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AdminTal Destra March 28 2009 1:37 PM EDT

other games i play allow you to delete your main account in order to make a new one

would the CB community like an option like that?
a one time deal only option?

QBRanger March 28 2009 1:39 PM EDT

Since other games do not have the NUB like CB does.

winner winner March 28 2009 1:39 PM EDT

wouldn't you get the NUB again?

AdminTal Destra March 28 2009 1:44 PM EDT

yes new NUB, but you lose everything you've worked for already
so would you lose all that just to restart?

and yes ranger some do

winner winner March 28 2009 1:44 PM EDT

or you could sell out, restart and get a NUB.

Lord Bob March 28 2009 1:55 PM EDT

"or you could sell out, restart and get a NUB."

No, that wouldn't work. The NUB is linked to account, not character. He could sell off his current char and start a NCB, but the NUB is a one time deal, and only for those who weren't here from the beginning.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] March 28 2009 1:56 PM EDT

Everyone would sell out, and remake a NUB. The market would be even *more* flooded with CBD. Plus, it'd be flooded with items if people bought all base, built them up with the character, then sold and bought base again for their new NUB.

I think this is a terrible idea.

Lord Bob March 28 2009 2:24 PM EDT

I agree with Hakai.

winner winner March 28 2009 2:44 PM EDT

LB, what I meant was you could sell everything on your account then start a new with a NUB

AdminShade March 28 2009 2:55 PM EDT

Which still would create a huge influx of items which nobody would want to use...

Also it wouldn't just be starting over with nothing, because you still have your USD which isn't possible in most other games.

Wizard'sFirstRule March 28 2009 3:11 PM EDT

and NUB is sort of something that most truely new user wastes. so restarting for NUB means you can actually take advantage of this bonus.

AdminTal Destra March 28 2009 3:14 PM EDT

it would mean having to purchase supportership again, and you'd be giving jon money that way right?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 28 2009 3:23 PM EDT

Terrible idea, terrible, terrible, terrible.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] March 28 2009 4:49 PM EDT

The NUB should just be delayed. So you'd get it one week or so after joining. Less people would waste it, thus less people would want to restart. (Hey, I'd restart too, if I could :P )

In the current state of the game, restarts are a big no-no, for reasons already mentioned.

rrowland March 28 2009 4:50 PM EDT

I already find leveling slow, even with the NUB, I'm going to be mortified when it runs out.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] March 28 2009 4:52 PM EDT

Use it to the max!

three4thsforsaken March 28 2009 6:11 PM EDT

I'm all a fan of just having N*Bs start at 100k MPR with a decent amount of money. Because growth and fighting under 100k MPR is not reflective of the real game. In the real game you don't increase your MPR significantly and outgrow your opponents every 20 fights.
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