See Ya's Later (in General)

TheHatchetman May 30 2009 4:38 PM EDT

After years of planning, I watched my team get nerfed into nothingness just as I was finally putting said plans into action. Knowing the way the pendulum of power works in CB though, I figured I'll be able to work the equipment I've been working on for the whole time anyways, and just bounce back, bigger, badder, and stronger than before... Meanwhile, nothing's changed... Forums have gotten increasingly difficult to be an active and contributing member to due to hostilities and childishness that is every other thread... And now chat's infected...

It's gotten to the point where CB is actually stressing me out... I don't need that from a game. So when i log off in about an hour, I won't be logging in again (intentionally anyway, FF logs me in by accident somehow from time to time) for at least a few days. At some point, I'll make the decision whether I'll be logging on to come back, or to organize my stuff for a proper goodbye.

Those who need to contact me for whatever reason either know my phone number (though that won't work until tomorrow as my current phone isnt working for some reason), or can e-mail me at

QBOddBird May 30 2009 4:40 PM EDT

Everyone needs a break every now and then; hopefully life and CB will be less stressful when you return.

Just, when you come back, get that girl of yours to join CB too. ;P

QBRanger May 30 2009 4:41 PM EDT

Take care.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 30 2009 4:43 PM EDT

Come back soon!

Lord Bob May 30 2009 4:44 PM EDT

"I watched my team get nerfed into nothingness.."

What was nerfed?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] May 30 2009 5:02 PM EDT

I felt pretty much the same way Hatch, what I really needed was a break and some time to think. Overall CB needs us Vets around regardless of how much childishness is around. In a way that is what we are for, to temper the childishness and try to help things along in a positive way if we can. If we can't let it go and chalk it up to life in CB and keep on going. I know that it can be hard Hatch I just finished my own personal battle with it. I will not try to deter you I will say that time is what you need and I hope you make a decision that will benefit both you and CB in the Long run :)

Messbrutal May 30 2009 5:04 PM EDT

I am missing you already Hatchy, take care of yourself and please come back.

QBJohnnywas May 30 2009 6:11 PM EDT

What with one thing and another going on in RL I've felt like this on and off over the past 9 or 10 months. If something stresses you then don't do it. But maybe, just maybe you could stick around if you didn't take it so seriously. Try it for five minutes: it works for me anyway. I'm not sure I'd still be here otherwise..

j'bob May 30 2009 6:34 PM EDT

I take VERY little here serious (that's not to say nothing of course) and it seems to be ok for me.
Let go of your worldly possessions. it'll lighten your load! :D

Fatil1ty May 30 2009 7:22 PM EDT

well hatch. Good luck with stuff on your break from things. Hope to see you back soon. It's a pity to see you leave.

Wizard'sFirstRule May 30 2009 7:29 PM EDT

now we lose hatchy, 27 people left.

maybe the forum admins can step up a notch and be tougher about hate in forum.

Lord Bob May 30 2009 7:38 PM EDT

"now we lose hatchy, 27 people left."

Where are you getting 27? According to the stats there are 228 active users.

three4thsforsaken May 30 2009 7:46 PM EDT

It's really a shame, but I can see what you are coming at. We're going to miss you Hatch.

BootyGod May 30 2009 9:30 PM EDT

The game is lessened by losing Hatch. I doubt the devs care, but I think that maybe they should. Hatch leaving, imo, signifies some serious problems in the community. If it was just one person, maybe, but too many people have left saying the same thing.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] May 30 2009 9:40 PM EDT

We hardly ever talk (I hardly ever talk, period), but you've always been cool to me when we did, which is quite enough to get my respect.

You also make these forums less retarded by being one of it's reasonable voices. It would be sad if you went for good, and would lower the general quality of the board. But hey, sometimes breaks are necessary, and this is just a game.

If you decide to leave for good, take care man.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] May 30 2009 9:47 PM EDT

Ahh man, hate to see you go. I'm sure you'll come back and that you're not gone for good though. Sad I didn't get to say cya later. You've always been very kind to me and you backed me on my first loan ever when I had only been playing the game for a few months. It's been nice leveling your tat, and I'll keep doing my best. Can't wait to see you later, and I hope you have a good one while you're gone.

Flamey May 30 2009 10:14 PM EDT

this sucks, hatchy :(

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 30 2009 11:19 PM EDT

turning off chat is one thing that may help others, it has certainly helped me!

i would hate to see you go, but if you do need a break i can understand. i would warn you against selling items or your character though and having the option to come back. i have been playing for six plus years now and it is a hard habit to break!

Tyriel [123456789] May 30 2009 11:20 PM EDT


j'bob May 30 2009 11:20 PM EDT

+1 to leaving chat ...

However, I have to say, fighting (nearly) naked works for me!

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] May 30 2009 11:21 PM EDT

In CB1, Carnage took a break from you. *salutes*

Little Anthony May 30 2009 11:53 PM EDT

200+ active users? gimme a break. Why don't you count how many actually post in forums :D

Burton May 30 2009 11:55 PM EDT

You don't need to post in the forums or talk in the chat to be considered active. If you spend most of your BA daily you're considered active in my books. Some people are just not social and simply want to play the game and only that.

Burton May 30 2009 11:56 PM EDT

Posted it to early.
Wanted to add on: I didn't get to know you, sucks you're leaving, seems to me by the talk above you seem to be quite the respected player on here. Hope to see you back soon. :)

Colonel Custard May 31 2009 12:03 AM EDT

No way, dude. This sucks. You're one of the people I didn't expect to leave.

Enjoy your time off; hope you come back. If not, I have your number so I can bother you if I'm ever near Florida.

Untouchable June 1 2009 10:12 PM EDT

just come back soon, 'iight?

Cube June 1 2009 11:36 PM EDT

Stay on the forums. We need a voice of reason!

Cube June 1 2009 11:51 PM EDT

And stay for changemonth? maybe?

TheHatchetman June 2 2009 9:56 PM EDT

OB: while she's a smart girl, math is her achilles heal :P I wouldn't count on seeing her in CB anytime soon.

Lord Bob: ToE, Protection, the ability to concentrate net worth on a minion, AC, SS, and minion placement :P

Zenai: exactly.

JW: I take very little seriously (perhaps too little) :P

GW: I'm sure they would care about losing me (at least I'd like to think so :P), but where is their place to intervene? It's not like they can sit us down and force us all to play nicely, right? There's already enough middle grounds when it comes to the rules, in order for them to "fix" the community they'd need be oppressive to the point where all feeling and personality was entirely removed.

dude: I turned off chat and CB went "blah!"... I don't see how people play this game avoiding both chat and forums :P

Burton: I appreciate your kind words, but I too find myself of the belief that those that don't post in forums, chat, or at least have some contact with others in the game outside of business deals don't exactly qualify :P The game is nice, but without the community, it'd need a changeweek every month to keep from getting stale :P

Everyone else, I'm not leaving for good, though I'll likely be spending at least a little less time around here. A break seems to be what I needed :) Thank you all for taking the time to read and reply.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 2 2009 10:11 PM EDT

Good Luck out there Hatchy, just don't injure yourself too many times before you finally make it back here, =P Have fun walking on new and exciting adventurous Gas Station trips getting your Dr. Pepper.

Hope to see you soon bud!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 2 2009 10:13 PM EDT

heh, posted that without reading your last post, =P

You'll end up playing as much as you usually do, unless you take a break without logging in for an extended period of time, lol.

QBRanger June 2 2009 10:35 PM EDT


You will be missed. You made the game better just by being here.

When the time is right, if at all, come back. We will all welcome you back with open arms.

Neo Japan June 2 2009 10:35 PM EDT


/me feels even though he's shouting, he is not heard.

BootyGod June 2 2009 10:37 PM EDT

@ Hatch

I just need CB on a cellphone. I'll make everyone be nice > : P
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