24 month naming (in Changelog)

AdminNightStrike June 29 2009 1:06 AM EDT

You can now name the same item twice in one transaction for a 24 month naming. Just select it twice and put the same name in both boxes. Really, it's only the second name that matters, because if they're different, the second one will override the first. But, whatever.

Note that a total naming can't exceed 24 months, so if you have 23 months left, and you buy 24 months, you'll only get 1 month but pay for 24.

This is no different than it's always been; I'm just highlighting it for those that will undoubtedly complain and misunderstand.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 29 2009 1:11 AM EDT

Was the first to do this and all I have to say is Yay for NS! He has opened up an option I have wanted for a long time....there are times when you just don't want to share or name another item for whatever reason. this option makes it easier to get what you really want :D

Burton June 29 2009 1:12 AM EDT

Nice, thanks.

kevlar June 29 2009 1:31 AM EDT

very cool

Flamey June 29 2009 1:35 AM EDT

We could always do this he says, and I recall we always could. He's really just clarifying it.

Timberwolf June 29 2009 3:19 AM EDT

The "it's always been this way" comment refers to the fact that if you still have time remaining on a named item there is a hard time cap.

You can only accrue time up to the cap, not more.

AdminNightStrike June 29 2009 6:35 AM EDT

Timberwolf is correct.

QBRanger June 29 2009 4:32 PM EDT

So instead of having to name 2 items if you only wanted to name 1, you can name that 1 for 2 years?

Is that how I now understand?

DoS June 29 2009 4:35 PM EDT


QBRanger June 29 2009 4:45 PM EDT

Then this is indeed a nice change.
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