Bring on the fix: auctions (in General)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 15 2008 11:26 PM EST

I've been complaining about auctions forEVER... I think I've found the solution.

Eliminate having to have a time limit. Having BIN auctions without an end would be almost as good as consignment style stores.

Rawr December 15 2008 11:27 PM EST

So it'd be like a player run store? So no bidding feature?

I like sniping at the last 5 seconds, but I guess thats what we're trying to prevent...

BootyGod December 15 2008 11:27 PM EST

Actually, I like that idea. Though there would have to be something to prevent millions of items being in there for silly prices.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 15 2008 11:30 PM EST

Do it the same way a real store is run have a Clerk/Moderator check in items every few hours/days.

GM December 15 2008 11:33 PM EST

This would completely changes things. They wouldn't exactly be "Auctions" anymore, but rather a player run store. Don't forget this would change the values on the majority of items. I just can't see how this would work successfully, with no complaints.

Lord Bob December 15 2008 11:33 PM EST

I see no problem with auctions other than that one thing that nobody wants to hear about again. Why fix them?

DoS December 15 2008 11:40 PM EST

I would like to know what you feel is wrong with auctions.

Cube December 15 2008 11:46 PM EST

I have to say too, what's wrong with auctions?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 15 2008 11:50 PM EST

The auctions aren't really the problem (although they are normally empty and stale... not to mention ineffective at selling certain types of items)

The store is a miserable kludge, auctions having a consignment style option would solve this. I've love to be able to list all my unused items (which is actually only 3 ES right now) with BIN prices in auctions. Do just a little coding and let people make offers (which someone would have to accept) and you've got a REALLY nice addition to the system.

kevlar December 15 2008 11:55 PM EST

Current auction system is fine. Having no time limit is a bad idea. Name one type of real life auction that doesn't end or have a time constraint? The only fix I can think of is enabling to lower the max bid if you feel like you bid too much, or in my case accidentally bid an outrageous amount by accident and couldn't lower it.

kevlar December 15 2008 11:57 PM EST

as for being empty and stale, craziness. There have been so many different items over the past few months, even now... cornuthaums, amulet of focus, noldorins, and a TSA the other day... goodness.

Goodfish December 16 2008 12:00 AM EST

Just because the items are exciting doesn't mean the system itself is stale.

Goodfish December 16 2008 12:00 AM EST

grr. ***isn't stale.

Solare December 16 2008 12:01 AM EST

The only thing I dislike about auctions is Mr. Chairman placing a bid when an already decent bid has been placed. I think its purposeless and wasteful.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 16 2008 12:04 AM EST

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Solare December 16 2008 12:10 AM EST

If you were referring to my post, I'll make it more clear. I see no reason to change auctions, so I don't see your idea as any sort of improvement. In fact, it would restrict sales to be set by each individual person and allow people to buy-out items and camp the auction-house until their item comes up for sale. I think the current system is fair, allowing people to place maximum bids whenever they have the time to place them. I do think allowing the reset of a max bid or price would be a valid idea as long as noone had bid yet. There should be some sort of fail-safe for mistypes.

kevlar December 16 2008 12:11 AM EST

Novice sound like you're a spoiled brat, or were one. I mean anytime someone disagrees with you or you try to act all OPish, you just draw lines and think that means something.

*fluffs Novice's fu fu ego* there ya go, all better? Want some chocolate milk? :)

Cube December 16 2008 12:33 AM EST

"not to mention ineffective at selling certain types of items"

If you are talking about those 3 ES's, that's because there are way more than the number anyone wants to use, which is 0.

"The store is a miserable kludge, auctions having a consignment style option would solve this. I've love to be able to list all my unused items (which is actually only 3 ES right now) with BIN prices in auctions."

It can be done in FS/WTB, except it's not automatic. Auctions do let you run 8 day auctions starting at $1 for a next to nothing fee. Anymore than 8 days just adds clutter probably. I've never had anything not sell in 8 days for a reasonable price. Usually, I make a FS/WTB post linking to the auction page.

I also somewhat agree with kevlar, thought I won't really comment on that.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 16 2008 12:40 AM EST

a perfect example is the current problem with base tats

With an altered auctions system people could list all the base tats they have at the price THEY want to sell for. No maintaining no checking to see if you need to put them back in.

FS/WTB lasts two days and requires lots of manual labor to maintain, especially when you get a large batch of items. New users are rarely going to use forums for purchases, and it's a lousy place to sell tats.

So the main complaint is that there would be more items available in the auctions?

kevlar December 16 2008 12:43 AM EST

More items? The only thing that would be "more" would be items that people aren't really interested in, or items that have been set too high in price. Having the timelimit helps clean the slate when it comes to those types of items.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 16 2008 1:00 AM EST

Novice, what you're suggesting would basically mean that noone who didn't already have a large stockpile of items would be forking out however much those who did hold the items wanted.

You want to fix the current issue with Base Tattoos? Spawn more Tattoos -or- fix the Tattoo Artist so he was how he used to be.

You want there to be more items in the auctions? Spawn more Items.

But both of my fixs require that there are more players. So maybe -that- issue should be fixed first.

Cube December 16 2008 1:12 AM EST

FS/WTB threads are no longer closed after two days.

But I could see a default format for FS/WTB threads that's optional being useful

I could also see a rework of the auction fees and time limits help. As it stands now auctions with different minimum bids have vastly different prices. The time limit could use a minor boost, 8 days isn't that long, maybe to two weeks?

* Minimum bid: $1
* Bid increment: $1,000.
* Buy Now: $5,000,000
* Duration (hours): 192
* Listing fee: $6,195

* Minimum bid: $5,000,000
* Bid increment: $1,000.
* Buy Now: $5,000,000
* Duration (hours): 192
* Listing fee: $364,595

I don't think either of those changes would really change the tattoo supply though.

But as for a tattoo "problem" I'll do the same thing I did in Ranger's thread. These are the last tattoo sales in auctions.
Last EF - yesterday 800k.
Last SF - yesterday 800k.
Last HF - yesterday 700k.
Last FF - two days ago 700k.
Last ToA - today 700k.
Last ToE - four days ago 200k.
Last RoS - yesterday 250k.
Last RoBF - Yesterday 750k.

Everything's fine

'cept here, and I assume it's a bug?
Last IF - Over a month ago

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 16 2008 1:13 AM EST

Why in xmas do people think this would change prices?

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 16 2008 1:25 AM EST

Here is an example for you Novice.

You have Three ES'. Say ES' get a major buff this change month and their price goes from Paperweight to worth millions a piece.

You, who holds three of them, could set your price at 10mil a pop and, because there is little to -no- competition, we would be forced to pay that.

Cube December 16 2008 1:30 AM EST

How would there not still be competition?
I for example have an ES that I don't need or want...

When kevlar was referring to high prices, if there was no time limit I could say put something in for 2x of the normal selling price, and it'd just sit there forever cluttering up space.

{EQ}Viperboy December 16 2008 2:03 AM EST

Auctions are PERFECT the way they way they are now. its balanced and based on free market it actually prevents sniping cause when you bid a timer is added to 10 min so other people get to bid.

Rawr December 16 2008 2:04 AM EST

Viperboy - no it doesn't. I've sniped a couple at 1 minute.
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