Strat =). (in General)

Kefeck [FARM ME] April 19 2009 3:53 PM EDT

It came too me while i was trying too sleep the other night, let me know what you guys think. =).

Minion 1
Pl Wall

Minion 2
PL Wall

Minion 3
PL wall

Minion 4
Train ablative shield at 1/3 or 1/2 and max cone of cold.
equip an RoE, until you reach the size of your current tattoo, or until your bonus is up).

Make sure you throw an anti magic field in there somewhere too fight decay.

Amazing hp, on all 4 charactors
A pretty powerful CoC.

Anti magic field
GA maybe?

What you guys think?

QBOddBird April 19 2009 3:57 PM EDT

Not that much HP from what is a rather small AS
Would actually be a pretty weak CoC
weak to AMF
weak to DM
weak to Magic Missile

eh...I don't think it would turn out well at all.

three4thsforsaken April 19 2009 4:11 PM EDT

I agree with OB. Overall a very inefficent strat.

Cube April 19 2009 5:13 PM EDT

Antimagic field and GA would rip you apart cause the RoE's effect is only temporary unless you keep it attached consistently.

Kefeck [FARM ME] April 19 2009 5:23 PM EDT

The tattoo of choice i was thinking would be an RoS, i suppose we could throw a dm in there somewhere not quite sure where though. I was thinking only train the walls with enough experience too absorb most hits, and focus all the other experience into the CoC RoS minion..

Kefeck [FARM ME] April 19 2009 5:26 PM EDT

If this strat made it too about 2.9 million mpr it would have a CoC with 85,000,000 exp in it. Also it would have an ablative shield with 85 million exp into it backed up with a RoS. Seems like quite a bit of hp too me.

Cube April 19 2009 5:30 PM EDT

You need a lot of HP to survive with Cone of Cold backlash, I had a three person team with one person with half in HP and half in CoC, almost always murdered by GA/AMF.

With AS it's divided among 4 people.. Swap one of your PL walls to pure AS with the RoS, and then train full CoC on the last minion.

Kefeck [FARM ME] April 19 2009 5:32 PM EDT

I thought AS effected all four minions equally o.O

Yeah Boy cast Ablative Shield on all friendly Minions (1485917)

Cube April 19 2009 5:38 PM EDT

Since it effects each equally, wouldn't you rather have a bigger AS by putting it on someone not training CoC?

I'm not sure, but you're probably better off with an IF.

lostling April 19 2009 5:41 PM EDT

interesting use of ROE in a strat... other then the problems with trying to training multiple PLs =x all this would achieve u actually is a single large AS... that is harder to dispel then a host of multiple small ones

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 19 2009 5:42 PM EDT

While this makes you more vulnerable to DM,
you could get all your walls and have them train AS instead of HP that might work.

Kefeck [FARM ME] April 19 2009 5:45 PM EDT

I"m not sure where your going with this nayab ^.^

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 19 2009 5:52 PM EDT

3 minions training AS, PL and your last minion using a DD spell.

three4thsforsaken April 19 2009 5:56 PM EDT

85 million exp in HP isn't very much especially with minimum damage reduction.

It's like 7 million HP. I've had over 17 million HP on my familiar and it still blew itself up with AMF/GA and has taken a good 10 million+ damage in MsK and other forms of damage.

Kefeck [FARM ME] April 19 2009 5:58 PM EDT

Nayab - wall gear is filled with penalties for defensive spells like AS. =).

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 19 2009 6:01 PM EDT

ah forgot about that Kefeck

AdminShade April 19 2009 6:36 PM EDT

Ablative Shield 8,475,180 7,140,000 4,237,600 3,570,010

At my MPR this AS has almost 85 mil experience trained. I honestly don't think you will be able to make that same level / exp of AS with a 4 minion team...

DoS April 19 2009 6:52 PM EDT

3 mage shields on the walls. WOot! xD

Rawr April 19 2009 7:12 PM EDT

10,075,551 4,916,331 5,037,785 2,458,175

my AS on my minion with the RoS on it. about 57mil exp in it.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 20 2009 12:29 AM EDT

Psh, Shade, my 4 minion team has Ablative Shield 8,502,469 8,502,469 4,251,244. :) and I am still going to beat you! :D
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