Week 16 Football Pool (1 mill starting pot again) (in Contests)

PeterGriffin December 16 2008 11:14 AM EST

100k entry fee.

1/10 of the total pool will go towards the Fantasy Football league.

Send entry fee to FootballWeeklyPool


1st place (75%), 2nd place (25%)
Last weeks winner got over 1.2 mil.

New Football Pool Site

Invitation code: carnage

If anybody who has an account can't see their past results just let me know and I will go in there and update it. You can click results and click any week you want to see the past weeks. Any questions or help just let me know I can put in picks for anybody and change picks if needed but of course no changes after first kick-off.

Also it asks for an email but it doesn't matter you don't have to enter a valid email address I don't use it I just haven't take the time to remove that, but you do have to put in something (example asdf@dfsd.com).

Check HELP for questions, or just CM me.

Reference these contests for questions

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Also if everybody who plays could just post a little message on her saying that you put your picks in, nothing major just "did picks" or something, it is easier when I am doing the prizes to reference this thread instead of hunting for guys. THANKS!!!

There is 1 game on Thursday so get your picks in quick, and as an added incentive since I am late I am gonna start the pot with 1 mill.

Last Gasp December 16 2008 11:55 AM EST

Last Gasp (Jingleheimer Schmidt) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 -- Week 16 11:54 AM EST

fatty the loner December 16 2008 4:29 PM EST

fatevilDASmember (fatevilman1) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 4:24 PM EST

DAS bro December 16 2008 6:13 PM EST

im in guys let the week begin
DAS bro (big bam) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 6:12 PM EST

Dudster4 December 16 2008 6:33 PM EST

{cb1}lover (The First Team) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 -- football 6:32 PM EST

PeterGriffin December 16 2008 11:27 PM EST

oh come on.... I have throw in an awful lot of cash for this contest and I am still struggling to get players... it is easy, all you have to do is click in radio buttons... lets go guys, pot already up to 1.5 mill

PeterGriffin December 16 2008 11:29 PM EST

you know I should have made a rule where all my fantasy football guys HAVE to play, you guys are the ones that will benefit the most from this... get your butts in here and play!!!!!

BootyGod December 17 2008 1:36 AM EST

I entered. Ridiculously fast and easy. No reason people shouldn't be doing this XD

PeterGriffin December 17 2008 9:19 AM EST

thanks wolf...

I only have 5 entries so far this week, that is WEAK!!!

if I get 10 more entries starting now I will throw in another mill, so then the total pot will be up to 3.5 mill giving the winner over 2.3 mill, and second place with over 780k... come on guys I round up with the winnings and I am giving away free cash

Last Gasp December 17 2008 1:28 PM EST


fatty the loner December 17 2008 1:30 PM EST

Come on guys thats a chance a alot of money for a whole 100k

[RX3]Cotillion December 17 2008 5:23 PM EST

[RX3]Entreri (A Murder of Gods) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 5:23 PM EST

{cb1}Linguala December 17 2008 6:02 PM EST

{cb1}Linguala (Vlad Tepes) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $300000 -- extra cash for pot 6:00 PM EST

Maybe this is another incentive for the people to participate.
300k extra pickings!!

DAS bro December 17 2008 8:17 PM EST

come on guys just a few more people

PeterGriffin December 17 2008 10:46 PM EST

come on guys... put up to 2 mill and who ever doesn't play is just giving it to the other players.....

I am going to add another incentive, there will be a

surprise item for the winner this week

DoS December 17 2008 11:07 PM EST

DoS (Test11) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 11:07 PM EST

PeterGriffin December 18 2008 10:29 AM EST

ok guys 6 more entries and there is another 1 mill added to the pot... come on lets get this show on the road.. right now I show only 9 people entered in the contest, once I get to 15 I will add another 1 mill

and if I get at least 15 contestants then I will pay for 1st and 2nd place entry fee for next week

Last Gasp December 18 2008 12:48 PM EST

Go go go! Money Money Money!

DAS bro December 18 2008 4:08 PM EST

come on guys just 6 more big money tgis week and a free chance to play next week and only for a small price!!!!!

Last Gasp December 19 2008 11:21 AM EST

Free Money!

PeterGriffin December 20 2008 12:50 PM EST

come on guys just 5 more entries and I will add another mill to the pot... pot is already at 2.3 mill, if I get 5 more entries that will be 2.8 mill plus my extra mill takes it up to 3.8 mill, giving the winner a prize of 2.56 mill, nice chunk of change

PeterGriffin December 23 2008 4:44 PM EST

and the winner is.....


second place is....


good job guys and good luck next week

TheHatchetman December 23 2008 4:56 PM EST

Schweet! :D

Thanks Peter ^_^
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