ST-related AC bonus (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan December 19 2008 11:12 PM EST

While making the SS change I noticed that the ST armor bonus / penalty in melee combat wasn't being applied. That should be fixed now.

QBOddBird December 19 2008 11:24 PM EST

Ooooh, nice! :D

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 20 2008 12:12 AM EST

So, strength boosting equipment didn't work in melee?

AdminJonathan December 20 2008 12:15 AM EST

no, that is not what I said.

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 20 2008 12:21 AM EST

"I noticed that the ST armor bonus / penalty in melee combat wasn't being applied."

ST = Strength?

Lord Bob December 20 2008 12:22 AM EST

ST-related AC bonus.

It's in the title.

AC bonus. From Strength.

three4thsforsaken December 20 2008 12:27 AM EST

can someone elaborate how exactly this works?

QBOddBird December 20 2008 12:29 AM EST

If I'm not wrong:

We were told originally (I think it was even in the description) that training Strength afforded some small measure of damage reduction.

Apparently it wasn't doing that, and Jon fixed it.

I could be totally off there, but that is what I read out of it.

three4thsforsaken December 20 2008 12:32 AM EST

someone should take off all their armor and see how much bonus

PearsonTritonRaveshaw December 20 2008 12:46 AM EST

I vote AA performs the test, as he has 13 mil strength.

Ancient Anubis December 20 2008 12:54 AM EST

i noticed no bonus in the post stats and unless its hidden and is like a random % in the calculations while fighting i noticed no reduction in damage against me?

QBsutekh137 December 20 2008 1:42 AM EST

OMG OP TankBlender!

three4thsforsaken December 20 2008 4:05 AM EST

/me holds breath for UC change

{EQ}Viperboy December 20 2008 4:26 AM EST

i don't think there will be a UC change as much as i'd want one. i actually expected SG to get nerfed there is always the rescale for that

three4thsforsaken December 20 2008 4:43 AM EST

but didn't AP solve that? SG seems fine...

BootyGod December 20 2008 5:28 AM EST

Ap gave players a counter to SG. But it did nothing to weaken SG itself. (Indirectly, yes, SG was weakened. Directly, no. To make it simple)

AdminShade December 20 2008 7:06 AM EST

Thanks for finally fixing this Jon. I always thought this wasn't being applied but never could be bothered to check :p

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 20 2008 11:06 AM EST

Just wondering, was it ever released somewhere as to how much damage would be reduced by ST?

QBOddBird December 20 2008 11:37 AM EST


AdminNightStrike December 28 2008 3:31 PM EST

I'm guessing that means that the ST bonus wasn't being applied for a *very* long time. Every test Duke and I ever ran showed it having a an effect so small it couldn't be separated from random noise. I'm curious now how big it is.

Stephen Young January 6 2009 11:55 PM EST

wow. My UC, CoC, Jig tat team started pwning and I think this may be why.

three4thsforsaken January 6 2009 11:58 PM EST


QBOddBird January 7 2009 12:07 AM EST

I think his post was referring more to the UC and Jig on his team, not the CoC.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] January 7 2009 12:11 AM EST

I have 10M ST and haven't noticed any difference at alll...

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 7 2009 1:49 AM EST

back in CB1, as I recall it, if you have more STR then you're opponent, the opponent has far less STR then you, and both are swinging a melee weapon or ranged weapon (no DD), you take less damage from the same opponent then a normal blow on the same armored minion without STR.

So a wall with 400 AC without str would get fractional more damage then a tank with 400 AC and a huge amount of STR.

Why don't you notice any difference? Dunno probably because the other damage reduction factors come into play before this one, the strength difference between opposing tanks are marginal at best and the damage given is too great...

Of course I could be guessing...

Has anyone tested this?

2 minion team, 2 "walls" both 100 AC but one with STR and the other without.
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