Im pissed. (in General)

BHT November 6 2009 11:18 AM EST

A Buckler of Mandos [10] (+1)Details
For sale by auctioneer

Net worth: $6,281
Net worth is a measure of how much has been spent on upgrades, not of market value.

Help: Buckler of Mandos

ユ$826,875 Central Bank ( Mr. Chairman )
ユ$810,000 (max bid: $810,000) bid by GatemaN ( Storm Clash )
ユ$750,000 Shark ( Bad Hat Harry )
ユ$500,001 Ranger ( Heroes )
ユ$325,000 Ranger ( Heroes )
ユ$200,000 (max bid: $200,000) bid by GatemaN ( Storm Clash )
The final item to complete my NCB chars gear. I placed a fairly high bid compared to past auctions to ensure I would get it. I go to bed 2 hours before it finish and have the winning bid. Wake up expecting my BoM and guess what the Chairman overbid the next highest by 77k, wow. This is seriously stupid. I needed th eitem badly and 800k is more than what a base BoM goes for these days. Fix this broken item stealer.

BHT November 6 2009 11:19 AM EST

Past 5 near base BoM auctions:
A Buckler of Mandos [10] (+6) $700,000 $21,178 Sep 19
A Buckler of Mandos [10] (+1) $638,142 $6,281 Sep 26
A Buckler of Mandos [10] (+2) $541,370 $7,931 Oct 10
A Buckler of Mandos [10] (+2) $670,049 $7,931 Oct 14
A Buckler of Mandos [10] (+5) $703,551 $16,477 Oct 25

AdminShade November 6 2009 11:19 AM EST

You just did not bid high enough. There is another one in auctions.
Quit whining I'd say.

Wraithlin November 6 2009 11:23 AM EST

I think Mr. Chairman should be pissed, due to you he had to way overpay for an item and he's not finished his NCB set yet either because I don't see his team fielded.

QBsutekh137 November 6 2009 11:49 AM EST

Wraith, you know Mr. Chairman is a system character, right? Just checking...

This sort of thread comes up every once in a while, Central Bank is just doing what it does. The debate on whether or not the system should interfere with the Invisible Hand is a entirely different (and for all intents and purposes, rhetorical) issue.

Joel November 6 2009 11:55 AM EST

I think the way that some people bid on items is flawed. I see that the bid increase was about minimum every time. If I want an item, I bid A LOT for my max bid, just to make sure I get it. Another measure I take is I set an alarm for just before the auction ends and I check it to see if anybody has topped my bid. I have never lost an item to Mr. Chairman when I had enough money to make sure I got it. If you really want/need an item, money should not be an issue. Just go all out!

QBsutekh137 November 6 2009 12:09 PM EST

And to go along with Joel's comments (and as a reminder), Central Bank will only bid once on an item. So, once you exceed the Central Bank bid, you don't have to worry about getting sniped by it any more. Still a good idea to be vigilant on your bid, though, or start with a large max you are willing to spend as a buffer.

BootyGod November 6 2009 12:09 PM EST

It's not right to expect a player to compete both with other players for an item and with a system character with infinite money and that doesn't have to pay for the choices it makes. The whole "just pay more" thing is totally crap against Mr. Chairman, as in this case he obviously paid over what the market value currently is set to.

But to be fair, it's always been this way. It's a system that could be done better, but won't, because this way works (if badly and with much stress to player's).

But, seriously, this "Pay more" stuff needs to end. As I've said, it's silly to ask a player who's budget is limited just to "pay more" to make sure a BOT doesn't take their item.

I'll pay more when you dang well give the money with which to do it. Because, right now, I don't think a lot of players have tons of spare cash hanging around. And I know that NCB players certainly don't.

QBsutekh137 November 6 2009 12:17 PM EST

I can't fully remember what Mr. Chairman bases his bid on, but it is SUPPOSED to be what he perceives to be a fair value. That is not always in line with historical bids... That is one of the reasons he is so hotly debated.

But he won't bid an infinite amount even though his resources are large, and he will only bid once.

QBsutekh137 November 6 2009 12:18 PM EST

And folks would have more money if it weren't for the terrible drop system. *pours gas, lights match, and ducks*

AdminShade November 6 2009 12:19 PM EST

It's not right to expect a player to compete both with other players for an item and with a system character

hardly competition imho.

QBRanger November 6 2009 12:22 PM EST


Mr. C has long overstayed his welcome.

Especially with the new forced stupid as hell lottery we all are forced to play.

Lord Bob November 6 2009 12:25 PM EST

"It's not right to expect a player to compete both with other players for an item and with a system character"

Also agreed.

QBsutekh137 November 6 2009 12:35 PM EST

Don't mess with the Invisible Hand! Both the lottery drop system and Central Bank price propping have Adam Smith turning in his grave!

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] November 6 2009 1:10 PM EST

I love the chairman and dont see why anyone has a problem with him... if you dont want to spend money dont expect to get items... All items are slowly becoming worthless and hes doing nothing but trying to raise those prices... I play a bit of chairman myself and you guys are sure lucky i dont have the money to make higher bids or prices would be what they were 3-4 years ago...

DoS November 6 2009 1:17 PM EST

There are some out there, myself being one of them, that bid on items just to resell them. If this item had been lower, I would have made a run for it.

Demigod November 6 2009 1:18 PM EST

I do see the Chairman as a necessity, especially as we have a shrinking community. Without him, auctions turn from a fair market into camping. However, I do think his values should be knocked down from the current standards. I understand that it's based on previous sales, but his standards are jumping above reasonable market value a bit too often (from what I see in the posts, at least).

Rawr November 6 2009 1:29 PM EST

I agree 100% with demigod

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] November 6 2009 1:39 PM EST

The entire reason that the chairman bid on it in what seems to people as over market price is because the market price actually halved not very long ago on this item. He is willing to big up to what he sees as a fair price which would be around 1.2 mil still if you look at all the recent auctions. The longer the price stays down at the 800k level the Chairman will slowly lower the amount he is willing to bid down to that level.

Prices are continuing to drop and the Chairman is just trying to slow that down a little. If prices were even remaining the same as they used to be no one would be complaining about the chairman because he wouldn't be able to snipe most of the items.

Rawr November 6 2009 2:06 PM EST

perhaps we should make the Chairman's "snipe time" a longer interval from the end of the auction?

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 6 2009 2:11 PM EST

Yay, let's flood the already flooded market, great idea.... woohhooooo... No rares for anyone!!!! (Not that there has been any since I've been here anyway. At least there was that brief moment when people wanted AoJs were rare, ahh good times, good times.)

RaptorX November 6 2009 2:51 PM EST

I agree the system is flawed. Demigod's idea may work, but with less money to spend because of NCB money issues and drop system (I don't play the lottery for a reason - everyone loses) so now maybe he could be eliminated. Or at least have him bid lower than all previous sales bids. Still it is infuriating - and we shouldn't have to stay up all night to watch our bids till the last second, IMO Earlier bidding or better still none.
BTW - you can't love 'Mr. Chairman' "he" doesn't exist. Just a bot whose programming doesn't understand current low market values. If we have to pay as much as before we should be able to make as much as before. The Only reason IMO that current money in the game is high is because the NUB money is high, and USD spenders that want to be competitive with them are try to stay ahead of that curve.
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