Medals (in General)

Ancient Anubis February 3 2009 4:14 AM EST

I would like to c medals brought into the game. They get displayed on a character when u view its profile page.

These medals would be like and yes i did c this in another game

100k battles fought Bronze Battle Medal
500k battles fought Silver Battle Medal
1mil battles fought Gold Battle Medal
2mil battles fought Carnage Battle Medal

50k battles won Bronze Tactician Medal
250k battles won Silver Tactician Medal
500k battles won Gold Tactician Medal
1mil battles won Carnage Tactician Medal

Played for 6months Bronze Eternal Medal
Played for 12months Silver Eternal Medal
Played for 24months Gold Eternal Medal
Played for 36months Carnage Eternal Medal

Achieved 1mil mpr Bronze Endurance Medal
Achieved 2mil mpr Silver Endurance Medal
Achieved 4mil mpr Gold Endurance Medal
Achieved 8mil mpr Carnage Endurance Medal

Top 10 mpr for 1 week Bronze Endurance Master Medal
Top 10 mpr for 1 month Silver Endurance Master Medal
Top 10 mpr for 6 months Gold Endurance Master Medal
Top 10 mpr for 1 year Carnage Endurance Master Medal

Top 10 score for 1 week Bronze Tactician Master Medal
Top 10 score for 1 month Silver Tactician Master Medal
Top 10 score for 6 months Gold Tactician Master Medal
Top 10 score for 1 year Carnage Tactician Master Medal

Top 10 power for 1 week Bronze Titan Medal
Top 10 power for 1 month Silver Titan Medal
Top 10 power for 6 months Gold Titan Medal
Top 10 power for 1 year Carnage Titan Medal

Top 10 Tattoo for 1 week Bronze Hand Of God Medal
Top 10 Tattoo for 1 month Silver Hand Of God Medal
Top 10 Tattoo for 6 months Gold Hand Of God Medal
Top 10 Tattoo for 1 year Carnage Hand Of God Medal

Top 10 Forger for 1 week Bronze Forge Smith Medal
Top 10 Forger for 1 month Silver Forge Smith Medal
Top 10 Forger for 6 months Gold Forge Smith Medal
Top 10 Forger for 1 year Carnage Forge Smith Medal

Top 10 clan mvp for 1 week Bronze Gladiator Medal
Top 10 clan mvp for 1 month Silver Gladiator Medal
Top 10 clan mvp for 6 months Gold Gladiator Medal
Top 10 clan mvp for 1 year Carnage Gladiator Medal

Each group would have its own little picture the size of like a smiley picture and as u achieve a high level in that medal it changes colour bronze > silver > gold > blood red

BluBBen February 3 2009 4:15 AM EST

Great ideas!!

BadFish February 3 2009 4:19 AM EST

I know there are people who are thinking, "What's the point of this? It's just some stupid symbol, it doesn't help you in any way."

I think they're sweet ideas. There are people who like stuff like this, and people who just don't understand it. I personally am a big fan of having things I can look at and be proud of, and in the age of disposable characters this is just the sort of thing I'd love to see.

iBananco [Blue Army] February 3 2009 4:20 AM EST

Achievement unlocked!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 3 2009 4:20 AM EST

I can remember this idea was suggested some time ago. I like it, but I can't really see how this can be introduced into CB

Quorthon13 February 3 2009 6:46 AM EST

sounds great

Herbstwind [The Knighthood] February 3 2009 7:13 AM EST

at least there would be something you could really achieve - and you would have a nice reminder :D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 3 2009 7:15 AM EST

Nice idea, but we already have the Statistics page.

Icons aside, if you want it to be displayed when you view a minion, maybe have a link to the relevant stat appear on the minion page when they hit the top 5.

Like the 5 largest MPRS, or Largest Blows have thier entry appear on thier minion page.

Also, fixed numbers would quickly become redundant, and you'd have to go by a percentage system, or Top X system, or have to be constantly updating them (Then what happens to the guy who got the Blood Red Carnage medal yesterday, when today he's bumped back down to gold as the goalposts have been adjusted...).

Ancient Anubis February 3 2009 7:19 AM EST

they don't drop they're accumlative over time and merely document what a particular character has managed to achieve whether or not it is still achieving it

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 3 2009 8:52 AM EST

What I mean is;

"1mil battles won Carnage Tactician Medal"

Becomes meaningless when everyone's hit 3 Mil Battles won and got thier Carnage Badge years ago.

You'll either need more badges (An Uber Carnage Tactical Medal) at 2 Mil or 3 Mil, otherwise poeple will forget about these.

Or you need to scale them. Like bumping the Carnage Tactical Medal up to 2 Mil instead of 1.

And are they retroactive? Is anyone here ( or rather the majority of existing players) going to automatically get an Carnage Eternal Medal for charcaters they've had since Jan 1st 05? On top of which the disposable nature of the Bonuses would make this 'achievement' meaningless. Finish your NCB, get Bronze. Start another, finish your NCB get Bronze, etc.

These types of achievements would mean a lot more if charcater stability was encouraged (go go plugging Rollin Bonus again) instead of the current throw away notion (unless you happen to finish in the Top Ten).

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 3 2009 9:24 AM EST

i like it but as GL states they would have to be ever changing to mean something, because scores change day to day as does MPR and the unreachable top 10

Dark Dreky February 3 2009 9:39 AM EST

Awesome ideas! I think it would add a lot to game!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 3 2009 10:07 AM EST

Why don't we start with expanding the;

User and Clan statistics page

As it's really only a Clan stat page atm. Add in more User statistics, like Top Battle Fought/Won, MPR, Etc.

Then link the top 5/10 into the minions page itself, and include stats from the other sections. Most Powerful, Largest CoC, owner of the oldest Weapon, etc.

And that's these Medals as easily as CB can implement them. As for the badges themselves, I don't that will happen as it's graphical, and CB is very anti graphics by nature.

But linking these directly to the minions page is an awesome idea. ;)

BadFish February 3 2009 12:01 PM EST

Easiest solution is the %age idea. Instead of 1m battles won, there would be a medal for having won at least 75% of the battles that the top player has won. Or something. The Top 10 awards over time would still work I think.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] February 3 2009 2:23 PM EST

/me gives thumbs up.

three4thsforsaken February 3 2009 3:03 PM EST

I feel this will really benefit the game as well.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 3 2009 3:38 PM EST

I'm kinda weird and love these kinds of things. It hard for me to stop playing a game before I have gotten all (or at least most) of the little achievement award things. I think its a great idea.

Soul Eater February 3 2009 3:38 PM EST

I don't really see any way this will be useful. All it will do is make more work for Jon to do. And if you can't tell already he's pretty busy. So I don't think it would be right to make him to all this when barely has enough time for us here on CB to begin with.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 3 2009 4:40 PM EST

i see you like fallensword lot, copycat!!
but sure why not

Ancient Anubis February 3 2009 5:14 PM EST

i said i saw it in another game AoD :)

{cb1}Linguala February 3 2009 5:40 PM EST

such a feat is seen in several games. You can find this idea in ace combat(ps2 game) too.

Either way, thumbs up.

QBOddBird February 3 2009 6:19 PM EST

I think it's a great idea.

I need something to work toward, because I get REALLY bored of holding enter and waiting for the botchecks.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 3 2009 9:11 PM EST

what's wrong with a top % in whatever system, but don't take away the medal when the goal post adjusts itself?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 3 2009 9:19 PM EST

I think it is a great idea regardless of where it was gotten from. I have seen a few posts that say they like to have something else to do. This would give a lot of Players purpose that they beforehand did not have.

BadFish February 3 2009 9:32 PM EST

I also think character, and even minion, specific awards would be excellent. It would give some people more of an incentive to hold onto characters longer after their ncb or nub runs out.

Ancient Anubis February 4 2009 1:05 AM EST

and yes u don't lose a medal if u suddenly drop out of say the top 10 cause u did reach it and thats what its all about having aimed for and been at the top. It would be also accumlative so 7 days at the top doesn't mean consecutive but could be 1 day a week for 7 weeks it just means its slower to get the medal.

Lord Bob February 4 2009 1:24 AM EST

I agree with Gentleman Loser.

Rawr February 4 2009 1:33 AM EST

I see similarities to WoW.
In WoW, for certain "achievements", titles are awarded as well. ie. exploring every single place in the game grants the title: '<name> the Explorer'. Perhaps this is something that could be implemented too? Or not, but just an idea.
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