Question about Leadership. (in General)

QBRanger August 9 2009 11:55 PM EDT

I have this Strength: 6,880,000 / 3,200,000 on my tank.

Now I have named +34 BoF which would give 18% more strength to my character.

Is the 18% more of 6.88M or 3.2M?

This matters in the archery I think I have to train.

I have enough to cover the latter but not if it is the former amount.

Anyone know or have an idea?

DoS August 9 2009 11:56 PM EDT

I believe 6.88mil

DoS August 9 2009 11:59 PM EDT

Oh wait, I was thinking that the 6.88mil was from a ToA. In that case it is 3.2mil. However, I'm pretty sure that the BoF only affect the damage you do in the battle, not your pre battle strength.

DoS August 9 2009 11:59 PM EDT

So the BoF won't affect archery any.

AdminNightStrike August 11 2009 7:32 AM EDT

Does leadership actually increase ST, or just DD/PTH?

winner winner August 11 2009 7:35 AM EDT

Leadership: While your first minion is alive wearing these boots, it gives a bonus of 0.5% per enchantment level to the strength and direct damage spells of your other minions. Also grants +0.5 to-hit per enchantment plus to each of your other minions.

Yep, leadership boosts ST.

AdminNightStrike August 11 2009 7:46 AM EDT

Ok, I wasn't sure.. just going from memory.

I looked it up, and it would appear that leadership is applied to the 6.88m.... which is very peculiar....

AdminShade August 11 2009 8:01 AM EDT

bonus on bonus? nice! :p

Demigod August 11 2009 8:06 AM EDT

Uh oh... Ranger's about to get added to the list of overpowered items in CB. :P

Really, though, this means that a three minion team with a tank doesn't have to fear dilution...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 11 2009 7:13 PM EDT

I'd assumed it was on top. As you could lose this bonus during the fight (as the Leadership minion was killed), and it would be kinda, bad, to have this based off of base stats. ;)

Looks like Leadership for the win, and really, another nai in the coffin for single minions!
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