Double/Triple hits? (in General)

Rawr February 9 2009 9:37 PM EST

I'm using an archer in T36 (GO TEAM BLENDER). Anyways many of my fights were decided by whether or not I score a double hit in a round. How can I ensure I get more double hits? I recently added +5 to my compound bow (from +10 to +15) and I have noticed that my double hits have become much more common. Is adding + the only way to get more double, and hopefully, triple hits?

Fatil1ty February 9 2009 9:37 PM EST is quite possible to get quads...I think some people have claimed to get 5 hits but I can't confirm that...

QBOddBird February 9 2009 9:39 PM EST

Yes, Rawr.

Fatal1ty - there's no limit as far as is known to the number of hits that can be accrued via +.

QBRanger February 9 2009 9:39 PM EST

Dexterity can only give you a certain % to get doubles.

Anything else needs more PTH.

King February 9 2009 10:23 PM EST

i give to you the confirmed quint hit quinthit

DoS February 9 2009 10:26 PM EST

Forgers should ban together and up a dagger's + to like... 300 or more, then someone use it with GoM and MenC. WOot :p

DoS February 9 2009 10:28 PM EST

ban... band

nightslyder [Brew Crew Forging Service] February 9 2009 11:01 PM EST

i really can't wait until my mage is high enough to afford gear for archers and tanks, i really hate this magic admin edit: non pg. i just wanted to let you guys know that btw, lol

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 10 2009 2:17 AM EST

What is stopping these hits now? Indeed nothing...
Only stupid db's with horrible forging efficiency.

Rawr February 10 2009 2:29 AM EST

RoS-backed GA :D

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] February 10 2009 7:58 AM EST

agree with Rawr. that stops you cold, as i can attest to personal experience

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 10 2009 8:02 AM EST

Yeah loads of choice if: "RoS backed GA" is the only one.

Might I add that GA will probably get nerfed anyway? Since the damage reduction change that thing does too much damage back.

And then you have 0 choice left. Ow wait evasi... no that won't work, WAIT! what about db's... no stupid forgers won't forge em. Damnit must be something?
Aha! A wall! yes! thats it! ow wait that needs steel skin to keep millions of NW from being nerfed. Which can be dispelled by DM, which can be protected by the RoS...

Ah screw this I'm not even fighting I'm forging so what do I care?

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] February 10 2009 9:01 AM EST

depends. can go with EC which will reduce both damage and number of hits.

Rawr February 13 2009 1:29 PM EST

How do I know how much + I'd need to get triple hits?

Brakke Bres [Ow man] February 13 2009 1:39 PM EST

according to the obsolete data from the wiki you need roughly 275 CTH.

iBananco [Blue Army] February 13 2009 2:34 PM EST

You need 201 total CTH for a 1% chance, and 300 for 100%. Since you're using a compound, you're capped at 190 from DX assuming max archery, so you need 11 for a 1% chance and 110 for a 100% chance.
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