Has BL STR requirement been changed (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] April 14 2009 8:44 AM EDT

I just noticed this with my BL. I currently have a level of 2,616,306 for BL and my current strength is 10,519,774 and i have a BL effect of 0.75. Now from my wiki and my understanding BL needs to be within 1/4 to have the full 0.75 effect.

this means that my trained level should have a maximum STR of (4*2,616,306) 10,465,224 to have the 0.75 effect.

i was wondering has the level been changed to being 1/5 of the STR level or is something wrong.

chaosal April 14 2009 8:48 AM EDT

2,616,306/.75 = 3,488,408 would give you 1.0 in BL if it's linear...

this means it's 3,488408/10,519,774 = .33 approx 1/3 rather than 1/4.

DoS April 14 2009 8:56 AM EDT

BL max effect is .75

blackshadowshade April 14 2009 9:00 AM EDT

Have you considered rounding errors?

QBRanger April 14 2009 9:05 AM EDT


Colonel Custard April 14 2009 9:06 AM EDT

It may very well have to do with rounding. By my calculation, you're 13k BL levels away from 1/4 of your ST, meaning it's a negligible .5% off from where it should be. Additionally, a lot of your ST is due to ToA and boosting gears, so your bonus ST may not stack quite exactly the way it is supposed to in the BL calculation. I expect that if you train 50k more into ST, though, it may drop down to .74 effect.

Sickone April 14 2009 9:10 AM EDT

0.7451 = 0.75 in CB :)

QBRanger April 14 2009 9:12 AM EDT

2,616,306/10,519,774 = .2487

Rounds to .25 or max effect.

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] April 14 2009 10:01 AM EDT

ok, i can see that now.

iBananco [Blue Army] April 14 2009 10:49 AM EDT

More importantly, BL is 1/5 now.

iBananco [Blue Army] April 14 2009 10:54 AM EDT

Actually, I take that back.

BluBBen April 14 2009 11:09 AM EDT

From Sicone : "0.7451 = 0.75 in CB :)"

Yes, it shows 0.75, but are you sure it works like 0.75 and not 0.7451? It would be a very minor difference, I just want to know how it really works.
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