, when my Natural HP is only 12k, I don't get regeneration until I'm under 12k?

TheHatchetman January 12 2007 3:46 AM EST

Right, 600 HP per round when u go below 12k. congratulations! :-P

Flamey January 12 2007 3:58 AM EST

wow, that honestly sucks.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 12 2007 6:06 AM EST

/point and laugh at AS users

Krodel63 January 12 2007 11:15 PM EST

Krodel63 (My Tank Item holder) Central Bank (Mr. Chairman) A Trollskin Armor ($799586)

QBsutekh137 January 12 2007 11:18 PM EST

It's a buff for honest HP users. That's (probably) part of the point. I know the character Failure sure caught on (man, what a great team, and I mean that!)

Thanks, Jonathan, for an indirect lesser-minion team buff.

Imagine that, folks! Actually having to learn an _actual_ stat on an _actual_ minion! The HORROR!

QBPixel Sage January 17 2007 10:58 PM EST

I love the TSA now. My wall is now serviving almost every battle with just enough HP to stay alive! Its a miracle. Regenerates around 15k a round. In 6 rounds, it regenerates 90k HP. I can only imagine how powerful that is for the higher-end characters!

QBsutekh137 January 17 2007 11:04 PM EST

It doesn't scale as well as you might think, Pixel. *wink* Folks hit hard up here, so even at 2 million natural HP, 100K regenerated per round doesn't make up for much when you get whacked twice for 1.5million per blow.

Question I have been meaning to ask, does the TSA regen resurrect (where applicable) like VA (assuming VA still does that)?

QBRanger January 17 2007 11:06 PM EST


In fights I have seen opponents "revive" from the TSA damage.

And for my character, using a TOE and a decent AC even with a TSA, the 145k damage I regenerate a round is a large amount.

QBsutekh137 January 17 2007 11:17 PM EST

Yeah, you damn ToE users!!!!! Failure uses it effectively as well...damn fine build!

/me takes his hat off and salutes!
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