Nice new look on the user inspect page (in General)

QBRanger June 14 2009 2:12 PM EDT

IE, nice new look!!

Rawr June 14 2009 2:12 PM EDT

waaah its weird!

AdminShade June 14 2009 2:13 PM EDT

I don't like it atm, but that might just be me...

btw, I'm user 1527 ;)

Lord Bob June 14 2009 2:41 PM EDT

Ugh, yuck.

bartjan June 14 2009 2:44 PM EDT

What a mess :(

Untouchable June 14 2009 2:56 PM EDT

you guys are fools...

this is nice

Lord Bob June 14 2009 2:56 PM EDT


Untouchable June 14 2009 2:58 PM EDT


QBRanger June 14 2009 2:59 PM EDT

Certainly yes, more yes with the characters under the CM box.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- June 14 2009 3:00 PM EDT

Ugly. The only ONLY thing I like about it is the more characters for CM, but it looks like a mess to me :(.

AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 3:20 PM EDT

It's a work in progress..

Messbrutal June 14 2009 3:33 PM EDT

It's a brutal mess...

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 14 2009 3:59 PM EDT

I didn't have to scroll before, now I do, =(

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- June 14 2009 4:01 PM EDT

I think the "original" page was a home-run. I mean it was pretty, no scrolling, and got everything across without the feeling of clutter. Maybe just make the CM a bit larger on that page if possible.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 14 2009 4:05 PM EDT

I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. Good Work!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 14 2009 4:05 PM EDT

Dont remember, but I believe it was at 1 hour. But thanks for changing the default search in transfer/purchase logs to 6 hours instead of 1 hour, =)

AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 4:06 PM EDT

I didn't change that.

AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 4:07 PM EDT

The biggest reason why things look cluttered is that we're crammed into 700 pixels wide now for fb support.

AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 4:08 PM EDT

Small, you might just be looking at different links. Store purchases are 1 hour, transfers are 6 hours.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- June 14 2009 4:12 PM EDT

NS, maybe find a way to make it at least scroll only one way? There is a ton of scrolling now, in both directions. It's just bad. I can't really offer any solution to it other than my opinion that as it is now, (a work in progress) ugly.


AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 4:13 PM EDT

Why would you be scrolling horizontally? Unless, I guess, your screen resolution is very small.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- June 14 2009 4:19 PM EDT

1280x720 in firefox.

It's not even a 'little' scrolling, it's like half the screen in both directions. I would SS for you, but I'm on dialup, it would take me a considerable amount of time to post the SS. :S

AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 4:30 PM EDT

sounds like something is a little messed up.. the right frame is maxed at 700 pixels. I have no idea how you can be scrolling horizontally.

Thak June 14 2009 4:44 PM EDT

I have no scrolling on my screen. Other then up and down of course.
Mine fits just fine. I think its your screen, or settings.

bartjan June 14 2009 4:48 PM EDT

Why on earth use fixed widths at all? That's so HTML 2.0 ...

AdminNightStrike June 14 2009 5:15 PM EDT

facebook requirement

Mikel June 14 2009 5:38 PM EDT

I like it better than the way it was.

QBsutekh137 June 14 2009 6:25 PM EDT

Aston Kutcher should start a new show: "Theme'd!" or "Styl'd!"

The user page have ben STYL'D! I don't mind it...can folks give it, say, at LEAST half a day before bashing it? If it has all the same stuff, then just get used to the new link spots, or do your own dang deep-linking -- your user ID is a constant (I think).

Flamey June 14 2009 8:49 PM EDT

People are flaming it? It was made consistent with everything else and it's just reorganised :/ Looks tidier, IMO.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 14 2009 9:10 PM EDT

The ''basic info'' part looks awesome. Chatmail box is also very nice. The only thing that bugs me is how much scrolling is needed vertically. ''Wiki'' and ''Item Tracking''... could be put next to ''Active Chars'' and ''Retired Chars'', which would then be one on top of the other. Maybe in a box resembling the basic info part.

Like :

Characters ------------Item Tracking
-Retired --------------Wiki

Now, you did say it was a work in progress, and it's been a while since I made any web layouts, so feel very free to disregard all that.

It already looks better than the old page, IMO. Classier, in tune with the rest of the UI changes.

QBsutekh137 June 14 2009 9:30 PM EDT

After a little more time, I have to say -- it looks great!

I might swap the user profile pane with the chatmail area, but that's just because I generally go to a user page in order to CM. It works either way, and I find it clean and elegant.

QBRanger June 14 2009 9:36 PM EDT

I like it a lot.

I would move Item Tracking and Wiki to the very bottom but otherwise it is nice. In line with the changes we have seen to the appearance of CB over the past year.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 14 2009 9:41 PM EDT

It okay..I like the older way better but no big deal to me.

Burton June 14 2009 10:30 PM EDT

Not bad, I think you can make the fonts smaller though to perhaps fit more onto the page. Too much space between everything too. Just my thoughts. Not bad though, needs some touch ups though.

AdminJonathan June 14 2009 11:38 PM EDT

I like it, although I couldn't figure out how to decrease the huge spacing after the li bullets. That would be nice.

Colonel Custard [The Knighthood] June 15 2009 12:09 AM EDT

"the right frame is maxed at 700 pixels" Is that why forums look crunchier, too?

Speaking of forums, I don't really like the placement of the "Discussion Replies" section on the new user page. I think I would like it more above or below (above, I think) the CM box. It seems odd to me to have to scroll down, I guess.

One way to save space is to not have tournament characters show up under "Retired Characters." I have about 3 of those for every other character I've ever retired, and I haven't even participated in a lot of tournaments. As for where to put it, maybe you could throw it in or near the Basic Info box. I think that might get a little cluttered for it to actually be shoved in there as it is now, but I think it makes sense to have the User and Character information together, the Communication information together, and the miscellaneous statistics like number of Wiki edits all together down below.

I hope my suggestions are helpful to the layout.

QBJohnnywas June 15 2009 5:10 AM EDT

Talking of CM boxes, with the old page we got a notification at the top of the page if we sent a CM from a user page. Will we be getting that back?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 15 2009 5:56 AM EDT

I likes it! :D

QBRanger June 15 2009 2:36 PM EDT

I agree with JW (got it right this time :)).

Can we get a message after we send a CM saying that one was really sent?

Like the old days of pre Saturday :)

Goodfish June 15 2009 2:48 PM EDT

I dig it, yo.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 15 2009 6:43 PM EDT

''Personal home page:'' My URL is very long, and makes the ''basic info'' box over-write the others on the right.

Thought i'd mention it.

Lord Bob June 16 2009 11:48 PM EDT

It's fixed! Much better now. Very nice!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 17 2009 11:45 AM EDT

Conan has the same problem as Mr. Poutine

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 17 2009 11:48 AM EDT

Umm I can't seem to find the "transfer ownership of the clan" link anymore.

kevlar June 17 2009 11:56 AM EDT

lol Sut...
I was thinking more of:
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