Million Dollar Giveaway! (in Contests)

QBJohnnywas January 26 2007 7:35 AM EST

Today I'm the Genie of the Lamp. You can make three wishes. I can't grant them unfortunately, but I can give a million CB dollars to my favourite wish. They can be funny, sad, weird, anything you like, but try to keep it PC please. Imagination will be rewarded.

You can enter as many times as you want, but each entry you make must have three wishes. Entries not featuring three wishes will be ignored.

The closing date for this will Saturday 3rd February.

Your wish is my command. ;)

Flamey January 26 2007 7:37 AM EST

you mean PG right? not PC? ;)

QBJohnnywas January 26 2007 7:39 AM EST

Did I type PC? Yes I meant PG. Lol ;) You're so quick you'll hurt yourself! ;) One of these days....

TH3 C0113CT0R January 26 2007 7:47 AM EST

I wish for a mill CB :P
I wish for more Wishes :P
I wish more GOOD country music. (good luck here eh?)

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] January 26 2007 7:48 AM EST

Wish I knew everyone's nickname,
all their slang and all their sayings
Every way to show affection, how to dress to fit the occasion...
Wish we all waved...

winner winner January 26 2007 7:55 AM EST

I wish i rule the world
I wish i was a necromancer
I wish i have infinite CB

Tylan January 26 2007 7:56 AM EST

1.I wish Michael Jackson wouldn't keep staring at me in all those photos.
2. I wish it would rain pennies and I would be the only person with an umbrella.
3. Most of all I wish that i had a puppy with 2 heads.....cause we all know it's funny to watch one with only a single head walk around the first few weeks

QBOddBird January 26 2007 8:04 AM EST

I wish my bologna DIDN'T have a first name. Creeps me out.
I wish fishes were wishes and itches were riches!
I wish I win.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 26 2007 8:09 AM EST

1) i wish i had skin so i can walk around humans without them staring at me
2) i wish for organs so i can eat some earth food
3) i wish you free, jk you are already free; i wish for a vacation, havent had a vacation in well never

Talion January 26 2007 8:42 AM EST

1) I wish I could buy a PC with free processor upgrades.
2) I wish all north-american ice cream parlors would replace their ice cream with italian gelato (you gotta love gelato).
3) I wish I could play CB for a living (I bet NightStrike is already capable of doing it anyways... so why not me?).

AdminG Beee January 26 2007 8:42 AM EST

  1. I wish I had a 12 inch pianist. (I love piano music but don't have the space)
  2. I wish I were floating on an ocean of beer. (Providing there's a "never-needs-flushed" toilet in my boat)
  3. I wish my next door neighbour believed in Genies

Hi im Jake January 26 2007 8:50 AM EST

i wish i wish i was a fish.

Hi im Jake January 26 2007 9:18 AM EST

dangit ok three wishes:

1) i wish i wish i was a fish
2) i wish i wish i was rich
3) i wish i wish i was very incable of working so i could collect workmens comp

ah the last one doesnt rhyme

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 26 2007 9:22 AM EST

I wish I wish I would be mister perfect.
I wish I wish I could understand and speak all the languages in the world
I wish I wish I had a skill of Todd in CB!!!

TBH never enough gabber January 26 2007 9:29 AM EST

1 i wish i wasn't a steeple thingy with yellow stuff running down the middle of my waterslide, not chocolate!!

2 i wish i wouldn't get hurt by drop bears so much

3 i wish my girlfriend liked to look at Natalie porman as much

QBBarzooMonkey January 26 2007 9:36 AM EST

1. I wish I had a pony.
2. And a Fabulous Flying Pirate Ship
3. And a talking Monkey named Barzoo who would sit on the pony and give directions like a GPS thingee as I piloted the Fabulous Flying Pirate Ship around the world.


QBBarzooMonkey January 26 2007 9:43 AM EST

Oh, and Barzoo should call me "mate" a lot, as in "Turn left 30 degrees up there at the top of that giant sequoia tree, mate."

And the pony's name should be Rasputin The WonderPony.



Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] January 26 2007 10:00 AM EST

I wish that CB enabled a large, but not fatal, electrical shock that hit anyone using either a multi account or a bot.

Actually, I wish that I had such a device that I could use at will, most immediately on those people who eliminated my job.

No, wait! I _really_ wish that nobody (other than myself) EVER gets hold of such a device, 'cause they might end up using it on me. :)

muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 26 2007 10:00 AM EST

I wish that the RIAA and the MPAA would place all copyrighted "ideas in perceptual format" in the public domain, and waive all claims to any and all works in the past, present and future; plus give the proceeds of their nefarious stranglehold on commercial creativity to the artists, or at the very least, underprivileged children.

I wish that Microsoft would release bug-free software.

I wish that The Raven would occasionally answer "Yes" to those questions which plague each and every one of us....

RedWolf January 26 2007 10:56 AM EST

I want a thousand Argentinian Whooping Llamas!

I also want a foot by foot wooden box with my name carved in it, to put the llamas in.

I also want a sack of potatoes. No, not to feed the llamas, I just want a sack of potatoes :-)

AdminShade January 26 2007 11:02 AM EST

My first wish is that I wish my second wish will be granted.

My second wish is that my third wish will be granted.

My third and last wish is that, and I really do mean it, my first wish will be granted on the condition that my second will not be granted, but my fourth will be. That fourth wish will either be secretly third, or, still the second :p

But the true wish is that you will be amused :)

IndependenZ January 26 2007 11:20 AM EST

1. I wish to rule on high, as sultan!

2. I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world!

3. I wish for Princess Jasmine to fall desperately in love with me. Or, if that doesn't work, I wish to be an all powerful genie!

IndependenZ January 26 2007 11:20 AM EST

1. Genie, I wish for you to make me a prince!

2. Al? Al! Kid, snap out of it! You can't cheat on this one! I can't help you unless you make a wish. You have to say "Genie I want you to save my life." Got it? Okay. C'mon Aladdin!

3. Genie, I wish for your freedom.

QBOddBird January 26 2007 11:23 AM EST

I wish! (and consider the possibilities!) that I could transmute objects into objects of another form.

I wish I had a few bottles of Love Potion #9. Better yet, the secret recipe. And it has to be one of those 'rub-on' or splash on-type things, so I can throw it at celebrities as they pass.

I wish I had a new car. A special new car, one that creates and deposits gas directly into the tank from a secret special second engine that runs on electricity generated by the kinetic energy from the tires! And a spoiler would be nice, too.

AdminG Beee January 26 2007 11:53 AM EST

OB, why waste your wish no.2 & 3. when you can get them as a result of wish no.1 anyway ?

It's because of wasteful folks like you that the world is in the mess it's in!

RAMPAGE January 26 2007 12:01 PM EST

1)I wish ny wife was cured of all illness

2)I wish the Red Sox would win the World Series

3)I wish Jon would reopen CB1

QBOddBird January 26 2007 12:03 PM EST

I change my wishes #2 and #3, in order that I might not be wasteful and so that I may appease Mr. Beee.

I wish I was intelligent enough to properly use my Wish #1.

I wish for the power to erase people's memories, so nobody will remember what happened to G once I get my first two powers. xD

GO PATS January 26 2007 12:05 PM EST

I wish I had more faith.

I wish my brain worked slower.

I wish that I get a son, before I'm too old to play with him.

Sporadic January 26 2007 12:15 PM EST

I wish I had a million cb2 so I could buy supportership.
I wish Johnnywas a really nice guy and gave me 1 million cb2.
I wish the above happened so that I could pee my pants with excitement.

QBBarzooMonkey January 26 2007 12:21 PM EST

1. I wish my knowledge of The Force was so vast that I was more powerful than any Jedi, more powerful even than Master Yoda himself.
2. I wish I had a cool, indestructible yet flexible superhero costume. Maybe black with purple trimmings. Designed by OB. But no cape!
3. I wish I had a pony.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 26 2007 12:29 PM EST

I wish for a babelfish

I wish for a fridge always full of Sushi

I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 26 2007 12:42 PM EST

1)I wish I was effectively immortal ,perpetually youthful, but still able to die. I imagine the ennui could be a killer nuk nuk .
2)I wish I could hook my mind into any computer thus expanding my intelligence exponentially.
3)And assuming more wishes "ist verbotin" I wish for unlimited funding for whatever projects I deem necessary IE:fusion ,a great electric car battery,dropping a ball ,weighing a ton,of silly putty from various heights to see how far it bounces , etc. etc.

FsL-masta January 26 2007 2:24 PM EST

I wish i had a better char.
i wish i knew what i was doing.
i wish i had more wishes

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] January 26 2007 2:44 PM EST

I wish pizza would be delivered already cold, because it's much yummier that way.

I wish they would sell pizza crusts in large boxes, so I have an infinite supply of morning carbs.

Heck, I wish restaurants delivered pizza to me for free!

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 26 2007 2:47 PM EST

I wish I had all the answers,
I wish I could make everything all right,
I wish things weren't how they are.

Nerevas January 26 2007 3:30 PM EST

I wish the imp in my closet would stop taunting me with promises of avalanches of cheesecake waiting for me in eternity.

I wish I wish my girlfriend was hot like CB.

I wish upon a midnight dreary.. for a gun to shoot this freakin' raven.

Hyrule Castle January 26 2007 3:31 PM EST

1.) I wish the spellchecker would leave me alone, the big meanie :'(
2.) I wish the.... spellchecker, would... leave me ... alone?
3.)I wish spellchecker was in the spellchecker, and that it left me alone!(Mozilla spellchecker that is, these red lines are annoying me :P)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 26 2007 4:06 PM EST

1. I wish, as a package, all of Wasp's wishes.

2. I wish all y'all would just learn to spell instead of whinging about the spellchecker.

3. I wish Sut and Seft would learn to Argue, as opposed to fighting like married people. (So much more Truth, so much less apologizing.)

QBOddBird January 26 2007 4:13 PM EST

"I wish I had all the answers,
I wish I could make everything all right,
I wish things weren't how they are. "

I wish Wasp would win.
I wish the winner was Wasp.
I wish I had thought of those wishes.

Really though, that was a good answer, Wasp. ^_^

I vote for him to get the million.

Tyriel [123456789] January 26 2007 4:19 PM EST

1) I wish that Johnnywas was actually fulfilling our wishes, because posting wishes that aren't coming true seems slightly pointless.

2) I wish that Johnnywas was my fairy godparent, like in that TV show Fairly Oddparents, so that I could exploit him in every way possible to get everything I could ever want and need, even though I would eventually wish for everything I ever wanted, and be unhappy with my newfound wish-i-ness.

3) I wish I thought of better wishes.

QBJohnnywas January 26 2007 4:23 PM EST

I just made Bast and OB's wishes come true.

I liked Wasp's wishes too. So a surprise prize in the middle of all this

Johnnywas (Bank Of Johnny) Wasp (Lord Gothmog) $1000000 -- surprise prize ;) 4:21 PM EST

Still the proper prize to be won though people - so keep those wishes coming!

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 26 2007 4:24 PM EST

1)I wish my real name was Pickles Mc'chutney
2)I wish I had absolute control over the size of any of my body parts.
3)I wish I could spaceship jack a spaceship and go for a joy ride then sell it on the open market.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 26 2007 4:24 PM EST

Oh, Johnny, you've already made all my wishes come true! ;)


I think you read mine wrong. :P

QBJohnnywas January 26 2007 4:28 PM EST

Well OB's - I can't make everything all right in the world...but I'm trying to make it right in my little corner....;)

QBOddBird January 26 2007 4:32 PM EST

1) I wish I could get over this habit of typing /me....not in CB Chat, of course, but everywhere! It has become an awful typing habit...

2) I wish I could get large MPR teams without spending money so that I could try out all these strategies that float around my head!

3) I wish sodas didn't give me heartburn, caffiene wasn't addictive, my headaches would cease to exist, and I understood how my girlfriend thinks...

Actually, you know, you can just grant the last one if you want and I'll be satisfied.

QBJohnnywas January 26 2007 4:37 PM EST

That last one is off limits. The universe will implode the day that man understands woman.


QBOddBird January 26 2007 4:39 PM EST


In that case, instead of the last bit about understanding her, can I just get the ability to hear her thoughts instead? =)

Arorrr January 26 2007 4:41 PM EST

I wish I could have thought of this contest earlier.
I wish I could have money to cover it.
I wish I could have the courage to go through with it.

QBBarzooMonkey January 26 2007 4:58 PM EST

Okay, now for my "No fun, real-life, yet just as much selfish fanciful silliness as a pirate ship" wishes:

1) I wish there was a treatment/cure for Myleous Dysplastic Syndrome. Since his diagnosis in August (well, probably for long before then, but at least since August), it has been slowly turning my father's bone marrow into scar tissue. I'd like for him to still be here 10 months from now.

2) I wish there was a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. For over ten years, it's been turning portions of Mrs. Monkey's brain into lesions and scar tissue. I'd like for her to still recognize me 10 years from now.

3) I wish I had a thoroughbred race horse named Shadowfax. Shadowfax should be a champion like no other, and win the Triple Crown 2 years in a row. With the money we'd win, we could retire to a ranch somewhere, where Shadowfax and my doggie could spend their days running free, and their nights in warm comfort. I wouldn't have to worry about working anymore, and could spend my time better caring for Mrs. Monkey, starting my own comic book/ graphic novel publishing company, and continuously funding the people who will eventually find cures for all of the other random, life-sapping diseases that I didn't have enough wishes to take care of.

ps I really don't want to win, I just had an urge to "say that out loud"...

Unappreciated Misnomer January 26 2007 5:26 PM EST

deer santa,

for chistmas this yer i wants a sone playstion tree, and that my dad woudint hit my mum wen hes drunk. and mayrbe a power rangers guy if it can fits in ur baag.


Lochnivar January 26 2007 11:44 PM EST

1) I wish I had an unlimited supply of wishes.
2) I wish I hadn't just wasted my first wish on something that would never be granted.
3) I wish my 2nd wish was granted otherwise I'll be out of wishes. I won't even be able to wish I had wished for something useful.

The next person is going to wish they hadn't read this.

AdminLamuness January 26 2007 11:51 PM EST

  1. I wish for all the wishes past and future after my three wishes to be nullified.
  2. I wish that no one else can corrupt, taint, or mess with my wish in such a way that it will not benefit me in whatever shape or form.
  3. I wish Johnnywas, the Genie of the Lamp, seeing the genius of my wishes would bestow upon me the prize of the one million cb dollars.

Genie January 27 2007 1:42 AM EST

1. I wish I was the only Genie
2. I wish JW was the only JW
3. I wish i didn't have to share the only lamp of CB with you.

(He snores to loud..) :D

Relic January 27 2007 2:07 AM EST

I wish I had Superman's powers, but no weaknesses. ;)
I wish I had a photographic memory.
I wish that people lived as well as they know they should.

Relic January 27 2007 2:09 AM EST

I wish that children could remain innocent longer.
I wish that there was no disease in the world.
I wish that world-wide poverty would end.

Envy January 27 2007 3:09 AM EST

I wish someone would join my guild.
I wish i understood this game.
I wish I knew what i was doing here.......
Oh yea! 1,000,000 CB bucks thats right!

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 27 2007 7:59 AM EST

1)I wish I could type like a real computer type person.
2)I wish I could just slot my mind into the net sans computer.
3)I wish johnny wasn't imprisoned in a bottle maybe ice?

QBOddBird January 27 2007 10:15 AM EST

I wish I didn't feel sad right now.
I wish I could skip time forward to Tuesday afternoon.
I wish I knew how decisions I make would affect me, so I wouldn't keep making dumb ones.

MissingNo January 27 2007 10:34 AM EST

- I wish I was an invisible purple unicorn with robotic wings and x-ray hearing and laser beam sneezes.<br>
- I wish I had an infinite supply of Pokeballs that worked in the real world, so I could catch animals and humans and let them out only for them to fight. And after a lot of fighting they'd evolve into super powerful animals/humans.
- I wish I could asexually reproduce by making split copies of myself.

QBOddBird January 27 2007 11:43 AM EST

Who would want to asexually reproduce?????? I like the current method!

[P]Mitt January 27 2007 1:39 PM EST

1. I wish that I will be loved by a kind and gentle woman some day.
2. I wish that my life won't be as hectic as it is now in Junior Year
3. I wish that my family would be more supportive of me, rather than picking on my faults in the attempt to improve my life. (I mean, seriously, I have a 4.0 unweighted, I've passed all my piano tests with the highest mark, I've gotten multiple 800s on SATIIs, and my parents just overlook that and harp on other, not-as-developed areas of me to the point that I want to just disappear at times)

Thraklight Resonance January 27 2007 1:41 PM EST

1. I wish for the spellcheck to graduate from high school, complete terminal degrees in every academic program in the world, and learn to recognize properly spelled words like pneumonoultramicroscropicsilicovolcanoconiosis so that it quits insisting that it is smarter than me and stops recommending those html tags.

2. I want the surviving members of the Who and the surviving members of the Beatles to form a tribute supergroup called Beat Who, Les? in order to perform the entire Les Paul catalog.

3. I wish that battlefaeries experience would have transferred to carnageblender in the same way that academic credits can transfer between schools and universities.

BootyGod January 27 2007 2:20 PM EST

I don't think serious wishes have much of a chance of winning, but these are 3 wishes I always kind of wanted to have granted, and I'm serious about them.

1) I wish that everyone else (not me) in the world get's a wish that will be granted only if it hurts no one else past reasonable amounts (Ex: If you wish for a million dollars, your neighbors jealousy doesn't matter, but you can't wish for a a million woman harem or for someone to die)

2) I wish that everyone in the world noticed the beauty that surrounds them, from nature, other people, etc. Just... I wish that they would all really take notice of it where it exists.

3) I want to know everything. This leads to infinite paradoxes, yes, but because I know everything I will know how to deal with them :)

I figure... I can do alot of good with all the knowledge there is to be had.

Purple Cobra January 27 2007 2:47 PM EST

1.) I wish that we could forever be rid of l337-5P34k forever. That would be great.

2.) I wish that i could blow things up with my mind.

3.) I wish that everytime some chump tried to wish for more wishes they would spontaneously combust.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 27 2007 2:51 PM EST

1)I wish the incredible Ulq hadn't brought up asexual reproduction. 2)I wish Godwolf hadn't said big harems were bad. 3)I wish I had a pound of body butter to go with the thought I'm having right now .

kevinLeong January 27 2007 3:11 PM EST

1. I wish I could always see the light
2. I wish, in life, the fish would bite
3. I wish I always knew what's right

But for now I'd settle for $1mil CB.

QBOddBird January 27 2007 3:14 PM EST

1) I wish Slashundhack doesn't get his third wish....please
2) I wish my headaches would quit. These returning headaches, ya know. They're a pain.
3) I wish I could withdraw some events from my past, as though they never happened.

BootyGod January 27 2007 4:08 PM EST

1: Wishes people never rhyme when wishing.
2: Hopes everyone gets at least one of the wishes they made.
3: I wish people would respect my authorita!

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 27 2007 9:30 PM EST

1. I wish I could get a bunch of rare stuff.
2. I wish I never sold off my ToA, and just inked it into a SF.
3. I wish I can find some money to support my family.

MissingNo January 27 2007 9:39 PM EST

Well, if you sexually reproduce, it's not you, it's your child. But if you asexually reproduce, it's completely you! How cool would it be to have multiple yous? If you don't agree that it'd be super awesome to have multiple yous, then you don't have high enough self-esteem!

QBOddBird January 27 2007 9:43 PM EST

I rather like being unique - the only one as....ME! me.

Halcyon January 27 2007 9:49 PM EST

1: I wish for my marrage to be everlasting, as I know I have found my soulmate and I can't live without her.
2: I wish to be able to provide for her, as she needs, and to be there whenever she needs me, as she does.
3: I wish we could get pregnant. Though, medically .. it's nearly impossible.
(For this, is why I think people who commit certain crimes on young girls, need to be executed. Not only does it ruin them as a child, but even as an adult, when they and their spouse, may never be able to have children. Can I get an "Amen"?)

MissingNo January 27 2007 10:03 PM EST

If the girl consents then it's her fault, as the way I see it.

QBOddBird January 27 2007 10:11 PM EST

To be perfectly blunt, that was the most retarded response I have ever read in my LIFE.


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 27 2007 10:14 PM EST

Vines, which post are you referring to? Valiek's post? If thats the case, girls never consent to rape or the like.... =X

MissingNo January 27 2007 10:16 PM EST

I didn't know if he was talking about rape or underaged.

QBOddBird January 27 2007 10:22 PM EST

Nope....I'm talking to him....and yes, he meant that post....

MissingNo January 27 2007 10:27 PM EST

Let me clarify, I didn't mean to sound cold as that came out. And also, I was interpreting that he meant that she got pregnant with an older man and got an abortion and now can't have any kids.

Thraklight Resonance January 27 2007 10:43 PM EST

1. I wish I had the power to turn cartoon characters into real people and real people into cartoon characters so that, one way or another, Jonathan could get support from the User Friendly staff and I could measure Jessica Rabbit for a steel familiar.

2. I wish for a Donald Trump ring tone, with the Donald yelling "You're Banned," to go off in the head of every cb bot user whenever anyone has to answer a bot check. Acceptable substitutes could include Paris Hilton tackling complex mathematical equations or William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy rapping.

3. I wish that Todd-Spydah had gone on to Wrestlemania to face the WWE tag team champions in a steel cage match.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 27 2007 11:30 PM EST

Man you don't know what you said Cpt. Kirk and Spock will do it !They both have put out record albums were they (Oh horror of horrors) SANG ! Oh no! I think I hear them warming up, now you did it. Curse you! The name of ThrakAsh be cursed for all time or as long as a pizza takes to come which ever comes first.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 28 2007 1:30 AM EST

You know Valiec my first response to your umm pain bomb was to side step it . But I shouldn't let my self do that so AMEN ! Wishes 1,2,3)I wish spontaneous healing for your wife and all the happiness that should go with it !

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 28 2007 8:10 AM EST

Glad to see you all liked my wishes : ) Thanks for the prize :D

AdminShade January 28 2007 8:53 AM EST

who has won?

QBJohnnywas January 28 2007 8:56 AM EST

Wasp got a special prize. The contest ends next Saturday. So actually nobody has won yet.

NINAbuser January 28 2007 7:33 PM EST

If given 3 wishes I would wish as follows:

1. I wish Bob Barker would just die, so we may be witness to a revolution of T.V. game shows.
2. I wish the general vindictive nature of women would disappear, so life on Earth doesn't seem so bad.
3. I wish Kurt Cobain was still alive so he could continue to spread his musical genius to all who would listen. (Nirvana :P)

Genie January 28 2007 8:46 PM EST

Smart 3rd wish NINAbuser, Kurt Rocks! :D

[P]Mitt January 28 2007 8:51 PM EST

1. I wish that someone invented a cheap 100 mpg car.
2. I wish for the end of (man-created) global warming.
3. I wish that someone could put forth a fool-proof plan for the Iraq "situation".

QBJohnnywas January 29 2007 6:03 PM EST

I wish there was a contest for a million dollars that I could enter...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 29 2007 6:12 PM EST

I wish Jw would follow his own rules and wish thrice!

I wish my bird had (all her) feathers!

I wish she knew how to fly!

QBOddBird January 29 2007 6:15 PM EST

I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner...

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight; ten maids a-milkin' from the Christmas break, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

th00p January 29 2007 6:19 PM EST

1. I wish the creator of the World Wide Web would have made it free, instead of selling it for personal gain, and that someone would make a great game with a community that's more addictive than coffee.

2. I wish the world's greatest minds (Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein) were alive today to tell us how stupid we are for destroying the planet, being selfish, and entertaining ourselves with pointless games instead of furthering mankind.

3. I wish I didn't contradict myself.

QBJohnnywas January 29 2007 6:39 PM EST

*2. I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow
3. I wish I had never given all my old Star Wars toys from the late seventies and early eighties to my best friend's little brother back in 1986. Before I knew how much people would pay for them in 2007. Who knew a 12" high Boba Fett would be worth that much?

IndependenZ January 29 2007 7:00 PM EST

1. I wish I have three salted crackers left. Hey, there's one.. hmmm.

2. I wish I have two salted crackers left. Look, another one.. hmmm.

3. I wish I have a salted cracker left. Oh my goodness, that one tasts so good!

4. Erm..

Xenko January 29 2007 7:10 PM EST

I wish I could live forever in perpetual youth, since there is much to much to see and learn, and never enough time to do it in.

Xenko January 29 2007 7:16 PM EST

1. I wish I was immortal and in perpetual "young adulthood".
2. I wish I could remember everything I have seen, heard, experienced, and learned.
3. I wish the same for my wife.

QBBarzooMonkey January 29 2007 9:00 PM EST

1. I wish I could save the cheerleader.
2. I wish Rose Tyler hadn't gotten stuck on that alternate Earth.
3. I wish Barbaro had gotten better.

Halcyon January 29 2007 9:17 PM EST

She was raped, several times ... and because of that and the scar tissue .. is why I said that.

Hyrule Castle January 29 2007 10:18 PM EST

erm... try to keep chat "PC" a.k.a. "PG"

idk if your choiceage of word was a good one

TheHatchetman January 29 2007 10:25 PM EST

a belated "Amen" for you there Valiek, I'm fittin' to execute someone for similar circumstances. which brings me to my wishes:

1) I wish Troy was here right now
2) I wish he'd try to follow through on his threat to kill me
3) I wish the jury will buy my self defense plea :)

muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 29 2007 11:24 PM EST

I wish the CB challenge bonus wasn't capped. <grin>
I wish that literacy was considered more important than it is currently in the school system.
I wish that people would take time out to watch the sunset occasionally.

QBOddBird January 29 2007 11:35 PM EST

I wish my feet didn't smell like corn
I wish my corn didn't smell like feet
I wish Barzoo would name his Ninja Pirate Monkey UC guy 'Cornfeet'

BootyGod January 30 2007 6:07 PM EST

lol at "tasts"

Purple Cobra January 30 2007 9:17 PM EST

I wish people would realize their good fortune.

I wish those without the fortune to live happy lives receive good fortune.

I wish those with good fortune could pass on that fortune to those in need of it.

Sir Woot January 30 2007 9:45 PM EST

1. The serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
2. The courage to change the things I can.
3. The wisdom to know the difference.

ps. can I have a festivus pole?

Jim Cricket January 31 2007 12:24 AM EST

1-I wish I was little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller,

I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her

I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
and a six four Impala

Sure there is a bunch but what a fun song.

RaptorX January 31 2007 12:41 AM EST

1. I wish I had a Ferrari. - NO - I wish EVERYONE had a Ferrari! Every boyhood dream has one of those - if not just to hear the engine go vvvrooom!! - oh and feel the grip, and hear that chirp from the rear tires. I can only imagine.
2. I wish women and men could get a long better and families would stay together. (If men could really see what jerks they were and women could see how mean they sometimes get -- (ok, maybe it is a girl issue, but not if it happens all month.)) That might just fix it. Wouldn't that make world peace? :)
3. Oh I wish going really fast in my Ferrari didn't cause me to crash. - or at least no one to get hurt. Ok I guess i want to be able to drive better than an Indy race driver - that would be cool.

PS - And dictators not be power hungry / greedy people... ok maybe just not have dictators. But if they listened and were kind to their wives (#2) maybe they would be nice and non- greedy!:)

Templar January 31 2007 7:41 PM EST

i would wish for...

1)the end of world boredom
2)politicians to realize that politics is litaraly "many small blood suck animals"
3)a million cb dollars

but wait, there's more...

genie genie of the lamp
please don't make my wife a tramp
but if you do i'll be okay
if you just give that cash away

Thraklight Resonance January 31 2007 10:08 PM EST

1. Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener: That is what I truly wish to be: 'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener: Even Sefton would become a vegetarian.

2. I wish that someone had switched Bobcat Goldthwait and Steven Wright's medications a few times in the nineties just to see what would have happened.

3. I wish the phrase was "Hostile Comes Vista, baby."

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 31 2007 11:54 PM EST

1) I wish Cake was health food.
2)I wish Vegetarians tasted like meat instead of soy
3)I wish I understood Thraks 3rd wish

Kaza 6 February 1 2007 4:03 AM EST

1 I wish i could get with what's her face

A week later

2 I wish she would leave me alone

a day later

3 I wish these rashes would go away already

QBBarzooMonkey February 1 2007 8:48 AM EST

1. I wish I knew what they will do after they save the cheerleader. I mean, once the cheerleader is safe, what's left to do? Maybe they could form a circus troupe, or something. With monkeys on ponies.
2. I wish all the chocolate donut holes weren't already gone. I don't like the jelly ones very much.
3. I wish I had a magical extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee cup that could never be emptied of its delicious black nectar, and never grew cold. That would be sweet.

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) February 1 2007 8:57 AM EST

1. I wish that so many great musicians were still around today (Hendrix, Vaughan, Joplin, Morrison, Barret etc etc.)
2. Last night I wished for it to snow, and it did so.. I wish it would snow more >:D
3. I wish new cartoons had more subliminal messages than the already over-populated older cartoons.

Redemption [Axis of Evil] February 1 2007 10:49 AM EST

1. I wish Hitler was not crazy
2. I wish Stalin was nice
3. I wish FDR was not a socialist. (Created Social Security and other bankrupting stuff)

MissingNo February 1 2007 3:13 PM EST

Hitler wasn't crazy. In fact, I dare say he was a genius. He found a scapegoat which he could blame all the country's problems on since the beginning of time. And he got an entire country to believe his fake science of social Darwinism. Hell, I say the people who followed him are crazy because they could believe such nonsense. I'm sure Stalin was nice to his family. <3. Socialism is good in theory. No more poor homeless people barely living day to day, no more elite rich in which if they wanted to, they would literally never have to left a finger for the rest of their lives.

Redemption [Axis of Evil] February 1 2007 5:34 PM EST

for hitler you should read Mein Kampf...and if you call the killing of millions not crazy than...ok...we can talk for should do some research about his son...when the Germans captured Stalins son they asked him if he wanted to ransom him...Stalin answer was no...thus his son died...for FDR...some are ok...but since im a ultra conservative i do not really agree with the social programs of today

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 1 2007 7:38 PM EST

I wish empathy was the first class in school

I wish critical thinking was the second

I wish I'd gone to that school, and payed attention

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] February 2 2007 12:41 PM EST

1) I wish I wasn't the one who had to bump this.
2) I wish I There was a Placer deposit in the basement.
3)I wish ( assuming Broadband availability)I could take the real Genies place in the Lamp.

QBOddBird February 2 2007 12:45 PM EST

I wish I had some more money to forge my BoNE with.

I wish someone would drive me to town to get a haircut.

I wish I wasn't too lazy to drive to town to get a haircut.

Blarg February 2 2007 12:59 PM EST

I wish I lived in a simplier life, where love was love, hate was hate, with no grey areas

I wish to live a long and full life, growing old with the love of my life.

I wish life continued to be hard, for without the hard times the good times are hard to see

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 2 2007 1:14 PM EST

I wish.
I wish...
I wish....

QBOddBird February 2 2007 1:18 PM EST

I'll make all your dreams come true, Bast!

*bootydances all over Bast*

...and free of charge!

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) February 2 2007 1:45 PM EST

*takes pictures to later sell to tabloids*


I wish I hadn't seen this..
I wish I wouldn't have been mentoring a multi.
I wish Heart would never, ever get back together.. (collectively they look like Roseanne).

SpikerDoo99 February 2 2007 4:38 PM EST

1. I wish school didn't have such a harsh firewall...
2. I wish we hadn't been without power for a week...
3. I wish peanut butter could double as a contraceptive...but only the crunchy kind....

GalTeeIn February 2 2007 8:08 PM EST

1. I Wish a had a talking Garden Gnome names Gary who ate my cheese that I didn't Finish.

2. Some Cheese for Gary and for myself and some for the evil boy in my closet

3. A Million Cb dollas

QBOddBird February 2 2007 10:56 PM EST

2. I wish I had a cool, indestructible yet flexible superhero costume. Maybe black with purple trimmings. Designed by OB. But no cape!

--QBBarzooMonkey, January 26 2007 12:21 PM EST

Wish Granted.

MissingNo February 3 2007 12:01 AM EST

Wow. I liked your idea, why not just draw him in a superhero costume, make him an alien stegosaurus that is bilaterally asymmetrical with arms 3 times as long as his legs!

AdminNightStrike February 3 2007 12:15 AM EST

QBOddBird February 3 2007 12:15 AM EST

Hey look at me, I'm Impulse, throwin' big words around

AdminNightStrike February 3 2007 2:45 AM EST

No, you're Oddbird, acting crazy again.....

QBJohnnywas February 3 2007 4:39 AM EST

OK, the contest is closed. I'll look over the wishes and my favourite will receive a million CB dollars at some point this weekend.


[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] February 3 2007 4:44 AM EST

Man I wish I would have come back sooner...

and I wish I wouldn't have left...

and I wish i wouldn't have sold all my stuff...

Grrr... oh well :)

QBJohnnywas February 3 2007 7:06 AM EST

OK, I have a winner. Thanks to everyone that entered. On another day I might have gone for a serious wish, but I've had a rough week; not to bore you with details, but I have a frozen shoulder. Which makes it very difficult to use my right arm, which also makes it difficult to play CB.. :/ Not a major problem, but anything that makes me smile today is a winner.

Thrak WINSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply for the thought of Jessica Rabbit as a real person. ;)

"thrakAsh, January 27 2007 10:43 PM EST
1. I wish I had the power to turn cartoon characters into real people and real people into cartoon characters so that, one way or another, Jonathan could get support from the User Friendly staff and I could measure Jessica Rabbit for a steel familiar."

Thanks for that Thrak, put a huge grin on my face today!

Johnnywas [t] (Genie of The Lamp) thrakAsh [t] (Earl Of Happy) $1000000 -- wish winner!!! 7:03 AM EST

QBOddBird February 3 2007 8:24 AM EST

Congrats Thrak and thanks for the fun contest Johnny!!

Tylan February 3 2007 8:38 AM EST

grats Thrak

Thraklight Resonance February 3 2007 11:04 AM EST

Thank you!
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