Amulet of Enlightenment (in General)

kevlar November 2 2009 6:31 PM EST

I was pondering using a RoE at some point to try it out but there is the big hurdle when even thinking about using a RoE that you can't keep your current tatoo equipped to grow. Obviously there are ways around that to find people to keep growing it for you and such, but wouldn't the RoE be much more useful if it were an amulet instead? Unless the whole point of it is indeed to make it hard for people who still want to level their tat while using one, or something else I haven't heard of?

QBRanger November 2 2009 6:34 PM EST

Considering the RoE is worthless in most part, I would say an AoE would be nice. You are not getting any additional xp so I see no problem, given 1 AoE per character.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 2 2009 6:36 PM EST

I wouldn't see a problem with having more. It would just split the experience between them as if that were the number of minions. So if you have 3 minions and 2 AoE then you get half exp on each minion with the AoE. Naming shouldn't give the exp bonus like it does now though with the RoE.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 2 2009 6:41 PM EST

I think this would be a good addition to the game.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 2 2009 6:48 PM EST

Big minion with 3 free kill slots and tattoo growing? I see a problem with that.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] November 2 2009 6:52 PM EST

I'd have to agree with Bres.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 2 2009 6:53 PM EST

I think it would be a good edition as well. Personally there is a few things I think should be turned into an Amulet this happens to be one of them.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 2 2009 7:00 PM EST

Just to address Brakke Bres and Eliteofdelete:

If it is available to EVERYONE then what is the problem? Everyone would have the same opportunities to employ this Item.

BHT November 2 2009 7:10 PM EST

Zen- you can say that about any item in the game. Sure everyone can you it, but some people choose not to or can't because of their strat.
Example: Exbow

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 2 2009 7:17 PM EST


True but that does not meant it is not available to be used. As far as the Strategy deal I will take it from the standpoint that has been thrown at me time and time again. That would be a Choice! You chose this Strategy so you cannot use this or that Item. So again what is the problem?

Rawr November 2 2009 8:57 PM EST

"Zen- you can say that about any item in the game. Sure everyone can you it, but some people choose not to or can't because of their strat.
Example: Exbow"

I disagree. The exbow needs a large NW to be effective the way it is now. Usually available through USD only. Same with the ELB. Now, the RoBF on the other hand........

Ancient Anubis November 2 2009 11:28 PM EST

Brilliant idea i'd love to c it come about

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 3:18 AM EST

This would kill minion numbers.

It's a bad idea.

There would be no point to not using 4 minions, and just slap a AoE on and whatever Tattoo you wanted.

Those minion you don't need, you keep them base and laod them up with MGS/SoC etc, as ENC doesn't matter a jot to them.

Personally, I prefer minion numbers meaning something, and being a strategic choice.

kevlar November 3 2009 4:02 AM EST

I'm totally confused with that post, GL. As it is now, anyone could 'slap on an ROE on' and have someone else level their tat. I don't see what you mean? This maybe what I needed to know to understand why the RoE isn't a better option?

three4thsforsaken November 3 2009 4:21 AM EST

"I'm totally confused with that post, GL. As it is now, anyone could 'slap on an ROE on' and have someone else level their tat. I don't see what you mean? This maybe what I needed to know to understand why the RoE isn't a better option?"

It only cost a bunch of money. Not exactly an option for most of the populace. Besides, if it is an option for a person, they might as well buy a huge tattoo.

The point is, exp concentration comes at a cost. Turning an RoE into anything less than a tattoo would take away most of that cost, and as we can see, exp concentration is the name of the game right now.

kevlar November 3 2009 4:32 AM EST

which goes back to my original post, is the way the RoE intended to be a sufferage of cost? But it really doesn't make sense when you can find someone else to level for you (unless they charge) minus transfer fees... seems trivial still.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 5:06 AM EST

I did just that Kevlar.

I made a 4 minion 'single' minion team with a RoE.

The *only* downside to it, is the inability to grow a tatoo while doing so.

Move Enlightenment to an Amulet, and let you wear a Tattoo on the team as well removes the strategic distinction about choosing Enlighenment over growing a Tattoo.

It makes minion count meaningless, as *everyone* would be better of running 4 minions (and 4 minions from base, we could remove the cost for purchasing new minions, as no one would. Apart form those suckers that didn't start with 4 to begin with), and using an Amulet to control XP growth.

If you wanted a single Minion, there would be *no* reason to not use 4 minions with a AoE and whatever Tattoo you wanted.

None at all.

It removes the strategic choice of minion count. Something I think is integral to CB.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 5:08 AM EST

It's not even aobut growing a Tattoo while using a RoE.

It's a strategic choice.

You can have a single minion with 3 kill slots. But for that priviledge, you can't use a Tattoo at the same time.

At all.

Or your kill slots start to gain XP.

So you can't run a single RBF massive HP minion with three kill slots to get you to melee.

With this, you could.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 3 2009 6:37 AM EST

I can kinda see where this is going. Still I'm not to sure that this would be a complete viable choice to too long. See even if I could level my own tat how many levels can I get from it? I would still have to buy big(costly trust me on this) and then the amount of levels I get is dependent on when my minion meets the criteria to level it.

The Multi-Minion Thoughts do get me in a spot but from what I understood Jon didn't like Single Minions this would add a whole new level of Strategy to the game in my mind which would not necessarily be a bad thing.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 3 2009 7:08 AM EST

well no Jon does like single minions why else is encumbrance not a problem for those?

However what Jon doesn't like and me neither is a 4 minion team with 1 single large minion and three 20HP meatshields and tattoo growth. Thats why we don't have the option to buy 0 exp minions on our characters.

And how much strategy do you think will happen if this is available for everyone? I'm sorry to say but you are thinking like an owner of a single archer team. No this is rather good for that strategy.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 7:09 AM EST

Jon doesn't like them. He thinks they're 'boring'.

But it wouldn't add any strategy, just remove it.

If this change was made, we might as well remove the choice to fire/sell minions, as everyone would start with four minions, and use AoE(s) to spread the desired XP around.

There would be no strategic reason, no choice, to do otherwise.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 7:11 AM EST

Er buy/fire minions. Not fire/sell. ;)

Ancient Anubis November 3 2009 7:16 AM EST

i love how everyone syas jon thinks this jon says that i honestly haven't heard him say anything in regards to half the issues in these forums for months and months now.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 3 2009 7:21 AM EST

"And how much strategy do you think will happen if this is available for everyone?"

One the RoE is available to ANYONE as it is And Two just how much strategy would this actually kill? To me it would simply add more facets to the Minion Game. Once again not a bad thing in my mind since it would up the overall Intricate Strategies for the Multi-Minion Teams.

"I'm sorry to say but you are thinking like an owner of a single archer team. No this is rather good for that strategy."

Brek one work to dismiss this comment: PFFT! I was thinking of hiring but in hindsight I don't think that will be happening for a long long long time. With my above comment Brek that would make my Char obsolete so how would it help me?

On Jon not liking Single Minion Strats I believe he actually commented on it saying he didn't like brute force Strats which Single Minion Teams are no matter which way you slice them. I do not have the time to find the link, I'm sure someone else will find it though. As a Side Note: Just because he made a way for Single Minion Teams to be viable does not mean he likes them, maybe he was just trying to be fair.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 7:37 AM EST

"BTW, SFBM is something of an embarassment to CB. Is a more boring "strat" even conceivable? Not what I want newbies thinking CB is about.

(Is this a clue for next changemonth? :)"

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 7:39 AM EST

"To me it would simply add more facets to the Minion Game"

Zen, it would kill it.

There would be no reason not to use 4 minions. If there is, could someone please correct me.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 8:00 AM EST

Kev, from Jon in the original RoE thread;

"> Name one reason that an RoE user trying to make one minion as large as possible wouldn't just tack on three other minions at the start?

I already did -- you'll do better leveling up a "real" tat."

Levon [Clocked Out] November 3 2009 8:55 AM EST

The RoE should remain a rune. However, as everyone can see from the market value, it's garbage. Someone may find a use for it, if they already have a big tattoo and want one minion larger than the rest, fine by me. But to me that is an ugly way to build a character. Start with 4 minions, and RoE one of them so you essentially have 1 tough guy and 3 infants in your team. OK, then later on remove the RoE and then grow a lopsided team. What kind of character is that? And how come it's only useful if you already have a large tattoo or are planning to buy one? That's one yucky item.

The RoE needs retooling. Its favoured use should not be to avoid hiring minions later on.

It's a Rune of Enlightenment, but it's current effect in this game has nothing to do with enlightenment, it has to do with one guy hogging all the XP. That's not realistic, in any type of universe. Please change it to be more accurate. The minion or the team should benefit from enlightenment, not encourage an adult to bring 3 children to a battlefield.

You've done such a great job of making items and spells have realistic and accurate properties. Fix this one please.

RaptorX November 3 2009 9:39 AM EST

I may be mistaken but didn't the RoE used to have about a 33 to 66 % gain over not having a RoE on that one minion, but the other minions actually still grew at the normal rate. (problem was that the RoE would not allow you to fight as high as having a Familiar or a Tat so it was a fairly equal choice.) Maybe that has changed, but how about if the RoE became a AoE and it only did a 1/6th exp boost to the one minion and the rest still grew normally.? Would that then not make it less of a Super Amulet? I think it would still be super powerful. Would any other amulet have better properties? I still don't think so. It would be the only amulet used, since it could boost any strat over time more than any other amulet I am guessing.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 3 2009 10:07 AM EST

That was changed a while ago.

The RoE was changed from granting more XP (to stop it stacking with bonus runs) into focusing all the XP gaining from a fight into the minion wearing the Rune.

RaptorX November 3 2009 10:16 AM EST

Thanks GL. I appreciate the update, that makes the RoE not all that useful IMO. Hm on the other hand, I could use it on my archer! but then.. Very odd, I see why not many use them anymore.

kevlar November 3 2009 12:31 PM EST

I understand your point, GL. Completely right. I am thinking purely at the end of the NUB/NCB spectrum. It would really hurt those who still have to buy their minions. Someone from the get-go could just buy all 4 minions and if they wanted to go a single tank could just put it on the one minion, grow until the end of their NCB/NUB and then NOT have to pay for additional minions. Great point. Wow, the RoE is a pretty frustrating item. The only thing I can think of now (if it were an amulet) would be to make it unequipable during a NUB/NCB run. Could only use it after that was over with?

Levon [Clocked Out] November 3 2009 2:40 PM EST

if that's the case then just give the RoE it's bonus back but don't allow it to stack with the NCB/NUB.. that would have been a much better idea then changing the RoE to hog all the XP

RaptorX November 3 2009 4:24 PM EST

That would 'open up a whole new can of worms' - so to speak. Items can only be equipped after N*B bonus is over. Could be cool to get a new item at that time too. Like a real drop! Snicker.. Like maybe a nice 'raincoat' that protects against um .. say... Shocking Grasp perhaps? Or better Tat boosting abilities? Maybe a Amulet of Encumbrance that boosts encumbrance. I Don't know - could be interesting, could be disasterous. This would be a great idea for the top 25 players to be able to vote on. But they might be a bit biased too. LOL
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