If you like explosions (in Off-topic)

SimplyNic December 26 2008 2:35 PM EST

Then this is one hell of a wicked explosion. A torpedo hits a 2,000 ton destroyer, blowing it all to hell.

DoS December 26 2008 2:38 PM EST

Sweet. Just wondering but does the torpedo hit the ship or explode under the ship?

SimplyNic December 26 2008 2:42 PM EST

Hits the ship

Lochnivar December 26 2008 2:43 PM EST

... then blows a honkin big hole in it.....

Though I am pleasantly surprised not to betting ricked on this one.

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 26 2008 2:44 PM EST

looks under to me cause of the shock waves

SimplyNic December 26 2008 2:46 PM EST

"Though I am pleasantly surprised not to betting ricked on this one."

:D That explosion's too awesome to pass up with a Rick Roll.

SimplyNic December 26 2008 2:54 PM EST

"looks under to me cause of the shock waves"

Nah it hits, unless the torpedo is proxy or remote detonated.

Its hard to explain, but about 20-30 feet of the ship's hull is always underwater. because of the weight pressing down on it... Not too well thought out -,-, brain doesn't want to do smart thinking

AdminShade December 26 2008 3:39 PM EST

Destroyers don't have much depth beneath the waterline.

However, the torpedo did hit the destroyer just below the waterline, braking it in 2. Nicely done, but I've seen better :)

bartjan December 26 2008 3:42 PM EST

Are you sure the torpedo hits the ship? Because the way it breaks in two looks to me like the torpedo detonated below the ship, instead of hitting it.

AdminShade December 26 2008 4:07 PM EST

Well, I'm not completely sure, but when it hits the ship low enough, it will break up in 2 in pretty much the same way.

Could be that it's just below and that the boat breaks up because of the implosion / explosion cause by it...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 26 2008 4:14 PM EST

It was a hit near the bottom of the hull.....it will give the illusion that it is being blown upwards because of the impact site.
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