Go Mikel!!! (in General)

winner winner June 30 2009 2:49 PM EDT

MPR 5,003,855

Keep on going!!!

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 30 2009 2:49 PM EDT


AdminShade June 30 2009 2:55 PM EDT

congratulations mikel, you have earned it! :)

Demigod June 30 2009 2:56 PM EDT

Dang. 2nd highest in the game...

QBRanger June 30 2009 2:57 PM EDT

Go Mikel, Go Mikel, Go Mikel!!!

Dark Dreky June 30 2009 3:04 PM EDT


Now that you've made 5m MPR, you probably don't need the ugly DBs anymore...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 30 2009 3:20 PM EDT

Awesome! Keep Going, Catch LA!

hzarb June 30 2009 3:27 PM EDT

Well done mate.. truly awesome..

GnuUzir June 30 2009 3:29 PM EDT

Wow rock on man!!!

But not too much, I don't want my next NCB to be too hard =P

Burton June 30 2009 3:41 PM EDT

Wow, crazy!
Keep it up. ;)

QBsutekh137 June 30 2009 4:02 PM EDT

Congrats, Mikel!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] June 30 2009 4:32 PM EDT

5m watt wootage!

Mikel June 30 2009 6:40 PM EDT

Thanks :) just keep on a chugging away :)

Who knows maybe I'll hit that 200mil fight too :P
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