Wow, grats LR (in Off-topic)

QBRanger September 2 2009 6:11 PM EDT

Created June 09, 2009
Owner LightningRaider
NCB until December 06

Score 5,297,530
Power 4,218,402
MPR 2,914,614

Just at 3M MPR in a bit less than 3 months into the NCB.


Keep it up!!!!

And no, this is not a typical Ranger sarcastic post, I really am impressed.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 2 2009 6:17 PM EDT

Very cool, it's almost like the NCB actually works...

QBRanger September 2 2009 6:18 PM EDT

Yes, when you spend tens of millions of CB on BA, it can actually work.

Too bad everyone does not have that kids on money on their characters.

Especially those that left CB for a year or so and now come back.

QBRanger September 2 2009 6:20 PM EDT

But, aside from that,

This is a great job by a great player. I hope he keep the growth up.

TheHatchetman September 2 2009 6:35 PM EDT

This char has most certainly kept a low profile. Especially for one that is doing so well. I didn't even notice this until about a month ago when somebody pointed the char out in chat, but I've been watching it like a hawk ever since. This will most certainly be a char to beat (if not *the* char to beat) in a very short while.

Congratulations on a job half done very well, and may the next half bring you even further success!

IndependenZ September 2 2009 6:36 PM EDT

I laugh out loud! Hehe. You were quick retracting that Ranger, first you say you aren't being sarcastic and right afterwards you point out that LR's got it all thanks to his money. But, aside from that, lolz, I think this is a great achievement as well. Go LR, you rock! Go show them NCB's still have a chance :D

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 2 2009 6:48 PM EDT

Great job you got me by 2 1/2 Weeks there on the MPR! I look forward to seeing just how far you will be able to go!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 2 2009 6:54 PM EDT

massive! i do wonder if he has purchased all of his ba, caught all the natural and if he's tracking his growth or not.

QBRanger September 2 2009 7:07 PM EDT

Not really Ind.

I was responding to novice who stated the NCB works.

yes, it does if you have tons of money to spend.

What LR is doing, with or without USD infusion, is really remarkable.

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] September 2 2009 7:07 PM EDT

cheers. i have bought all my BA every day, and i think i have missed probably about at most a days worth of natural regen due to being sick and such.

i was tracking my progress but when the laptop i was doing it on crashed i stopped doing it.

Drama [Just for fun] September 2 2009 7:20 PM EDT

Wow incredible job, I wish I had your patience to grow the same strategy. Good luck on your way to the top. Save some hundred millions cb to by your 2 last characters.

Burton September 2 2009 7:25 PM EDT

Outstanding, keep it up mate!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] September 2 2009 9:53 PM EDT

"i was tracking my progress but when the laptop i was doing it on crashed i stopped doing it." for the win! are you at least keeping track of your expense?

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] September 2 2009 10:22 PM EDT

no i was starting too, but it slipped my mind. i have done some rough calculations and i think so far on average i am earning around -400k a day.

Shark September 3 2009 4:46 AM EDT

yes grats on being blessed with time and money

Lochnivar September 3 2009 4:49 AM EDT

not just time and money shark, I have both and accomplish squat

Hard work on the other hand gets you where LR is!

Keep it up, but just don't pass me :-)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] September 4 2009 3:53 AM EDT

thats going to take a while yet. i am hoping before the 6th to be 3mil MPR but so long as i reach it before the 7th that will be 1mil per 30 days i have achieved. though i expect that rate to decrease as i am steadily losing my challenge bonus
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