Multi: Wims / jappleseed / beapot / yumeroto (in Public Record)

AdminShade September 27 2009 7:20 AM EDT

For trolling, trolling and trolling after several warnings.

admin edit: wims original account.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] September 27 2009 2:27 PM EDT

Can you also remove his wiki edit privileges?

AdminShade September 27 2009 3:20 PM EDT

I know of a way to do that, by banning him entirely. I will check if I can ban him from wiki also.

Almaisky September 27 2009 3:22 PM EDT

Why are you trying to remove his wiki edit privileges?

AdminShade September 27 2009 3:24 PM EDT

Because he is making useless pages and keeps on trolling.

Frankly, the only reason I think he is here is to do stupid things in which I am inclined to ban him completely.

Especially because he has had 5 warnings so far.

AdminShade September 27 2009 3:30 PM EDT

banned completely, be on the lookout for a new account.

TheHatchetman September 27 2009 5:03 PM EDT

Better late than never I guess ^_^

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] September 27 2009 5:08 PM EDT

Agreed Hatch. I knew that this person was a bad apple and would eventually get enough rope to hang themselves.

ricardojohnsons September 27 2009 5:08 PM EDT

hi i am the multi yo yo yo

ricardojohnsons September 27 2009 5:08 PM EDT

in b4 ban

AdminShade September 27 2009 5:13 PM EDT

and banned again.

jappleseed September 27 2009 5:36 PM EDT

when you "warned" me "5 times" you said i would be banned from the chat and forums and not banned entirely.

in before and banned again.

AdminShade September 27 2009 5:38 PM EDT

Apparently asking you to stop trolling in chat made you start in forum. Asking you to stop in forum made you start in wiki. Next step is banning.


jappleseed September 27 2009 5:38 PM EDT

i'm gonna stop. OH FINALLY. this is my last one i swear

Levon [Clocked Out] September 27 2009 5:55 PM EDT

lol i just looked through some of his discussion posts.. don't be afraid to hit the ban button a little more quickly.. little brats like these guys are considered a nuisance and are bad for business

i can't remember how many times i was ready to cancel my subscription to WoW just from having to deal with these potty-mouths.. they could be decent people in the end, but i think until they suffer some sort of tragedy their attitude won't improve with any sort of reasoning

(BTW - i eventually cancelled WoW and am trying the DDO as someone suggested in the other thread :)

Demigod September 27 2009 6:08 PM EDT

At least this counts as the most entertaining ban I can think of. If it's easy for you, you might want to just drop an IP ban to at least make him take an extra step to return.

QBRanger September 27 2009 6:13 PM EDT

Nah, Monty was the most interesting ban I remember.

Demigod September 27 2009 6:21 PM EDT

I remember Monty from CB1, and I think I recall Mrs Di saying to be nice to him since he was a kid, but I wasn't around for infamous ban.

AdminShade September 27 2009 6:24 PM EDT

I remember Monty well, from the Mrs Di dynasty to the darkness of Monty...

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 27 2009 6:41 PM EDT

Crackmonkey and Darkmage.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] September 27 2009 6:45 PM EDT

Could of sworn we were asking to get him banned before.

TheHatchetman September 27 2009 7:01 PM EDT

Can't ban someone by asking, but yes Silva, there were quite a few of us (myself included) that woulda liked to have seen him toasted a little over two weeks ago. He gave more than enough motivation to prompt a ban far as most were concerned, but I guess nobody with the green tag thought so if he made it until today.

I really wish they would be a little quicker to fine and ban people from chat or forums... Gotta /kick or /kill someone more than twice a day? BANSTICK! chatban em and don't have to worry about it for a month. Someone running amok in forums? BANSTICK! and they shut up for a week/month/year/however long is necessary... I realize cutting off someone's forums/chat is almost the same as cutting them out of the game altogether, and for this I certainly do see the need to excersize caution when taking permanent measures, but do we really need 50 warnings 100 /kicks and 20 /kills before a chatban is issued?

Basically what I'm saying is that I feel we need more temporary bans... But at least with the way it currently is, there's no two ways about it, if you get fined, don't complain, you probably shoulda been banned. And if ya get banned, you probably should be beaten... hard...

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] September 27 2009 7:11 PM EDT

Monty wasn't entertaining. He was silly and dumb. The recent nutmilk attack can't compete with crackmoney either.

As for TH's comment, thank you, we have discussed /kill extensions in recent months. Now is a good time to begin that up once more.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] September 28 2009 1:14 AM EDT

"And if ya get banned, you probably should be beaten... hard..."

(CB1)WFP September 28 2009 3:16 AM EDT

oh my god...never thought i would hear monty's name again...that is definitely old-school

Cube September 28 2009 11:42 AM EDT

Actually, his wiki edits didn't seem particularly harmful (one was actually helpful), but it seems like everyone thinks he deserves a ban anyway so no matter.

Demigod September 28 2009 12:02 PM EDT

I agree with Hatchet on this one. More Wiki/Chat/Forum bans might mean fewer needed game bans.

AdminG Beee September 28 2009 5:20 PM EDT

Came back as beapot and was banned.

jackbopper September 28 2009 9:41 PM EDT

Back again! Who the hell is beapot? That one wasn't me.

Imagine losing all your millions of internet bucks just because some of you are uptight. I know it's just online game money but still. What a waste of a few months.

I didn't even break any official rules. What I did here was nothing compared to whatever happened two weeks ago. The only reason my account was completely banned is just because some of you just want me gone. The rope was forced around my neck this time.

If you look at wims's post history, you can see I was hardly trolling. That is nothing compared to actual trolling that goes on. Shade just can't handle the sarcasm. And if you look at my wiki edits, they were pretty harmless. Admins be stretchin' the truth. I did not start editing the wiki after I got banned from the forums. "making useless pages." I just edited the same page other people worked on. I even marked the page dead afterward, so no harm was done.

Shade, I hope the ban was worth it. Taking away my millions of virtual internet monies like that. Gosh darn it!

I hope that isn't actually you in you userpic. You shouldn't have resisted that facepalm. You know, there are actual trolls out there that may photoshop inappropriate objects down that mouth of yours and post it all over some troll-humor site. That picture is just asking for it. But that won't happen. DON'T YOU WORRY

Because I got banned, I deserved to be beaten....hard.
That makes more sense as opposed to being beaten while soft. I deserved being beaten, hard. Thank you very much. (omg so random what is he speakin about. where is the meaning?)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 28 2009 9:46 PM EDT

Actually, it was me that got your internet millions, and yes, it was worth it. You offer nothing to this community besides deliberately abrasive comments and constantly trying to "push the line" as it were. What use is it to keep a user whose only purpose here is to test authority wherever he or she should find it?

jackbopper September 28 2009 9:49 PM EDT

you didn't have to ban me completely. a chatban/forumban would've made more sense if the comments hurt you

Untouchable September 28 2009 9:55 PM EDT

i agree that banning completely was a little too harsh

come on now. thats like hanging a man for almost putting his finger almost on your nose and saying "I'm not touching you" just deserves a spanking, 'knaw what im saying

jackbopper September 28 2009 9:57 PM EDT

just go with the "we can edit/delete any accounts for any or no reason" policy. that's the only thing that makes sense right now. i'm testing the authority because incompetent admin is incompetent.

"oh no! mean comments! better BAN HIM COMPLETELY and not simply deprive him of his chat/forum posting abilities and that's it"

jackbopper September 28 2009 9:58 PM EDT

well actually i take that back about "incompetent admin" because i know it's really hard to maintain a community

Demigod September 28 2009 9:59 PM EDT

::eats popcorn and watches::

BHT September 28 2009 9:59 PM EDT

"oh no! mean comments! better BAN HIM COMPLETELY and not simply deprive him of his chat/forum posting abilities and that's it"


Although, I do dislike you wims and im glad your gone. The community must rejoice.

jackbopper September 28 2009 10:06 PM EDT

what a tick!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] September 28 2009 10:09 PM EDT

Way I read it, you were chat/forum banned, then you continued in the wiki pages...

jackbopper September 28 2009 10:11 PM EDT

that's the way you read it. i remember working on the wiki page before i found out i was forum banned.

Almaisky September 28 2009 10:27 PM EDT

I think banning is a bit harsh too.

Not every post was bad, this brought a much needed laugh into my day.

Burton September 28 2009 11:17 PM EDT

This is like killing a criminal for a petty theft. There are certain ways you must approach different situations, and jumping to a ban before any other methods were tried is a bit unfair.

Demigod September 28 2009 11:24 PM EDT

Are there any members currently sporting "!" at the end of their names? If I recall, isn't that the sign they're on thin ice (forum banned, etc)?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 29 2009 12:35 AM EDT

You see my friends, the troll is a simple creature; if you simply ignore it, and allow it to be banned, it grows weary of constant failure.

Don't feed the troll.
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